Well, I Guess We Know How AvX Ends! Get Ready For AVENGERS VS. X-MEN: CONSEQUENCES!

In the grand (and relatively recent) Marvel Comics tradition of following an long event with another related mini-series that makes everyone go, “Wait, what? This is still going on?”, today comes the announcement of Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences, a five issue mini-series that kicks off in October!

Now that this point some of you are probably screaming, “Spoilers!” And yes, the cover image below would technically be classified as a spoiler, but c’mon. There is only one way this story is going to end and it’s not with a power-mad Cyclops winning the fight and ruling the world.








  1. I love Kieron Gillen, but AvX looks so terrible I’m not going near this.

    • I don’t understand the contempt for this story. I’ve been loving it. It a hundred-thousand times better than Matt Fraction’s rubbish event from last year. I mean, it definitely isn’t on the same level as House of M, Secret Invasion, or Planet Hulk but it is still good in its own right.

    • That said though, I’ll probably not read this. Maybe if they have a digital sale on their app before I forget about it I will try it.

    • @jonny: I think in general, the contempt for AVX is a case of the victims of bullying becoming bullies themselves. Lots of folks have felt so burned by previous events (especially Fear Itself, like you mention) that they’re just lashing out at the new kid. They’re against the concept of event comics more than the actual execution of AVX.

      That said, there are plenty of folks that just aren’t enjoying the execution of AVX, and that’s fine. It’s not perfect (I’d put it above Secret Invasion though), but I’m finding a lot to like with it!

      That said though, like yourself, I’m not planning on picking up Consequences. After 5 months of AVX, I’m not terribly interested in the aftermath. Especially when it appears to be $3.99.

    • I don’t get all the AvX hate. I really liked this story. Even though Cyclops is one of my favorites, he’s not himself since he created the X-force and sent them off to kill people. I was actually hoping he would die in this story so the good old Cyke comes back in All-new x-men from Bendis.

  2. I’m looking forward to some of the Marvel Now titles, but this is definitely one I will avoid.

    • All New X-Men should be more interesting now with the original five coming from the past and finding all the consequences in the X-verse from House of M, 198, Messiah/Second Coming, the deaths from those stories, shifts in power and personality, character and general outlooks and the end of AvsX. I think all that will make the All New X-Men premise chock full of substance.

  3. Seriously?

  4. Now I really want a power-mad Cyclops ruling the world. Thanks Conor.

  5. Really looking foreward to Marvel Now, as for this, oh my God when will this end? I obviously cant answer for anyone else but for me im just so tired of this AVX thing.

    • I think most people are tired of the whole Hero vs Hero thing. Civil War was done very well, but after that the whole idea has been beaten to death, and to a worse degree every single time. I’m right there with you in being tired of AVX.

  6. I’m going to wait and buy this whole fiasco in trade format.

  7. Can Gillen sugarcoat the utter disaster that was AvX? Uncanny X-Men 18 is a good indication that yes, he can do better than the editorial mess the powers-that-be concocted. I’ll pick up the first one, not so sure if I’ll stick for the entire series.

    • How was this a disaster? It’s made Marvel tons of money, drawn in new younger readers and from what I hear has been a fun story with what looks to be a dark ending for other stories to branch from, that’s considered a success. I haven’t read it b but see it as a guilty pleasure story.

    • I had to drop it. It SHOULD have been fun, or a guilty pleasure. It wasn’t, at least not for me. Way too many characters doing things out of character – and by that, I mean, thing that were utterly stupid.

      This series sort of epitomized my problem with !arvel events for the last while: a few cool moments loosely strung together without any real purpose than to have cool moments. And a weak ending. (and while no, I haven’t read the final issue, the spoilers and reviews all basically do nothing to make me feel I’m wrong.)

      Good on Marvel for making bank. Bad on Marvel for not really trying to do more than that, IMO.

    • @metamorphic: Do you honestly believe that Bendis, Brubaker, Hickman, Fraction and Aaron (not to mention JRJR, Adam Kubert, Olivier Coipel and the rest of the creative and editorial team) are only doing AVX to make money?

