Who Should Play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s THE MAN OF STEEL?

p> Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel project is moving full steam ahead. Faster than…well, you know. Henry Cavill is on board as Clark Kent/Superman. That’s a lock. Now, as Chris Arrant reported last week, the industry is buzzing about Cavill’s potential leading lady. Or ladies, as the case may be. Various rumor sites like ComicBookMovie.com have speculated that there will be two female lead roles. One is Lois Lane (though even that was in question for half a minute). The other, Kryptonian villainess Ursa.

Let’s take a look at the rumored contenders. First up, Lois Lane:

Mila Kunis

On paper, this works. Strong. Funny. Smart. That said, I’ve been laboring over a way to argue against it, because it ultimately doesn’t add up for me. She’s been around for a while, but her star seems to have only begun to rise just recently with the success of Black Swan. She’s done comedy and action, and…I’d call Black Swan horror. But dramatically, I feel as if she’s untested. I just don’t see Lois here. Though she’d be a hell of a Black Cat. Or Livewire? Livewire’s cool. 

Dianna Agron

I really dig Agron on Glee, and I think she has a high voltage future. Despite her role as a bitchy cheerleader, though, I think she reads as undeniably sweet. She might be the perfect Supergirl.

Rachel McAdams

Slam dunk. We couldn’t ask for a classier Lois. It just makes sense.

Jessica Biel

I could see Biel pulling off an Erica Durance type of Lois, just maybe not so well. I have no strong feelings either way on Biel as an actress, but I don’t know that this is the right fit.

Malin Akerman

Akerman obviously has history working with the director on Watchmen, but is she an ideal Lois? I don’t really see it. To me, she’d be just right as Kat Grant or maybe even A Superman III style Lana Lang. But were she cast as Lois, I’d worry we’d be looking at a repeat of Superman Returns.

Olivia Wilde

Wilde might be my dark horse favorite. It’s a choice that never would’ve occurred to me, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. She’s a strong actress, and I kind of want to see what she would do with this role. She’s a key reason Tron: Legacy kinda worked for me even when it probably shouldn’t have. And she’s also what Jamie McKelvie would draw if you handed him a sketch pad at a con and said, “Lois?”
So, those are the actresses rumored to have read for the part. But while you’re here, I’ll offer my fantasy picks.           

Michelle Monaghan

Doesn’t she look like she’s watching Supes duke it out with Metallo?             

Alana de la Garza

Okay, so my choices probably skew a couple of years out of contention for this round. But then again, I think Cavill looks a little older than his 27 years. At least he has the presence of someone a little older. So maybe.


As for Ursa? There are lists of rumored contenders out there, but this is Zack Snyder we’re talking about. There is only one clear choice…

Carla Gugino

I mean, c’mon.


  1. Rachel McAdams is the slam dunk she should her investigative reporting skills in State of Play. She showed some lois lane spunk in that movie.

  2. Has Michelle Monaghan been in any superhero/comic movies? If not, I say go with her.

  3. I’m still pulling for Rashida Jones with McAdams as my second

  4. McAdams is a damn good choice, but I’d still push Zooey Deschanel.

  5. Rachel McAdams should definitely be Lois. She’s perfect. As for Diana Agron as Supergirl, I’d never thought of it before, but yeah, good call.

  6. Harvey Fierstein is Clark’s one true love.

  7. Rashida Jones

  8. Rachel McAdams for Lois! That’s just perfect.

    And I’m happy for Carla Gugino to be in anything frankly. 

  9. Man those are some tuff calls. The only ones I don’t like are Alana de la Garza, Malin Akerman, and Dianna Agron. I would to see Rachel McAdams, Oliva Wilde, or Michelle Monaghan.

  10. Christ…..really, I mean Christ….can we please avoid casting a sexpot as Lois??  The only ones I even partially like on this list are Agron and Wilde.  Mila Kunis is wonderful and I love her as certain types, but not Lois.  If you’ve seen Max Payne, (UHGGGGGHHHHHH!) you know what I’m talking about.  I’ve had enough Biel to last me a lifetime.  Aside from a pretty face, that chick is talentless. 

