Why… so… serious? New Comics for 07/16/08!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking.  Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

I’m really looking forward to Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge. It’s about The Flash’s Rogues and it’s from Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins who did an absolutely fantastic run on The Flash a few years ago. That might have been the last time that The Flash was a “must read” for me. Also, any week when you’ve got Scalped and Captain America coming out you’re in for some good comic booking.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
Why are you so serious?



  1. Huh…I’m still seeing the books from last week…I wonder if my ISP is caching a page somewhere along the line..

  2. I’m not usually so serious, but I’m starting to be when I can’t make a pull list yet.

  3. Me 2. What up wit dat!

  4. I’m serious because I’m an adult. Sure, I’m going to a comics-themed website instead of working right now, but I still actively wear ties.

  5. All better…

  6. Only six books this week…this is also the week I’ve decided to bump a bunch off my pull list and start buying in trades and hardcovers.

    BQ-I’m serious because my job demands it of me…that and everyone pisses me off.


  7. I’m only planning on picking up four books this week.  Three of them are by Jason Aaron.

    BQ: I’m a heart attack.

  8. I’m so serious because my imax theatre is sold out all weekend for Batman and I had to settle for the regular theatre showing.

  9. Yay! I’m not so serious anymore. 😀

    BQ: I’m going to be so serious come Friday morning when I tell everyone at the office that I won’t be coming back after lunch. This all due to a film that requires my immediate attention.

  10. Wow, not a big week for me.  It’s so bad I will pick up Captain America even though I have’nt read any previous issues because I hear it’s good.  And I’m giving Spider-man a chance even though I disagree with the One More Day or Brand New Day… whatever it’s called.

    I’m serious because July 18th came come soon enough.

  11. Only six books for me this week too.  This is going to be a much needed relief on my wallet.

  12. July 18th can’t come soon enough.  Man I need to go back to college.

  13. A Cap week and an X-Factor week?  It doesn’t get much better than that.

    Though I live in fear of X-Force.

  14. Super light week. Time to dive into the old "to read" stack.

    BQ: I’m getting married in 2.5 months and there is still so much to plan. Paralized with excitement and stress.

  15. More books than I’d thought I’d have, but I wasn’t expecting many… Batgirl #1, Batman and the Outsiders #9, Joker’s Asylum #3 (yep, there’s a theme here), Final Crisis Rogue’s Revenge, Spike: After The Fall #1 and Checkmate #28 (I know! I may be a glutton for punishment, but I honestly don’t think it’s that bad and I live in hope).

    BQ: BECAUSE IT’S THE FREAKIN’ DARK KNIGHT, DUDE! And I’m incredibly serious that I’ll have to wait an extra 7 DAYS to see it because my country is STUPID enough not to be America…

    Which in turn makes me RIDICULOUSLY serious that I’ll to avoid iFanboy for a whole WEEK and not talk about with my cool iFanbase buddies…

    Aaaand, relax!

  16. @throughthebrush — it’s like we’re twins! Cap & X-Factor are about it for me, but I’m excited about both.

    I’m also  picking up Screamland #5, the end of the mini by Harold Sipe, since I bought the first 4 issues off his table at Heroes Con.  Hollywood satire, with monsters!

    BQ: Apparently, it’s hormones.  But looking forward to ‘The Harvey Dent Story’ will get me through the week.  (I hear there is also a guy in a batsuit in this movie, but I’ll believe it when I see it). 

  17. Just Captain America and X-Factor for me. I should read Scalped, but I’ll probably just break down and read the whole series up to the current issue in a few weeks anyway.

    BQ: Because my PhD thesis is due at the end of the month.

  18. What a crappy week of comics for me. Not a single pull. I hope my instocktrades order comes in so I have something to read.

    BQ: Because I’m a bamf.

  19. Howard the Duck Omnibus.

    I’m seroius because the great Steve Gerber isn’t around to get to see his triumphant title, detailing a duck Trapped in a World He Never Made, given the treatment it deserves. 

  20. @RobAbsten: is there any reason you picked up Captain America White, but don’t get the regular series?

  21. Can’t wait for X-Force and the start of a new Scalped storyline

  22. Wow only 9 books which is good cause im already low on funds for the rest of the month.

     BQ: because im like Josh and i hate Fun!

