Well, Look Who’s A Secret Avenger – Beast!

As you may remember from seeing some iteration, parody, or outright rip-off of them seemingly every day for the last two months, Marvel recently released a series of images teasing the lineups of their new Avengers teams. In the case of the Avengers, the excitement was about what those images showed you; in the case of the Secret Avengers, it was about what they didn't show. Which was basically everything.

Well, the veil is slowly being lifted this week. As you begin thumbing through your Marvel comics today, it will only be a matter of time before you see this, the first un-Rorschached ad:


The Beast is a Secret Avenger! All the geeks in the house say, "W00t! W00t!"

There are people who have been lobbying for the big blue kitty ever since Mighty Avengers was announced years ago, and it looks like Marvel has heard their cries. Here at last we have the Beast, wearing a lot of big "A"s in places where he usually wears a lot of big "X"s.

And yes, I know what you're thinking: "Hey, man! That shadow got a shave, and I think a pedicure! That's dirty pool!" To you, I say this: the Beast is back on the Avengers. How cheated can you feel, really?


  1. Aha, as I predicted! Though considering Beast only left the X-Men because he was displeased with how morally ambiguous they had gotten, I’m surprised he’s joining (what seems to be) a black ops team.

  2. and amen to that sir!

  3. Awesome, I can’t wait to see how this turns out (considering I already ordered the first three issues not knowing who was on the team…)

  4. Wow, he’s looking a lot less cat-like in that. Excited though!

  5. @BornIn1142 – i’m not that surprized. 

    X-men haven’t been to happy with his preformance during Utopia.

    So Summers and Rogers have been in talks about training the fur-ball to the A’s for a 3-year 6.5 million contract. 

    Good trade in my book.

  6. This is fantastic news. I agree that the photo-shopped shadow image made it hard to think of Beast b/c of the lack of hair or claws, but I for one am thrilled at the (soft shoe) bait and switch. As a lifelong Avengers fan, few eras are sit as fondly in my cerebral cortex as the run when Beast and Wonder Man were yucking it up amidst the heroing and chaos.

  7. now if only they’d de-kittyfy him it’d be purrrfect but as is, its still great news 😀

  8. Well, crap, now I have to get Secret Avengers…. 

  9. Now I really want Wonder Man on this team, but that seems unlikely based on the solicits.  Sigh

  10. Was going to get at least the first issue but now I’m excited to get it.

  11. Wow. CBR called it but I honestly had no idea how they got "Beast" outta that silhouette. Good on ya, dudes.

  12. Glad it didn’t turn out to be Venom.

  13. Great news! I wonder if he is taking an extended leave from the X-Men or if he is more like Wolverine.

  14. Awesome, though I guess somewhere deep down I was hoping that he would continue on in S.W.O.R.D. (though that title is cancelled); the pairing of him with Brand was great.

    And I agree that having Beast pretty much demands for WonderMan to be on the team.  The skrull-beast/Wonderman bantering while in the Savage Land may have been one of the highlights of Secret Invasion.  Did I miss something or has Wonderman been pretty much MIA since Secret Invasion ended?

  15. I still think the female of the team will be Songbird.

  16. I Dont know how I feel about Beast as an Avengers. He’s always been an X-Man to me.

  17. Very nice.

  18. I predict the Beast will continue to mutate until he becomes a stuffed doll.  Also, can he lose the eye glasses?  I understand that contact lenses are not practical to put in with those claws but you’d think he’d have heard about the Lasik procedure by now.

  19. And it’s old-school awesome Beast!  Not stupid horse-face cat-paw beast!

  20. Interesting. Very very interesting.

  21. I’m on board.

    What happened to Wonder-Man after secret invasion? I haven’t seen him in any of the books I’ve been reading? Is he on the Mighty Avengers?



  22. Unspeakable things have happened to Wonder Man. He was on a talk show in New Avengers drunkenly rambling about Dark Reign, and then at one point he was in jail… he could be anywhere now. Last time I saw him, he was in War Machine.

  23. By which I mean the book. He is not sleeping with Rhodey. As far as I know.

  24. Man, if I’d gotten here early enough I would have posted "And cue complaints about kitty Beast". I’m surprised it took four responses.

  25. Oh god, not all this again.

  26. Uh oh, you mean he’s in Brubaker’s hands? Not good.

  27. Wonder Man made an apperance in Dark Reign: Lethal Legion.  At that point, he was still in jail.

  28. I went from not giving a crap about the Avengers to probably picking up two books. All this thanks to the awesomeness that has been Siege.

    It doesn’t hurt that I love Beast, either.

  29. Yes, but will they pair him up with Wonder Man?

  30. As someone who started reading comics in the wearly 80s, I always thought of Beast as an Avenger first, X-Man second.  I know, strange.

  31. This is where I hope they park Beast until X-Universe developments can eventually make room for my secret wish that Beast eventually ends up leading the X-men. Scott and Emma are too morally compromised to do it long term and Prof. X is been there, done that. Who else could lead them? Only Storm has the chops and she just can not get enough of that Wakanda loving. 

  32. I actually saw this add in the New Avengers: Luke Cage book I just got done reading.  I wonder if they were all announced in the comics this week.

  33. I just saw this in my copy of ‘SHIELD’ today. Made me smile a bit, glad to see he’s gonna be of some use in the Marvel U….Still doesn’t make me want to get this series though.

  34. Doesn’t Beast have four finger since his catlike evolution?

  35. Beast just needs a break from the Scott & Emma show. The Secret Avengers a hit squad? Huh? With Avengers in the name it has to be good 🙂

  36. I have wanted beast to be on the Avengers for pretty much EVER. It’s weird, but i always loved Beast as an Avenger and as a Defender or in X-Factor, but I just don’t find him interesting as an X-Man. He’s always just stuck in the lab being wasted. On the other teams he was on, he had a much more active role in the spotlight, as a character with his intellect would be. In the X-Men, he always just seems like a guy to explain stuff in the middle of the story. 

  37. Hmm…Beast on the Avengers was before my time, but I think it could be kinda cool. Are those old Avengers stories wiht him any good?

  38. @Bryce31 like all Marvel comics from that era, they are obviously dated and written for a younger audience, but they are fun if you like that kind of comic. 

  39. @kickass – How can you be a huge marvel zombie but think giving a great character to Brubaker is a bad thing? You confuse me more every time you post.

  40. Valkyrie & Moon Knight fans just got their wish:


  41. @player1: Yes, they did.