    Here’s an idea:  Sarah Shahi.  If you’ve caught Fairly Legal on USA yet, you might know what I mean.  She was also good on Life.  Yes, she is of Indian descent, but I don’t think we should hold it against her.  Fairly Legal will be cancelled soon and she will fit right in.

    After Blake Lively and the upcoming Transformers debacle, directors will hopefully learn that they should get actresses instead of models.

  11. Mila Kunis or Rashida Jones.
    Both are beautiful and sophisticated.  Both are capable of playing very intelligent and graceful women with an edge. 

  12. McAdams is shite.  She was rubbish in Sherlock and she’d be just a rehashed Bosworth in Superman.  I’m not English.  Just in a mood.

  13. @marshak75  Wait, Sarah Shahi isn’t a sexpot?

  14. Is Rebecca Hall still being considered? I think she’d be spot on perfect. Past her, yeah, Rachel McAdams would be pretty great too.

  15. Well, Malin seemed like a stiff actor to me in Watchmen so that eliminates here.
    There’s a few of these I don’t know. Agron appears too young next to Cavill. There’s something about Kunis’ face and voice that I can, not, stand. I don’t know what it is, maybe she reminds me of a douchebag I’ve met, I don’t know. But I am repulsed by her. It’s a terrible thing to say I know.

    To narrow it down I’d say Moneghan, I loved her in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (I got a crush on her I admit it). Gugino is stunning in pretty much everything and she’s worked with Snyder before. I think she’s a very strong actor. I like Biel but I’m not sure how right she is for Lois I think. Biel’s very elegant and I envision Lois as being an intellectual powerhouse but a little more awkward and spunky. Yeah that would be my choices in order of preference: Moneghan, Gugino, Biel.

  16. Wilde has eyes that pierces souls. If that isn’t a qualification to be Superman’s Lois than I don’t know what is.

  17. Out of this list I’d go with Moneghan, but Rebecca Hall is an interesting choice to play Lois.

    How could you not kneel before Ursa played by Carla Gugino!

  18. @Heroville, she is to me, but she can act too.  I have a feeling she might worry about the performance instead of the photo op.

  19. Michelle Monaghan is someone I’d be very happy with it. Loved her in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Gone Baby Gone. Eagle Eye? Eagle what?

  20. I still vote for Biel. I had no idea Kunis was in the running for the part and that wouldn’t be a bad choice. I think Jennifer Carpenter would do a great Lois Lane.

  21. Agron would be an ideal Supergirl. Maybe if the Superman franchise goes over well, we can see her in that role!

  22. How about Nathan Fillion?

  23. Can Biel even act? Kunis just feels wrong to me here. I’d be cool with Capenter, she was Lois in Superman Earth One.

  24. Anna Kendrick??  Evangeline Lilly??  a Kardashian??  Nicolas Cage…in a kimono??  Bueller….Bueller??:)

  25. @NawidA – I don’t think Carpenter can pull it off. I think I’m going to with either Wilde or Monaghan.

  26. @LastSon
    Most definitely I’d take the other two over Carpenter.  

  27. I’m with Paul, Rachel McAdams or Olivia Wilde seem like the two best choices.

  28. My first choice of Cobie Smulders as Lois flew out the window yesterday, but I could still be down with Rachel Mcadams.

    As for Ursa, I’d never even considered Carla Gugino but I can totally get behind that

  29. I think that Rachel McAdams would be a strong for Lois.. especially if she’s more of a modern Lois.


  30. I would say Emily Blunt as Ursa, but they’ll never get her. 

  31. Christina Hendricks as Ursa….the super/breast combo provides endless jokes. 

  32. For Me…Alison Brie. She’s got great range and is a cute as a button. For me Lois should be a real woman, and a real woman has curves.

  33. Carla Gugino is awesome on Californication. 

    I also think Alana de la Garza would be a PERFECT Lois.  Otherwise, I’d be pulling for Wilde.  I think she’s fantastic. Whoever mentioned Sarah Shahi is also on the right track.  

  34. Malim and Dianna have been my two Black Canarys, it’s kinda funny to me to think of either as Lois.

  35. if Katie Holmes was in a cult….

