Where in the world are New Comics for 02/04/09?

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Pretty dead week on the DC side, which means I’m going to branch out and check out The Mighty #1 from Peter J. Tomasi and Peter Snejbjerg. On the Marvel side, the one thing I’m most looking forward to is the conclusion to Magneto: Testament, which is one of the best things that Marvel has put out in years.

But really, this week is all about Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe. Even though I’ve already read it I’m still really excited.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Where are you at right now?



  1. Yes! finally secret warrios is out!!!!

     right now i am at work

  2. Lots of goodness this week…Echo, Buffy, Iron Man, Scott Pilgrim, X-Men Noir. I’m looking forward to the trade on Magneto: Testament.

    BQ: work

  3. I expected this Magento testament to punch me in the gut. I think I might drop House of Mystery if this issue doesn’t kick things back up either.

     BQ: On the quad waiting for my next class.

  4. Secret Warriors! Secret Six!  Dynamo 5! Locke & Key!  Want to try out Bad Dog, since Joe Kelly has been ripping it up lately.  MIGHT check out War of Kings:Darkhawk, I am on the edge concerning that one.

    BQ: At work, bored and setting up a computer.  Not technically part of my job, but whatever

  5. You guys should check out locke and key. Its on the 2 issue of the 2 arch. Great art and story.

  6. Secret Warriors, Agents of Atlas, and ASM are my most anticipated books for this week.

    BQ: My bedroom, getting ready to go out to the bar later for my 21st b-day celebration.

  7. Have to say I’m excited for Secret Warriors, not so excited if it is going to be $3.99 for the whole series.  Gotta say Deadpool has been good comics since the relaunch.  Looking forward to Iron Man and X-Men Noir.  Very short stack for DC.  I am going to pick up Adventure Comics #0, but that’s because I’m new to DC.  Almost forgot Magneto Testament #5 and have to agree with Conor that it is some of the best stuff that Marvel has put out in some time.

  8. @ato220-Only the first issue of Secret Warriors is $3.99.  It has 12 pages or so of goodies that Hickman helped create!

  9. I’m only getting one book? That’s a new problem for me.
    I’m getting Amazing Spider-Man, and I collect Buffy and Dynamo 5 in trades. I’m looking to avoid Dark Reign as much as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    BQ: Work. Working very hard, obviously.

  10. Small week, two books.  Looking forward to Deadpool, but VERY EXCITED for Dead Irons!!  I hope it’s as good as it sounds.

    BQ: Student group office

  11. Wait a second, I’m getting just three books this week? WTF happened?! Anyways, I’ll be getting me some amazin’  Spidey, sexy Secret Six and FC Legion. 

    BQ: Right now I’m in bed hiding from the snow. 

  12. A middling week in my opinion.  The comics I am most looking forward to are: Buffy, Adventure Comics, Legion of Three Worlds, Jonah Hex, Dynamo 5, Agents of Atlas, ASM, Dead of Night/Werewolf by Night, Immortal Iron Fist, Invincible Iron Man, Secret Warriors, Man With No Name, and Zorro.

    BQ: The Present.

  13. secret warriors, legion of 3 worlds, adventure comics, sexret six and many othersand new scott pilgrim!!

    bq: home

  14. "On the MArvel side, the one thing I’m most looking forward to is the conclusion to Magneto: Testament, which is one of the best things that Marvel has put out in years."

    Kind of suprised it has never been pick of the week. I’ve picked it every time except when I got the second printing of Old Man Logan first issue.

    My only criticism of the series is the pacing. They are trying to cover a lot of ground at the expense of the storytelling.

    If they deliver on this last issue, this will be an amazing hardcover collection


  15. @ScorpioMasada: Timing is everything with the Pick of the Week.

  16. Secret Warriors, Dynamo 5, new Scott Pilgrim, two new Image books (Bad Dog and Jersey Gods), and a new series from Tomasi.  This is going to be a good week!

