What’s YOUR Pick of The Week?

This week as you pick your comics, you may notice something a little bit different. We’ve received a ton of requests for functionality and changes to the site, but one of the most requested items has been to give you, the iFanboy Community (or iFanbase as we all know and love you by), the ability to not only pick, rate and review your comics every week, but be able to make YOUR Pick of the Week.

Well my iFanboy faithful, that time is now.

Now after you pick your comics, if you go to Your Comics, you’ll be able to pick one book to be YOUR Pick of the Week. Your Pick of the Week will be displayed prominently on your comics page. In addition, on the Comics page, you can see the percentage of users across the entire site who picked a particular title as the Pick of the Week.

All this, in addition to the iFanboy Pick of the Week review and podcasts makes discussing each week’s comics that much more fun for us and everyone in the iFanboy community!

So enjoy this new functionality and as always email us at contact@ifanboy.com to tell us what you think and make suggestions about what you’d like to see on the site!



  1. Awesome!

    What about seeing each other’s pick and ratings? 

  2. LOVE it. Didn’t work in Safari so I tried it in Firefox and it worked.
    @SixGun, You can see other people’s ratings by going to their pull list. 

  3. Another great addition to the site as always.

  4. great idea. i love this. i cant wait.

  5. @s1lentslaer we’ll take a look at it in Safari..

    @sixgun we’re going to be adding to the user profiles soon as well

  6. I disagree with everyone’s pick.

  7. Cool sounds like great idea. 

  8. Personal Pick Of The Week? — Awesome.

    Highest percentage of Pick Of The Week from the whole iFanbase? — Awesome on steroids.

    This is the first time I’ve seen a democratic Pick Of The Week on any website. The iFanboys are like the ancient Greeks of the internet, except, without all the man on man action.

  9. should be neat

  10. I didn’t know I even wanted this until you gave it to me. well done!

  11. My pick is not yours or your mom’s but it is GRRRRREAT!

  12. Really great idea, you guys are really making this site a definitive ‘user friendly’ comic zone.

    Although it might make your POTW’s a bit off…I mean (last time seeing it 4 hours ago) only 11% agreed with Conor’s pick for FC #3. Again your picks are seperated from ours, but it just feels weird for some reason….

    I just cant wait for your next feature: ‘Build your own Comic Podcast!’

  13. @TheNextChampion Glad to hear you like the new feature. 

    As far as your observation about the POTW and the community – the iFanboy POTW is completely seperate from the community tone in general – the majority of people may have preferred Criminal #4, but the POTW is purely subjective, from Josh, Conor or myself. 

    We simply wanted to give the rest of the community the ability to weigh in and say what their pick and to hear what the community overall thinks – I doubt the iFanboy POTW will ever match with the community’s pick.  As much as we love the community here, the POTW is not a democratic pick, rather the opinion of the writer. 

    Hope this clears it up for you.  

    Also thought it was worth noting that YOUR POTW agreed with Conor’s  😉

  14. @Ron: yes we were in agreement this week; so the universe is safe for another night *thumbs up*

    I was never confused on the concept though; it’s just a new feature we all need to get used to: like from being a comcast guy to a verizon man….or reading a Geoff Johns classic Flash issue into a….well something worse then a pile of dog shit.

  15. way to go, ifanboys.

  16. OK, iFanboy is now officially the best comic book discussion site ever!

  17. What I like about this feature is that it has to potential to point the iFanbase to less read good books. If I see a book that isn’t written or drawn by someone I know of and doesn’t have a cover or title that grab be, I’ll end up ignoring it. But if I know that it was someone’s pick of the week, I’m much more likely to check it out

  18. Very awesome feature. Should be quite interesting to check everyones picks out!

     Maybe someday we could get individual RSS feeds or some other way for us to easily display our pull lists on our own sites.

  19. nice.

  20. Really cool feature!

  21. It appears that, for now, Conor is vindicated.  Next time it’s my pick….probably not so much.


  22. @josh, wait till Ron picks Glamourpuss again…

    That’s some cool stuff guys, thanks.

  23. Great friggin move!

    Love the idea!

  24. nice feature. ditto for me that safari didn’t work, tho. 🙁

  25. A most excellent feature!

  26. @Conor, Josh, Ron… I want to know who thought of this feature? Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Great feature!

  28. nice, very nice.  thanks for making the site even better y’all.

  29. Greatest invention since the fake paper hornet’s nest!

  30. Wow!  I just looked at a few previous weeks.  Many users are going back and making picks.  Very cool.  We need a way to sort based on pick %. 

    I would love to see a list of weekly Conor/Josh/Ron picks vs. iFanbase picks.  We can see which "expert" matches up the closest with the iFanbase.  If I had to guess I would say Conor, but maybe that is just because our prefs seem to match.

    Someone else get on that.

  31. @stulach – There is a way to sort, it’s on the upper right hand side.

  32. This is a great idea – looking forward to it!

  33. I won’t take all the credit, but I did mention an Ifanbase POTW in the comments section of my review for FC #2. 🙂 Also brought up the problem Internet Explorer users were having uploading images to use as their avatar (noone else bothered to ask?!). Noticing a lot more avatars lately – CAM. Currently working on why revision3 doesn’t send confirmation letters to the email address of the registerer as well. If you’ve had this problem Ron’s hot on the trail.  