      Whether the final product is any good or not, no truly creative professional sets out to make a piece of shit. It’s fine if you don’t think this is the creators’ best work (and I’ll be the first to agree that no one is doing the work of their careers here), but it’s absurd and entirely unfair to imply that AVX is nothing more than a cash grab.

    • The corporation they work for, however, just want to see profit at the end of the day. Still, the rule seems to be “event=profit” and the consumer hasn’t proven that wrong yet.

  8. I have quite enjoyed AvX and with Kieron Gillen on words and Mark Brooks doing an issue, I will give this a try.

    I think, event fatigue aside, this has been an enjoyable romp.

    They have managed to bring a huge event around, at the end, to be about just one man and his doomed quest to save his world. It’s quite tragic really. Great hero, haunted by his mentor and difficult past, brought low by hubris and desperation, his friends and allies forced to take him down for his – and their – own good.

  9. I don’t usually pick up the follow-ups to events but I’m going to get this, I’ve enjoyed AvX quite a bit.

  10. “Hey Daredevil i know you went mad with power killed Bullseye and made a big-ass tower in the middle of Manhattan,you wanna join the avengers? hey wanda you went mad with power killed some friends f-ed the world and decimated the mutant population…..I think we have a seat on the avengers for you too. Cyclops!! we have done nothing but antagonize you for 9 issues, stormed your house and pushed you to craziness you must face………CONSEQUENCES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. We know they we building up Hope to defeat Cyclops as Cyclops becomes what he fears the most

  12. If I hear enough good things I’ll check it out (in trade if not issues), but at the moment I’m not planning on checking this one out.

  13. Smmmmmmmokin!

  14. They really need to get Cyclops out of the Nightwing rip off costume.

  15. “There is only one way this story is going to end and it’s not with a power-mad Cyclops winning the fight and ruling the world.”
    — I would totally read that comic.

  16. If you haven’t been reading this series and have been waiting for the trades, then yes this is massive spoilers.

    • Just one of the perils of using the internet (and visiting comic book news and discussion sites) whilst tradewaiting a very popular summer event from Marvel/DC. Getting spoiled can suck, but I wouldn’t anticipate much sympathy in this case.

    • Yeah, if I was trying to avoid any spoilers I wouldn’t even click into this thread.

    • The trade is a relatively cheap pre-order on Amazon and was gonna get it for quick romp and guilty pleasure side of comix, it’s funny that I feel like I know all I need to know about this event just from others talking but still wanna read it and a spoiler this big (if he’s really gonna die, cause this isn’t guaranteeing that, there’s already a huge character death spoiler prior to this one)….like I was saying, a spoiler this big would indeed kill some enthusiasm for picking up the trade.

  17. dammit, I’m willing to give Gillen the benefit of the doubt on this one, but it really makes my teeth cringe

  18. (sobs)

    It’ll never end. Why won’t it end!?

  19. Bonfire?

  20. Ron’s sideburns are gonna be soaked with tears.

    I hope Logan does it.

  21. The reactions to the events are more predictable than the inevitable ongoing money machine that events are. **COMMENT MODERATED** I love the characters involved but am not surprised or even care that they do events, its called business and making money, and its why they have a variety so you can read something else if you don’t like events. I haven’t read any of this event and knew Cyclops was most likely going down for the obvious reasons and he is classic, so his death (for however short lived it might be) is still an effective moment with ripples for the X-canon to play with. For the record all Cyclops costumes are classic, he’s one of the 1st and most sci-fi looking characters and really suits the name X-men by looks alone, my personal favorite is the costume from Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. I’m sure plenty of younger readers loved this concept of the biggest Marvel U characters going up against each other and probably drew in some new readers. All that being said, the above sarcasm is hilarious from quite a few,lol. I hope it’s Logan too but with the other big death in this series I really don’t think Cyke is gonna die.

  22. My ranking of Marvel Events from Dissessmbled to AvX, only counting events I read… first the events I really liked a lot (and only the really big events…)

    Secret Invasion

    next the events which I felt was okay, but had some serious problems

    Civil War

    and then the events which had a good premise but just sucked in execution (and had the most pointless unrelated tie-ins)
    House of M
    Avengers: Dissassembled

    and the flat out bad event
    Fear Itself