    I’m actually really excited for Jersey Gods.  The pitch makes it sound like it will be the next Noble Causes, which I’m completely fine with.

    BQ: My den at home, smelling the delicious sausage my fiance is cooking.  Mmmm…

  17. Hurm.  I only pulled 8 books this week.  There’s a couple I’m looking forward to reading, but nothing terribly exciting.  Though Magneto Testament is probably at the top of that list.

    BQ: My kitchen table.

  18. Secret Six, Deadpool, X-Men Noir, Amazing Spider-Man, The Boys and because it’s a small week, Secret Warriors…it should be a fun week.


    And I’m in my old Kentucky home.

  19. Secret Warriors is exciting, but this week it’s all about Scott Pilgrim.  Just another of the books that I am indebted to iFanboy for turning me on to.  I’m going to give Agents of Atlas a try too.  Not familiar with the original series, but, talking gorillas get me every time. 

    BQ: On my couch, watching Curious George with my sick little boy who just finished puking all over the both of us.  All clean now.  Lets hope that there’s nothing left for the rest of the night….

  20. I’m really looking forward to Magneto Testament to wrap up.  Kind of a downer to be looking forward to it considering the subject but hey..

    BQ: Suji-gu, South Korea in my apartment. 

  21. Lots to look forward to this week, especially Iron Fist, Iron Man, Wolverine Power Pack, and X-Men Noir.  But I think what I’m most excited about is a tie between X-Men: First Class Finals, and Jersey Gods.  (I’m excited about Jersey Gods for the cover alone — that Parkway sign is right before my exit on the southbound side.)

  22. Great week! Buffy, Dynamo 5 and I’m giving Soul Kiss a shot… looks interesting. I’m sure there was another book coming out too… what was it?… oh yeah…

    SCOTT PILGRIM! SCOTT PILGRIM! SCOTT PILGRIM! Couldn’t be more excited, easilywhat I’m looking forward to most, and that’s saying something in a good week like this.

    BQ: Physically, I’m at my desk, being a complete English cliche and enjoying tea and toast. Spiritually, I’m contemplative yet lucid.

  23. Secret Warriors, easy!  and then Iron Man.  that book has been THE SHIT!

    and im home, sitting in my room, listening to Tom vs. the JLA

  24. Am I alone in thinking that the last issue of Buffy essentially broke the book’s universe irreparably? Vampires "coming out" and publicly living as the hip new celebs was an awful development and could scarcely be farther from what I signed on for if they turned out to be an alien race. I had the opportunity to read those Tru Blood books if I wanted to. The last issue left a really, really bad taste in my mouth. I hate to say it, but this book is on the bubble.

    In contrast, I don’t think I could be more excited about Scott Pilgrim, or Spider-Man for that matter. Agents of Atlas and Secret Warriors are extremely promising, too.

    BQ: at the kitchen table, watching a grilled cheese sandwich get eviscerated.

  25. Oooo! New Cassaday book!

    Lots of first steps this week. I’m very excited. Good number ones. And Buffy! I’m very excited. Too bad it’s wicked expensive.

    BQ: Sitting at my desk at work, killing break time. One hour to go!

  26. All Hail Megatron.. would read a lot better in trade. Legion of 3 Worlds: didn’t I drop this?!

    BQ: in a madden football-induced hell 

  27. Yep, Scott Pilgrim tops the pile.

    BQ: home

  28. Lots of stellar looking #1s with Bad Dog, The Mighty and Dead Irons.   Of course, Pilgrim will top the list but I’m also coming in with Madman, Iron Fist, Locke & Key and the last Sandman.

    BQ: COUCH!

  29. Hi guys.  just a thought…. putting a calculator function that gives the working total of all the "pulls".


    BQ:  I am in Seattle, trying to make a new job work. 

  30. I like the calculator idea. That and an edit button for comments would be awesome.

    BQ: Here.