  34. YEah I’d been trying to get an avatar up for a while, thanks for noticing. 🙂

  35. Hmm. Yeah. So the only way I was able to choose my POW was to logout of the site on Firefox and log back in with IE, then select Final Crisis as my top book.

    Why do you guys hate Firefox users so much?  

  36. @Labor it worked fine for me in Firefox, maybe they just hate you?

  37. Possible, if there were not a whole mess of issues with the site and Firefox.

    I board <i>hard</i>. Is it too much to expect my comic book website to follow suit?

    I should think not.

  38. @Labor – The Pick function works fine in all of our Firefoxes.

  39. Well, then I hate your collective firefoxes.

  40. @Labor – What version of Firefox do you use?

  41. Firefox tres, hombre. But I had issues with login since day one of the site revamp. I was using the oldie Firefox back then.

    It’s cool though. I put up with it because I love iFanboy so goddmn much it hurts.

    Probably one of my custom written scripts or something not liking the site code. I refuse to change in any case.

    Don’t you dare try to accommodate me, Ron.

  42. @conor – Thanks.  I see the sort by pick option now.  Looks like FC #3 is running away with it. 

    I am also having no problems with firefox.  Are you using version 3?

  43. I don’t see the buttons in Firefox v1.5.

    They are there in Firefox v3.

  44. Yes, I already said I use FF3. And have ad issues with the site ever since the revamp. I learned to live with it.

    Also. You know what would be totes badass? If we could view the history of a member’s POWs in their profiles. 

  45. @Labor – If you have custom scripts installed, I would suggest disabling them temporarily to see if that is causing the problem.

  46. Yeah, I should probably do that. But most likely I won’t.

  47. Awesome news, iFanboy!  Cheers!

  48. It would be cool to see an article once a week that spotlights random peoples POW’s.  Kind of like how you do with User Reviews. 


    This might be what gets me to write reviews.  I think I’m going to make it a goal to write a review for whatever book that is my POW.

  49. So it looks like the percentage is calculated in terms of pulls vs. picks and not members vs. picks? That’s how it seems and it makes sense. Just thought I’d ask to make sure.

  50. my other suggestion: CHAT ROOM

  51. You guys just make this better and better!!

  52. My biggest suggestion would be a total price in the "My Comics" tab.  It’d be nice to see the total of your pull for the week so you know how much you’re spending.  This is mostly cuz i suck at math.

     Love the pick of the week update!

  53. @Anson: I like that idea.

  54. the last thing i wanna do is dwell any more than i have to about money i’m putting out on weekly books.


  55. I understand that FACE, but I’m on a pretty tight budget so its nice to know when I’m going overboard and when I’m being reasonable.

  56. If I may just ask; (as of August 13th) there is only 27.2% of ifanboy’s voting for the POTW. I though this is distributed with 100% and then weighed down as we continue voting.

    So there is a lot of small numbers like 3, 9, and others…but there is no huge number that stands out as our POTW. Is this a site error or am I interpreting the function wrong? Not only that but my pick, Hellboy, doesn even have a percentage….so….help please? lol

  57. Niiiice

  58. I gotta finish my books before I make a pick. Plus, I’d like to sleep on it. My POTW shall not be taken lightly.

  59. Figures. U guys add this functionality, and the week is so mediocre for me, that I might not have a pick of the week!

    I saved a couple of the heavy hitters for the bottom of the stack. All is not yet lost!

  60. It usually takes me a few days to read all of my stack, so my POW wont be listed until the weekend most likely … and I’m sure everyone is waiting for it, too.

  61. @The iFanboys — How does the User % for POW work?

    For example, if this week’s issue of Batman has 11% Users Pick, does this mean that 11% of the members of this whole website have chosen it? Or 11% of the people who pulled the book chose it? Or 11% of the users who have voted so far, have voted for this?

    Sorry, if it’s been explained already, but I’m kinda slow. Please explain it as slowly as you would to a 4 year year old or a chimpanzee. Thanks.

  62. Great new feature! I enjoy reading user reviews, and I love seeing what other readers are pulling, but those numbers don’t always speak for how the week turned out, so this is nice.

  63. I second @WadeWilson’s request for what exactly the percentage indicates.  Maybe I’m just a math geek and no one else cares.

    Great feature fellas!! Way to stay ahead of the curve.

  64. I’m also confused about how to interpret the POW %.

  65. Hey everyone – to answer your request, here’s how the percentage Pick of the week of the community works:

    The POTW community percentage is the percentage of the people who PULLED the comic AND Made it their pick, out of the field of people who selected picks of the week.  So if 1000 people picked books, but only 100 made a pick of the week, and 10 of them chose Secret Invasion #5, then it represents 10% of the community’s pick of the week choice.

    Hope that clears things up.

  66. Thanks, Ron. Keep up the good work, mate.

  67. Makes sense. Thanks!

  68. That’s exactly what my brain needed.  Thanks!!