  23. Batman And The Outsiders #9
    Captain America #40
    Dc Wildstorm Dreamwar #4 (OF 6)
    Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #1 (OF 3)
    Godland #24
    Marvel 1985 #3 (OF 6)
    Mighty Avengers #16
    Trinity #7

    Bonus: Because this is the internet. Very serious busines.

  24. Light week for me, which means I’ll be skipping the store this week.

    Captain America #40 – I jumped on the singles after devouring the omnibus, lately some of the story plots have been getting a little hazy, I think maybe its time for a re-read.

    Scalped #19 – You know whats better about this book other than its consistently good?  It’s consistently on time.

    Zorro #5 – Really dug the first issue, but is it me or is the childhood training and origin story been dragging on for too long now?  I’m starting to think that maybe I should start saving its $3.50 cover price.

    Thought about maybe picking up Marvel 1985, any quick thoughts on this book from the iFanbase?

    BQ: I’m this serious because I’m trying to win an Alias Omnibus on ebay right now.  Hello second mortgage.  My wife’s going to kill me.

  25. @RolandofGilead – You and I have the right idea, I bought my IMAX tickets yesterday, and scheduled Friday afternoon off work today.  And I think I’m going to go pick up the Batman Animated Series at Best Buy tomorrow, they’re on sale super cheap.  All Hail Bat Week!

  26. This week, I’m probably most looking forward to Trinity #7. I thought last issue was a good turning point and the series is starting to pick up momentum. I’m also looking forward to the new issue of Moon Knight. I’m hoping the break and the new direction will get this book back on the right track,a s the last few issues were a huge drop in quality from the first two arcs.


    BQ: I’m so serious because I’m training for the day when I’m trapped in a prison with my enemies. Correction: When THEY are trapped in a prison with ME! *CARNAGE!!!!*

  27. I think I’m dropping Simon Dark after this issue.

    BQ: I just got back from vacation and am swamped at work.

  28. Captain America #40
    Iron Man Director Of Shield #31
    Mighty Avengers #16
    Moon Knight #20
    X-Factor #33
    X-Force #5

    BQ: I’m so serious because I’m not easily amused. Stand-up comedy overload when I was young.


    Man, these are all some of my favorite books. Glad it’s a light week, too.


  29. Amazing Spider-Man #566

    Captain America #40

    Mighty Avengers #16

    Soulfire Chaos Reign Tp

  30. Only five books this week! 


    …Also the Howard the Duck Omnibus.  I won’t be picking that up immediatley, though.

    BQ: I just realized it was about two hours later than I thought.

  31. @carmano: Thank you! Now I know who to have a chat with for Howard the Duck 🙂

    The weirdest omnibus I’ve ever heard of. It doesnt make sense, but then again; if you read the original series….you gotta know to pick this up!

  32. You’d be hard pressed to find a better run on a super-hero book in the last ten years than the Johns/Kolins run on the Flash (maybe GL, but Flash was the template) so I agree on being excited on Rogues Revenge. I always felt like their run (and John’s continuance without him) ended way too soon.

     BQ: The ole psyche is pretty damaged from years of being a fanboy.

  33. so its gonna be a good week im thinking. spidy, cap, FC: Rogues Revenge, Hellblazer, Hercules, JA: Poison Ivy, 1985, mighty avengers, scalped (first time for this series!! very excited), simon dark, tirinity, x-factor, and x-force. im most pumped for scalped and hellblazer cuz there are two new series’ i have decided to pick up thanks to you guys!!

    BQ: serious because im getting the 2 Scalped trades and catching up with the issues tomorrow!!

    ps – @ DavidB definately start up on 1985. its an awesome series!! 

  34. Three Jason Aaron books in one week … feels like deja vu …

    I’m pretty amped for the Batgirl mini, I hope DC get this character back on track, she is way too awesome to waste.

    BQ – Because I’m hungover on a Tuesday.

  35. Damn, totally missed Screamland #5, thanks to ohcaroline for the save there. I’ve got bats on the brain!

  36. Top 3

    Cap Aercica

    Mighty Avengers

    Final crisis roges revenqe


    BQ: because iam Batman

  37. Seven books this week after a ten book week?  Boy, these weekly titles are killer on the wallet. 

    Most anticipated: Garth Ennis wraps up his "Punisher" run.  Best… Punisher… ever.

    BQ:  Really?  You think I’m serious?  I really never saw myself as being so serious… this is really going to take some introspection.  Thanks for drawing my attention to that, Conor. 

