Weekly Sketch Up – 05/21/2010

Pencils at the ready!


Captain America by Mitch Breitweiser


Hawkeye by Todd Nauck


Scarlet Wtich by Mike McKone


Wonder Woman by Bruce Timm


Wasp by Chris Samnee


Superman by David Bullock (for HERO Initiative)


  1. Wow that Scarlet Witch sketch is really detailed! A very noirish flavor to the sketch I like it a lot great job Mike McKone!

  2. I agree with @SpiderTitan that Scarlet Witch Sketch is awesome. I also love the Cap sketch.  I’ve said it a hundred time, no one draws Captain American like Breitweiser.

  3. too…much…awesome!

    *head ‘splode*


  4. Awesome selection. I love the Hawkeye sketch is on a blank Avengers 1 cover – I’ve never seen one done so detailed and so big on one of those blank cover things.

    And Bruce Timm Wonder Woman – AWESOME.

  5. I just had a sketchgasm. Yes to all of these!

  6. Long-time lurker, first-time poster.  I have to say that this feature, along with the best of Twitter, are my new favorite parts of this site.  Breitweiser’s Cap is just breathtaking.

  7. "Now you get down there and find my damn earring. We’re already late for the party."

  8. Love that impressionist Cap and Timm’s WW! Breitweiser’s gotta great website too!

  9. Today is a good day for sketches!

  10. That Hawkeye makes me want an Avengers cartoon.

  11. Love em.

  12. Every one of these is great work.

  13. Someone please give Mitch Breitweiser a book to draw!

    Also, that piece by Chris Samnee should be on the wall of every husband’s man cave.  Too funny!

  14. I saw Mike McKone working on a companion piece of sorts to the Scarlet Witch drawing at the recent Motor City Comic-Con, as he was drawing a Vision piece in the same style during the show.

    Good stuff.

  15. @bluelew You’re getting one! I think it’s gonna be called Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or something along those lines.

  16. Amazing stuff here. Especially love the Wonder Woman sketch by Timm. Wish he could do a comic again.

  17. @Anson  yep.  I think it premieres next April or May.

  18. Great stuff this week. Love the Cap, what a great feast for the eye. The McKone Scarlet Witch blew me away too. He should do a mini in this style. The Wasp image is hilarious. But in my book ya just can’t top Bruce Timm. Goddamnit that man should be on a monthly. I know he’s busy but I wouldn’t mind missing out on a few good animated films to see him tackle a DCU wide mini of some kind.

  19. man oh man oh man that Bruce Timm Wonder Woman sketch is AWESOME!

  20. Breitweiser’s Captain America is a great example of that elusive quality wherein a true artist can make a dramatic statement with very few actual brush strokes.  Know what I mean?  In the hands of a non-artist, such technique would come across like a child’s crude finger painting.  But here, we see the waving American flag, the visage of grim determination, it’s all there.  Iconic!

    In full color I bet it’d be amazing. 

  21. That’s my Hawkeye sketch! I bought that on Avengers Day!! Hahahah that’s pretty awesome.

  22. I actually like this Nauck sketch better:


     this one is a close second:


  23. Every one of these sketches is brilliant.  I envy these artists’ talent.  And that Wonder Woman is brilliant.

  24. One too many brilliants.

  25. Chris Samnee is the man. Can’t wait for Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Hearing him talk about it on 11 o’clock comics this week got me pumped.

  26. Here is a funny (not ha ha) story. ABout 2 and half years ago was worked in a cafe in the middle of teh city here in canberra. The cafe was literaly 50 metres from the local comic store. It was a pretty sweet set.

    So, after a while i get to know the regulars. there was a group of 4 dudes that showed up and hung out together. Just from looking at this guys i could tell they got a lot of play. Really good looking guys, they dressed into a way to show they had cash and were very confident, agressive dudes. AND sure enough, each of them would regularly show up with very attractive ladies from time to time.

    Here’s where comics get involved. One of the guys as he sipped on lattes with a female compenion, He used to show every girl this A4 folder full of plastic sleaves. What could be in there? What magically items could he have had that he thought the ladies would love?

    Anyway, it was a folder full of original Bruce Timm drawings.

    So the point is, comics aren’t only for nerd burgers, they’re for playas too

  27. Man, I love Weekly Sketch-Up. Sometimes I enjoy it more than my actual comics. 

  28. Bullocks….just great stuff