  31. This might be the worst week I’ve ever had since joining this site.

    There was nothing else other then Deadpool this week. Now Deadpool is awesome, I encourage all to buy if you havent…..but one is not enough for a week. So I’m going to dive into my LCS and see what I could pick up.

    If anything I’m also gonna get Punisher #2 (the first wasnt spectacular, but I’m willing to give this another try) and see if Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine is any good. Since the latter is going to finally be released with new issues. But yeah….this week sucks!

    BQ: At home…..in my room…..alone….in the dark….

  32. BQ: At home…..in my room…..alone….in the dark….


    Hey me too

  33. Invincible Iron Man, Immortal Iron Fist, and Adventure Comics #0.  Going to check out Mighty #1 because of Tomasi.  And I’m going to be in full on western mode on Wednesday with Jonah Hex #40, Man With No Name #7 and Zorro #10.

  34. Lotsa Marvel I’m excited about — the last X-Men First class mini, Iron Man, Iron Fist, and Cable.  Plus I’m giving Agents of Atlas a try because I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve read from Jeff Parker lately.

    I didn’t like the last issue of ‘Buffy’ but I’m curious as to the universe shift that it implied; I think it has the potential for some good new stories, but the angle they’re taking on it so far is weird.

    And in DC, I’m keeping up with Black Lightning Year One.  This is a really fun mini.

    BQ: Sitting in a very old chair in my living room.

  35. Isn’t Hellboy: Wild Hunt supposed to be out?

    BQ: At home on break

  36. I’m loking forward to the new Amazing Spider-man and Locke & Key the most.  I’m interested to see how Secret Warriors turns out as well as Dead Irons.  They each have one (at most 2) issue(s) to grab me before I drop them.  Oh, and I’m also looking forward to reading the final chapter of Sandman: Dream Hunters.

     BQ: Calgary, AB.  At home, in this really comfy chair from IKEA.

  37. Look at the list of creators who worked on the Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Omnibus:

    Writer: Walt Simonson, John Byrne, Denny O’Neil, David Michelinie, Archie Goodwin
    Artist: John Buscema, Howard Chaykin, Klaus Janson, Terry Austin, and others

    That is insane.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this.


    BQ: At my computer in my bedroom.

  38. Scott Pilgrim!!! Everything else pales in comparison.

    BQ: In the living room.

  39. Good week all around, but it’s all about the Pilgrim this week.
    Aside from the Pilgrim, I’m also looking forward to Secret Warriors, Iron Man w/ Fraction, Dynamo 5, the FC Legion book (late but oh so good), The Boys (my second favorite monthly), Comic Book Comics dropping a little history, and Bang Tango from Vertigo and Joe Kelly.
    @ the ifanboys – Since two out of three of you have read it already, will Scott Pilgrim make it to the podcast this week? 
    BQ –  In my newly refurbished man cave. No, literally, it’s a cave – it’s a hole in the side of a mountain.
  40. I have one book this week. Sweet, I needed a break.

  41. just Witchblade for me. might give Jersey Gods a try.

  42. Wow, really light week. Just grabbing Black Panther 2 #1, Buffy The Vampire Slayer #22,  Invincible Iron Man #10 and Secret Warriors #1. Really excited for all of ’em, though.


    BQ: I’m in ultra-hip Silverlake, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the state of my living situation is…untenable.


  43. Picking up: New Warriors, Adventure Comics, Mighty, War of Kings: Darkhawk

    There are no books this week in danger of being dropped (unless someone does something truly woeful)

    I’m especially excited for: a new Cable arc starting up, the finalbook in Magneto Testament, X-Men Noir, the new direction in Buffy (reality TV vampires).

    BQ: Work. Not doing any of course but I’m still getting paid.