  38. Looking forward to Scalped hardcore style.  Other than that, it’s a light week, which is good because I have purchased far too many trades of late.

    BQ:  Because I wasn’t dipped in acid and driven criminally insane.

  39. Mighty Avengers, Rouges Revenge, Joker’s Asylum


    BQ: Because time doesn’t allow for a good nap 

  40. I pulled Hellen Killer so I don’t think I’m that serious.

  41. Light week. Mostly looking forward to Might Avengers and World of Warcraft. Seriously, more people should read this book. Even if you don’t play any of the Warcraft games, it’s a great fantasy title.

    I wasn’t going to pick up any of the Final Crisi, but I cannot resist Geoff Johns.

    BQ: Because I came to kick ass and chew bubble gum; and I’m all out of bubble gum.

  42. I’m completely out of the comics loop right now.  I haven’t read my comics in way too long.

     The good news, I’m seeing The Dark Knight on Wednesday night for an advance screening!  I’m geeked!

  43. That sounds serious…

  44. 4 book weeks make my wallet happy.

    BQ: It’s just cuz I’m hungry.   


  45. Intrigued by Rogue’s Revenge…. I’ll have to take a peak at the store tomorrow.

    I’m not serious, just tired. 


  46. Amazing Spider-Man #566
    Jokers Asylum Poison Ivy #1
    Mighty Avengers #16
    X-Force #5

    Was just going to be ASM and MA, but I might stick this Joker’s Asylum thing out more, and after reading Messiah Complex last night, I might have to become an XMen reader.


    Not Avengers, not Thor…… HOWARD THE DUCK!

    Who do I kill? 

  48. From what I undestand, and it was before my time, but Howard the Duck was a big deal.  Plus Gerber’s death probably makes it (as morbid as it sounds) a more profitable collection to put out.  But I’ve heard very much praise for his original, groundbreaking work.  The movie did that work a lot of disservice I think.

  49. Man, that movie really poisoned the well.

    If you can get your eyeballs on some of the issues in that Omnibus, you’re in for some real surprises. And I’m not just saying that because I recently discovered that Steve Gerber got the exact same degree I did at my university, possibly sitting in the same chairs I sat in.

  50. And people wonder why I get concerned about bad comic book movies!

  51. I have some of those Howard the Duck issues and they are actually awesome.  The flick killed how groundbreaking the comic itself was.  Good stuff and worth a look.  Especially if you’ve ever taken a hallucinogenic, you’ll be right in there with the creators.  Or so I’ve heard anyway.

  52. Only 3 books for me this week (Am. Spider-Man, Cap, Hellblazer), which is a welcome relief for my wallet, as well.

  53. Aww, come on, the Howard The Duck movie wasn’t that bad?… Ok, it was, but Tim Robbins and Marty McFly’s mum were in it.

    Besides, no one messes with a master of Quack-Foo!!! 

  54. Howard the Duck the comic book was Godly.


    That is all. 

  55. @flaggthecat:

    Wha? Regular series is on my list. Don’t think White was. I get the regular series and bought the Omnibus last year. 

    Out of curiosity, why do you ask? Enquiring minds want to know.

  56. Hmm. I think I’ll only be picking up Mighty Avengers this week. I’m planning on reading Captain America in trades.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should grab?

  57. @RobAbsten: Huh.  Now I’m confused, myself.  The best I can tell is that I was bored at work and waiting impatiently for new comics to come up, and when it did I started clicking to see the pull lists of commenters here; maybe there was an error in yours that showed you getting White.  It sure isn’t there now.  Anyway, had you been getting White but not the main series, I would have been interested to hear why, because . . . I don’t know, because someone who does that must have a perspective very different from mine.  I probably wanted to start a conversation.  Worked anyway, heh wott wott?

  58. Ah, it was s1lentslayer who got White but not the main title!  Mystery solved!  No one else cares, but maybe you can share my excitement!

  59. In my best Dennis Hopper voice –

    "Hey man! I grew up in the Seventies man! And ducks were NOT COOL! Rick Dees had a Disco Duck, there was a Rubber duck in the song ‘Convoy, and a duck named Howard was in my comics. Thats way too many ducks, you know what I am saying man? It’s like ducks are everywhere, like polyester, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and ducks! These ducks want something and I am scared man! Help me! Im freaking out man!"