  36. For Lois? I’d go with Rachel McAdams or Olivia Wilde.

    Carla Gugino for Ursa. Or anything. Man, she is just… so hot.

  37. Dianna Agron could totally be Supergirl.

  38. For Rao’s sake, Paul. You left out the best choice: <a href=”http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1200692/“>Eva Green</a>.

  39. Oh….for Ursa…Yeah, I could see Eva Green doing that.

  40. Lois: Rachel McAdams.  Make this happen now.  Beauty and brains, and some intangible thing that would attract the Man of Steel.  Kate Bosworth and Teri Hatcher weren’t that good; Erica Durance and Margot Kidder were only okay.  We have to buy it as an audience, so I hope they get this right. (Olivia Wilde is interesting, but I only know her from “Tron: Legacy”; yikes).

    Ursa: Eva Green would be great as Ursa.  Emily Blunt also could work.

  41. I could see Linda Cardellini as Lois.

  42. Michelle Monaghan, eh? Nice choice, Paul. Never would’ve thought of that.

    Rachel McAdams is not my favorite actress, but out of these choices she matches up the best with my impression of Lois. She’s competent enough for the role.

  43. Carla Gugino should be in so many more movies than she is. I’ll take her as Lois, Ursa or whatever character they can find for her.

  44. I’m going with Wilde on this one.

  45. my older sister is a walky award winning journalist, so i would proberly cast someone who constantly nags clark about stuff and has a pathological fear of missing an episode for The Amazing Race

  46. Carlo Gugino can be anything she wants. But I think McAdams and Wilde would be great.

  47. In my most humblest opinion, the only Lois to me is Zooey Deschanel. Those eyes….good GOD MAN those blue eyes!!!!!

  48. OH my god Zooey Deschanel would be the worst Lois Lane in history.

  49. @Joshua  I respectfully disagree about Zoe, she has been brought up on here a few times, but she just doesnt echo Lois to me.  Yes i get lost in her eyes just thinking about them, but she isn’t my lois. 
    I’m championing Rachel McAdams for the time being. To me, a lot of Lois’ beauty is in her attitude; shes a rough and tumble, take no prisoners, smart women.  Not saying McAdams isn’t good looking, she is just the best choice to bring that out.   
    But i could see Wilde as well. 
    @Paul – Spot on supergirl fan cast.

  50. I think Rosemund Pike has that Cold beauty, that would be great for a villian.

  51. Miss Piggy

  52. The calls for Zooey Deschanel just don’t make any sense to me.  I love her to death, she’s beautiful, cute, and has some indefinable quality that just makes you want to be with her, but I cannot imagine a worse choice to play Lois Lane.  Maybe she’s a good enough actress to subdue her own personal qualities in favor of the qualities that make Lois Lois, but I’ve never seen her in anything that really suggested that she has it in her.  I’m completely with Paul, Rachel McAdams is a no-brainer, but Olivia Wilde would be a really interesting choice too.

  53. Nicki Minaj.

  54. @ed209AF  I respect that. However, don’t give up on Zooey just yet. Watch her performance in Gigantic. Now I’m not saying that her character in Gigantic is anything like what Lois should be………..I’m simply saying that the girl has the acting chops and the diversity that it will take to do Lois well. PLUS everyone is going for DROP-DEAD beauty and that’s not what Lois is. Yes Lois is pretty, but its the internal beauty that comes from Lois’ independence which I’m looking for. The struggle of both looks and female anti-normality, is what I think will make the best Lois. 

  55. @Joshua As far as looks, my point exactly.  But thats why i think Zoe wouldn’t work, too cutesy. 

  56. Well, you can count Zooey Deschanel out (who I agree is totally wrong for Lois), she just signed on to star in a series at FOX.

  57. Deschanel would be a disaster. McAdams, though i’m not convinced she cant act but really none of those choices inspire me. Though, in all fairness I haven’t a bloody clue who some of them are…who’s Agron? Biel would suck, Kunis doesnt look right at all for Lois…Ackerman is probably the closest really.

  58. Haha!  Nobody mentioned the actual lady cast as Lois…Amy Adams.