Weekly Sketch Up – 07.20.2012

Batman by Declan Shalvey


Wet Hot American Summer by Brent Schoonover


Thor vs. Silver Surfer by Darryl Banks


G.I. Robot & Suicide Squad by Tom Fowler


The Amazing Spider-Man by Blair Campbell


Spider-Man by Chris Bachalo


Psylocke by Aaron Minier


Orion by Paul Pope


Alex Robinson’s Lower Regions by J.K. Woodward


Batman and Doctor Who by Dean Trippe


  1. Orion by Paul Pope looks great I hope grant morrison or maybe mark waid introduce the new Gods soon.

  2. Great stuff all around. My favorite is Batman meets the Doctor. Now THAT’S a comic I’d buy.

  3. 1. I cannot express how much I want to own that Aaron Minier sketch.

    2. I now must have some Declan Shalvey Batman.

  4. Batman/Doctor- That could easily pass as one of the silver age batman story. That period was so wacky…

  5. Loving the Bachalo Spider-Man.

  6. Now I want to watch Wet Hot American Summer. Thanks, Josh.

  7. That Orion sketch by Paul Pope is great.

  8. Great art, My favorite has to be Thor vs The Silver Surfer by Darryl Banks, Batman & doctor who by Dean Trippe is also nice both remind me of the earlier days of comics.

  9. Impossible to pick a favourite. Does anyone know if Daryl Banks was referencing the classic John Buscema cover in that Thor vs Silver Surfer piece? So so good.


  10. Are you looking at that Declan Shalvey Batman piece, anyone at DC??!?!?!?

  11. The Declan Shalvey piece is for a comic convention just up the road from me in Dublin.. It’s an amazing rendition of Batman

  12. I love em all, especially the art deco Spidey and I want a poster for the Batman/Dr.Who one,thats great! DEclan’s Bat-suit chest plate look works well too, that piece is sweet!

  13. Paul Pope FTW!

  14. Such skill on that Psylocke sketch.

  15. The Orion piece by Paul Pope is my favorite of the week. I love how detailed it is.

    I actually thought that that was the Losers in the GI Robot and Suicide Squad piece. Though, I realized it wasn’t the Losers when the solider in the cap didn’t have an eyepatch like the Loser’s team leader, Captain Storm. Also, the obvious fact that there was a woman on the team and the Losers don’t have any women on their team.

  16. Can we have Declan Shalvey draw Batman in an actual comic now for Christ sakes!?

  17. Paul pope seems to do peices of Orion often and every time it is greatness. I would give anything to own that Orion.

  18. Really good stuff, but the Amazing Spider-Man by Blair Campbell is just spectacular.

  19. That Psylocke piece is amazing. Its one blemish is that bizarrely emphasized pokey nipple…

  20. That Shalvey Batman reminds me of Mignola’s Gotham By Gaslight (at least the way it looks in my memory since I haven’t seen it in years). And that is awesome.

  21. I was promised “Batmans, Spider-Mans, and sweater fondling.” Noticed a distinct lack of sweater fondling. Ha, who’s writing these misleading marketing taglines for the links?