Weekly Sketch Up – 05.13.2011

Silver Surfer by Yildiray Cinar


Iron Man by Sean Phillips



Han Solo by Phil Noto




Flint and Lady Jaye by Tim Seeley



Superwoman by Chris Samnee



Spider-Man kid by Sage Vaughn



Nick Fury by Doc Shaner



Leondardo by Dave Wachter



Professor X by Dan Hipp



Cyclops and Wolverine by Fabio Moon


  1. Phil Noto blows my mind again.  I want him to do a Star Wars comic very badly.

  2. ohhh how awesome a Fabio Moon or Gabriel Ba X-Men would be…

  3. So much wonderfulness.

  4. Loving Noto’s Bantam/Dell sci-fi tribute.
    Kelly Freas painted(?) – maybe better say illustrated – a lot of those old covers that I always thought would make great comics.

  5. What is Noto’s technique?  Does he use photo refs and/or a Cintiq?  Love his stuff.  

    As for Cinar’s sketch, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been such a huge Silver Surfer fan (such a great look for a character).  I just wish someone could put out a truly worthy Silver Surfer book.  Maybe Abnett and Lanning, with either Eric Canete or Ryan Sook on all black and white art?

    Hmmm, I wonder how much Eric Canete would charge for some bad-ass Silver Surfer art I could put on a shirt?  *eyes piggy bank*

  6. I can feel the Krackle coming off that Silver Surfer pic. That being said I really wish that Fabio Moon’s picture was Wolverine’s response to the stupid “No Smoking, Extra Killing” edict. (Its’ all about the kids you see)

  7. Man, I want Wachter on a mature b&w TMNT comic.

  8. Sage Vaughn’s Spider-Man Kid is awesome and tragic looking.

  9. That is the greatest Ninja Turtle image ever.
    So dynamic, I feel like he’s going to jump through my screen and slice my head off. 

    Whew, good thing it’s Friday. 

  10. I really love that Silver Surfer sketch.

  11. Have I ever mentioned that I love this feature?  Weekly awesome butter for my life biscuit.

  12. I love that Nick Fury by Doc Shaner!

  13. Spider-Kid looks kind of like he’s dripping blood…

  14. HA! Love the cyclopes and Wol. drawing.  Best part is how short logan is to scott.

  15. Yeah that Spider-Kid had a weird vibe to it. I think that if anyone could smoke, it’d be Wolverine with his healing factor. (not saying that smoking is a good thing).

    I love those retro feeling art pieces. That Nick Fury art and the background is just amazing. 

  16. Samnee has the sexy down.

  17. Love the retro feel of this weeks sketches! The Han Solo cover is great.

  18. I don’t know about you all, but I would totally buy a Han Solo comic if Noto was drawing it. :swoon:

  19. These are some amazing sketchs. Seriously tempted to see if any are on sale.

  20. Nick Fury looks like a “little person” in that picture…

  21. Wachter’s Leonardo is SIIIIIICK!!!!

  22. I would absolutely draw a retro Iron Man book if Sean Phillips did the artwork. And that Silver Surfer made me gasp when I opened the page. I don’t want to comment on everyone, but they are all fantastic!

  23. I want a Phil Noto Han Solo book please.

  24. Nice week Josh. Love the Surfer.

  25. That Silver Surfer crackles like pop rocks in your mouth.

  26. I am really digging the solid Tim Seely piece

  27. Looking at the silver surfer makes me feel bad.