Weekly Sketch Up – 08/06/2010


Wolverine by Jason Howard


Joker by Alan Robert


Metamorpho by Rusty Shackles


Superman by Ryan Ottley


Mary Jane by Sean Phillips


Hellboy by Duncan Fegredo


Wild West Daredevil by Shane McDermott


Galactus by James Stokoe (seriously, click on the big version!)


  1. That Galactus is AMAZING!

  2. Is Wild West DareDevil a real thing? If not someone has to get working on that. It’d be a fun comic if done right.

  3. Wow, not a dud in the bunch, Josh.  Nothing against Val Staples, who does a hell of a job, but I’d love to see Sean Phillips do fully watercolored interiors for Criminal.

  4. While that Galactus is quite something… That Metamorpho is now my new phone wallpaper…

  5. Man, it’s Darrow meets Canate from the looks of that Galactus.  

    Nice work by Phillips, McDermott & one of my new favorite artists, Ryan Ottley.

  6. Galactus is amazing but the Metamorpho one is the pick of the bunch.

  7. That Joker sketch is sick, almost literally. It scares me.

    And the extreme detail in Galactus is just awe-inspiring.

  8. Wow that Metamorpho sketch, just wow I never knew something related to Metamorpho would be so funny. Also there are no words to describe that Galactus sketch, only one question though, are those all sandboxes?

  9. *Jaw drops at Galactus sketch*

  10. I don’t even want to think of how long that Galactus drawing must’ve taken.

  11. I just shouted "that is detail!" when I saw the Galactus drawing. Odd looks from all around.

  12. Metamorpho is great. Nice to see a sketch with a concept. 

  13. If you’re blown away by that Galactus you should be picking up Orc Stain, that book is beautiful.

  14. shoot!! I must be dead inside . . .   

    I liked them all fine, kinda like the Sean Phillips and Alan Roberts ones, Galactus is pretty detailed but that doesn’t do anything for me . . .  

    dead inside . . .  yup    

  15. That Joker commission is mine!! 😀

  16. I see Marvel’s new line!


  17. My Computer cant handle the awesome that is James Sokoe’s Galactus!

  18. I thought all of them were great and then I got to the last one and Wow! Incredible.

  19. That Galactus is blowing my mind.

  20. "That Galactus" is epic…  I think I’ve caved… I gotta get some Orc Stain…  


    FUCK YA ! 

  22. that Galactus is what he SHOULD look like!! after all he is a world devourer!! awesome

  23. If you guys like the Rusty Shackles Metamorpho check out his version of some of Flashes Rogues


    His site is pretty neat. Lots of cool stuff. 

  24. I was waiting for the "gasp" worthy image and, once I saw that Galactus pic, I honestly did gasp.  Phenomenal work.

  25. I would totally buy Wild West Daredevil. Possibly even in issues.

    Also, Sean Phillips drawing Mary-Jane would at least get me to consider buying a Spider-Man comic again.