Wonder Woman Headed Back To The Small Screen?

The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline are both reporting that Ally McBeal and Boston Legal creator David E. Kelly is developing a new Wonder Woman television show with Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment.  No stranger to the small screen, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter in the title role, ran for three seasons from 1975 to 1979 on ABC and later, CBS.  No details of casting, plot, or tone on this new incarnation have been made public yet, but this will surely be a hotly tracked property by the blogosphere, especially after the failed attempt at bringing the character to the big screen with The Avengers director Joss Whedon at the helm.

With Smallville entering its tenth and final season, a move like this would maintain the television presence of one of DC Comics' biggest icons, and further exemplifies DC Entertainment's plans to expand their brand across all media. The timing of this announcment is also interesting, considering Wonder Woman's much-publicized makeover courtesy of DC co-publisher Jim Lee this summer.

While I still believe the new costume lacks the iconic look shared by the other members of DC's "Trinity," I certainly think this:

…will translate better to television far better than this:

In a world where we have the Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Arrow running around Smallville, Kansas in multi-colored leather outfits, this new Wonder Woman would fit right in.  All speculation at this point, but if true, it would seem the DC synergy machine had been working harder than anyone realized.

What do you guys think?  Who would you like to see wield the magic lasso next year?  And how long before Lynda Carter makes an appearance as Hippolyta?


  1. I still think Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother would be a solid choice, as you’d definitely want someone who isn’t over-exposed for the part. She’s definitely got the ability to play a confidant female role. Plus, Joss Whedon himself considered her in the past, so why not?

  2. Cool! 😀

  3. YES! I’ve been saying for years that Wonder Woman would work much better on the small screen than the big one — much more room for her to breathe.

  4. I like this idea alot and think it could be done really well.  High action is doable for TV without too much special effects aside from her being really strong.  I think this could work and pick up for DC where Smallville ends.

  5. @Endigo This being a TV show means you can’t really cast people who already on series since they’d have no real space in their schedules.

  6. Based on the brief roles that I’ve seen, I vote for Courtney Henggeler as Wonder Woman.  If you are unfamiliar with her, she played Sheldon’s sister on The Big Bang Theory.   

  7. I think the age of the character is going to depend on its success.

  8. David E. Kelly is one of the last people I would’ve thought to make a Wonder Woman show.

  9. Does Marvel have no interest in non-animated television? Their last tv series with major characters was Blade and before that the Incredible Hulk. All three major DC characters have had multiples uccessful tv shows where Marvel is seriously lacking.

  10. why wonder women? bring back "the flash" in a live action show!

  11. @Lexprime The Flash is getting a feature length film

  12. David E. Kelley = avoid!

  13. Hey now that Supes is finishing his tenth season on Smallville and headed to the big screen soon, Wonder Woman might be a great way to fill that slot. To be honest, Ive never been a Wonder Woman fan and was skeptical that she could translate to film, but television just seems like a much more obvious move, especially considering how iconic the Lynda Carter show was. And I definitely imagine that we are going to see her in her new threads for the tv

  14. @Heroville That’s true, but if it’s a matter of who we would enjoy seeing, that’s my pick. Plus, this doesn’t seem to yet have a solid window, and HIMYM only has a couple of years left at best. 

  15. @muddi900 why avoid David E. Kelly? Boston legal was one of the best shows of all time. DENNY CRANE!!!

  16. I could see Wonder Woman on TV.

  17. The idea of a Wonder Woman tv series makes sense. But David E. Kelley? Ugh.

    What they need to do is do a Wonder Woman show similar to the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles show. That was actually pretty good. Even though it didn’t hit with dumb FOX audiences. If they took that route for WW, it could be quite good. 

  18. @heroville, I know but you can never have enought flash….can you? besides we all know that wonder women comics havent been that good in general(in my opinion) so I just wonder how good the show can really be.

  19. @LEXPRIME: One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

  20. @coner: I supose you’re right cause smallville and the superman/superboy comics are quite different. If the wonder women show is on I’ll check it out and see what its about….when smallville first started I didnt think they could do it and they did so who knows,I’ll just wait and see.

  21. Summer Glau!

  22. Tom Welling in a wig.

  23. Is it going to be 6 seasons on the island and then 4 seasons in a city?

  24. David E. Kelley shows are as far away from feminism as you can get without becoming complete misogyny…and I mostly say that because his real prejudice seems to be against unattractive people of both sexes, he just appears to have a broader, more forgiving sense of what constitutes attractive for men than for women. 

  25.  Missy Peregrym from Rookie Blue would be a good choice. I think this idea would work. I of course would want the iconic suit in there somehow, maybe while on the island. Sounds fun though.

  26. Nathan Fillion.