  44. Dead Irons #1

    Final Crisis Legion Of Three Worlds #3 (OF 5)

    Jersey Gods #1

    Mighty #1

    Secret Warriors #1

    Soul Kiss #1 (OF 5)

    Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk New Ptg #1


    BQ: i’m at work. a graphic design agency in canberra 

  45. Wow, dead week for us DC fans. So, just like a curious college girl, I’ll be trying out some new things — Mighty, Bad Dog, Dead Irons & Jersey Gods. Also, two of my favourite books come out this week — Secret Six & Deadpool, so it’s not all blind luck!

    BQ — In my house. In my bedroom. In a bikini. Sipping champagne. (Half of that is true)  

  46. Iron fist, buffy and I think I’ll give Balck Panther 2 ago.

    BQ: At home, pretending to wirk but really watching the snow thaw.

  47. Amazing Spider-Man #585

    YES!!  I can’t get enough Spidey these days!!

    Adventure Comics 0

    A dollar?!  Sure, why not? I’m already at my LCS anyway…

    Punisher #2

    Even though I forget what #1 was about already.

    Mighty #1

    With Nightwing and Robin both coming to a close, I need a new DC series in my life.  Not sure if this will be a permanent replacement but it’s worth a try if Tomasi is there.

    House Of Mystery #10

    Well I got every issue so far so I might as well keep it up.  Besides, I just love cheesey weird stuff, I still watch Godziila movies too.  Goes to show…

    Bad Dog #1

    Another series from Image: I’ll buy the first issue and never go near it again, Spawn included.

    Bang Tango #1 (OF 6)

    If I can buy Haunted Tank, I can buy this…

    Haunted Tank #3 (OF 5)

    If anything ever happens to Vertigo, I will burn DC’s offices to the damn ground!!


    I guess that’s it for this week.  A lot of weird stuff.  DC will definitely make up for it next week though!  I was looking at their solicits and there is like nine books I want and at least two trades coming to you in like eight days!!


  48. Good week.  DEADPOOL! secret warriors, agents of atlas, and iron man.



    I’m sitting on my couch, just got a new Grinder!  Lets try it out.

  49. Scott Pilgrim, definitely.


    Also, Deadpool, Secret Warriors (putely for the Hickman), Bad Dog, Spidey, and Magneto Testament.


    BQ: in the store, all lonely on account of the snow…and the methadone clinic.

  50. Ack, forgot to add Legion Of 3 Worlds to that list.

  51. This week is looking pretty bleak.  Personally I am really into all things Image and Im looking forward to Bad Dog#1 for some reason, but more than likely I’ll just thumb through it in the shop.  Other than that Agents of Atlas and maybe Secret Warriors.. and Ill wait for SP v the universe for trade.


    BQ: At Panera utilizing the free wifi

  52. @SplifEOC: SCOTT PILGRIM *is* a trade.

  53. Adventure Comics #0

    Amazing Spider-Man #585

    Black Panther 2 #1

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #22

    Cable #11

    Deadpool #7

    Final Crisis Legion Of Three Worlds #3 (OF 5)

    Franklin Richards Dark Reigning Cats And Dogs

    Immortal Iron Fist #22

    Invincible Iron Man #10

    Punisher #2

    Secret Six #6

    Secret Warriors #1

    Trinity #36


    Will be getting Scott Pilgrim, but I’ve only read the 1st one.  Haven’t ordered the others yet.


    Most looking forward to Secret Warriors.

    Adventure Comics is only $1 so I’m giving it a try, see if it catches me or not.


    BQ: at the bank working.  Trying to stay sane as it has been crazy busy for a Tuesday.

  54. Damn, is it Wednesday yet or what?!


  55. BQ: in my room. i got sent home from school today for being sick all over the floor.

    im shivering. and im still puking!!!!

  56. BQ: in the corner wanking.

  57. Most excited about Darkhawk.

     BQ: At work being very productive 🙂

  58. deadpool, legion of three worlds.

    BQ: home looking out the window at rain. 🙁