Weekly Sketch Up – 09.24.2010

Power Girl by Amanda Conner


The Whizzer by Mitch Breitweiser


Jack Kirby by Blair Campbell


Batwoman by JH Williams III

Mythological Nova by Shane McDermott


Superman/Doctor Who by Dean Trippe


Seinfeld cast as DC Heroes by Dave Wachter


Popeye by Francesco Francavilla


  1. I love the Popeye by Francavilla, but that Batwoman…..WOW!!!!!

  2. These pictures get progressively cooler every week. Out of all of these, that Doctor Who/Superman team-up has to be my favorite.

  3. that Francavilla Popeye only makes me look forward to seeing his take on Hell’s Kitchen more

  4. I like them all, especially the simplistic Conner Sketch and the one by Breitweiser.

  5. I love the Amanda Connor sketch for the efficiency.

  6. The Whizzer sketch is something to frame.

  7. Great job Blair, definitely one of the best sketches I’ve seen from you.

  8. That is the simplest, most elegant sketch of Power Girl I have ever seen.

    And as much as I love Franchesco’s Popeye, I liked Fowler’s a leeeetle bit more: http://www.comictwart.com/2010/09/popeye-by-tom-fowler.html

  9. George Costanza as Batman is the greatest thing in the world.

    "The sea was angry that day my friends…" 

  10. That Superman/Doctor teamup  is awesome!

  11. Power Girl so wins. Second for me is Seinfeld, then it’s Kirby!

  12. powergirl is amazing!!!  love that!

  13. I saw Amanda doing those type of head sketches at the Baltimore con – it literally took her like 3 minutes to do them, and they all came out awesome. Such f’n talent.

    And Francavilla delivers again – that Popey is awesome.

  14. That Seinfeld cast is creeping me out.


     Once again, some great additions here to my rotating desktop background.

  16. JH is the man.

  17. I have to say I’m impressed with this sketch of PG by Conner. She has made the tit logo iconic. It takes a smart mind to make a shitty design look convincingly good.

    I’m stunned.

  18. This is a GREAT collection of sketches, but my favorite has to be Wachter’s Seinfeld cast-as-DC Heroes. Ha!

  19. Love the Seinfeld/DC sketch.

  20. Thanks to that wonderful Popeye sketch, I’m thinking how we need to see Eric Powell do a sketch of Popeye.

  21. Power Girl wins for me. Though Batwoman and Popeye come in as very close seconds.

  22. Oh Amanda Conner, you’re just awesome!

  23. Can we all just agree that we worship at the feet of Amanda Conner?


  25. Francavilla’s art is *#%@$ing me in the mouth.

  26. Drooling over Batwoman sketch (when is that new series coming out!!!). but the Seinfeld sketch takes the cake, I almost paralyzed myself from laughing too hard when I saw that sketch lmfao!

  27. Seriously, what does ‘Whizzer’ mean? It sounds really dirty (like most obscure 40’s ideas)

  28. It means he’s fast. 

  29. That powergirl and Doctor Who/Superman teamup are easily my two favorites. Second goes to mythological Nova. Man these sketches make me sad about two things: that amanda conner isn’t drawing powergirl anymore and that the Doctor Who/Superman teamup issue doesn’t exist.

  30. i want to see that popeye series

  31. DEAN TRIPPE is the man! nice guy commissioned me a Dick Grayson Batman 🙂

  32. I had the pleasure of Amanda doing a Powergirl like that for me at SDCC, and it was really remarkable how quickly she put it together.  I can’t remember the order in which she did the different components (bust, hair, lips, and facial features), but I remember that the first few didn’t make sense on their own, and then she added a few quick strokes and suddenly it was a sketch of Powergirl.  I was shocked at how it came together.  It was really awesome, and she did it effortlessly while carrying on a conversation about her upcoming work, facebook, and a bunch of other stuff.  She’s ridiculously talented.