Weekly Sketch Up – 05.27.2011

The Doctor and Amy by Phil Noto


Mr Incredible by Doc Shaner



Silver Surger by Dan Hipp



Where the Wild Things Are by Eric Canete



Doctor Midnight by Gabriel Hardman



Hawkeye by Joe Quinones



Green Lantern by Dustin Nguyen



Black Widow by Mahmud Asrar



Mary Jane by Cliff Chiang



Kaneda by Ylidiray Cinar



Ron Swanson by Phil Noto


  1. I want a print of that Noto Doctor Who.  Fantastic

  2. Love the regulars, but come on guys (and by that I mean us readers) let’s try and show the iFanboys some good lesser known artists to feature on SketchUp!

  3. I snagged a few sketches at the Dallas Comic Con this weekend.

  4. @flakbait  That Cal Slayton piece is great!

  5. this makes me want a whole parks and rec series from Noto.

  6. The Silver … Surger?

  7. Deciding to follow Phil Noto on Tumblr is easily among the best decisions I made this month.

  8. Ron Swanson owns all. hahaha so great. 

  9. Ron Swanson is my hero.

  10. And Phil Noto is Ron’s hero.

  11. Doctor Midnight has never looked cooler.

  12. mmm. Widow

  13. I wish I was Ron Swanson.  I want that sketch… and the Doctor Midnight.  Goddamn Gabe!

  14. Hawkeye’s head is inside the bow string…..that’s really not going to work well.

  15. Danmit!!!!! I wish i could come close to these artist. great job guys. Danmit!!

  16. @usagi  I would like to see the next panel.

  17. HAHAH love the Ron Swanson

  18. Ron Swanson in the swivel desk! Amazing.

  19. If you consider yourself a fan of comedy and are not watching Parks & Recreation, something is wrong with you. It is hands down the best comedy on television right now. Check it out if you aren’t already.

  20. The Weekly Sketch-Up is a highlight of my week. Thanks for compiling these!

  21. Loving what Noto’s been doing.  He just posted “Spock’s Daughter” to his tumblr and I think I love her:


  22. Lan Pitts who writes for Newsarama is who first introduced me to Eric Canete.  That dude blows my f’ing mind every time I see his work.  I like a LOT of these.  Very jealous of that Black Widow sketch, makes my still blank variant sad.  I want an Art Balthazar sketch on mine though.  Iron Man and Captain America playing pattycake.  I can never be serious about anything.

  23. I don’t know who Ron Swanson is 🙁

  24. That Phil Noto Dr. Who is gorgeous. Really like that Mahmud Asrar Black Widow one too.

  25. @JohnVFerrigno  I’m giving you homework, go watch Parks & Recreation starting with season 2.

  26. eric canete is the man

  27. Lovin these Noto sketches….  I was just going to ask if anyone knows if his Image book from a few years ago, Infinite Horizon, was collected… but I Amazon’d it myself and it is!!  Releases in July! 

  28. @gobo  I don’t have time to watch the shows I already watch. My DVR is ready to explode LOL

  29. I REALLY love that Dr.Midnight. The shadows! The use of positive/negative space! …Really dynamic.