Weekly Sketch Up – 10.05.2012

Bender by Christopher Mitten


Hellboy by Dave Wachter


Hellboy by Brian Hurtt


Green Eggs and Ham by Skottie Young


Frankenstein by Eric Canete


Judge Dredd by Sean Phillips


Captain America by Jeremy Haun


Wonder Woman by Matteo Scalera


  1. Where do these sketches come from? Are they pieces recently seen at cons? This is a great recurring feature, but I always wonder about the provenance of the works. My vote is for the Dr. Seuss.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Click on the artist names. Some are con sketches and commissions while others are warm-up pieces artists routinely do at the start of the day and post on their blogs or DeviantArt page.

  2. Skottie Young always puts a smile on my face.
    Help me out here…..Bender? from?

  3. I love Scalera’s work. I hope that after Secret Avengers finishes up, he’ll be put on a high profile book. Really deserves it.

  4. These are all really awesome. Phillipps’ Dredd is gorgeous. I love the colors and the grit.

  5. Some wonderful sketches there but, and I know I’m being a pedantic old bugger here, it’s Frankenstein’s monster (no matter what DC say). Frankenstein was the geezer who created him, innit!

    • Yes. Actually I’m reading Frankenstein right now. In the USA “geezer” implies an older person (in the UK it is more like the USA’s “dude” or even, “bro”). It should be noted that Victor Frankenstein was in his early 20’s during the creation of the “wretch.”

    • I am in the UK (jolly old London) so have used the right connotation of ‘geezer’. 🙂

  6. And might I say, this week – each one of these is fantastic!

  7. Frankenstein and Judge Dredd are my favorites this week.

  8. Dave Wachter’s Hellboy is really, really well done. Beautiful washes in there, and a fantastic expression.

  9. Pamcakes.

  10. Full colour old school Dredd, you gotta love it.
    At first i thought this was going to be a Special Cigar chomping edition, they should do that.
    Excuse to get Robo Hunter an appearance.

  11. That’s the sexiest Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen!

  12. LOVE Brian Hurtt’s Hellboy! The monster he’s fighting looks like it’s straight out of The Damned.

  13. Wow, that Wonder Woman picture…I think I’m in love.

  14. OMG, That Wachter Hellboy is amazing!

    The Tiki

  15. Am I the only one that thinks that the Wonder Woman sketch looks like Rihanna?