Weekly Sketch Up – 04.08.2011

Wonder Woman by Arne


Madame Xanadu and Death by Joelle Jones



Conan and Hellboy by Mike Hawthorne



Grifter by Eric Canete



Elektra by Yildiray Cinar



Loki by Yasmin Liang



Lois, Superman, and Jimmy by Chris Samnee



Rhino and Spider-Man by Skottie Young



Lobster Johnson by Skottie Young



Dr. Strange, Phantom Strangers, and Adam Strange by Dave Wachter



X-23 by Phil Noto


  1. That rhino and spider, pure bliss. Want!

  2. I want a Skottie Young piece. Even just a dot. Or an X.

  3. Skottie Young doing BPRD would be magical.

  4. That Grifter is the tits.

  5. X-23 is just a Minor Threat.

  6. That Wonder Woman looks like Kristen Wiig.

  7. That Wonder Woman is stunning.

  8. This might be the best batch I’ve ever seen. WOW!

  9. @NathanNicdao  Given the industry, the X will cost more, obviously.

  10. That Wonder Woman is beautiful. And it gives me the feeling it should be the cover of a dirty picture magazine. Just for the record, that’sa good thing!!!

  11. I love that the Rhino is holding a smaller stuffed Rhino. And clearly x-23 is a timebobmb.

  12. The roll of tiolet paper next to Loki is absofrigginlutely priceless.

  13. The Minor threat reference is fantastic

  14. Wow! What an incredible group of sketches. Every single one is killer

  15. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    That Yildiray Cinar piece is ridiculously good.

  16. Can we go back to the early 80s so it’s cool to have a patch on the back of your denim jacket again? ‘Cause I want that X-23/Minor Threat patch on my denim jacket.

  17. I never knew i wanted a Dr. Strange, Phantom Stranger, Adam Strange team-up until now. And now I want it badly. I mean between Marvel’s Strange Tales and DC’s Strange Adventures, this is an inter-company cross-over that seems almost fated.

  18. @OnASunday  That’s what I thought as well! Stunning piece.

    Great week all round, some really wonderful work here!

  19. That Wonder Woman caught me off guard. Its so real, not just the art style, but the clothing, it looks like she would REALLY dress. I love it.

  20. That Wonder Woman needs a bit more meat on her, too darn skinny…!

    Is Chris Samnee going to be doing the next Superman run with Cornell…did i read that somewhere?

  21. Noto clearly understands X-23.

    That is just a perfect depiction of the angst in her.

    That says so much more about the existential struggle of having been a manufactured “person”

    than Superboy’s am I good or evil pros and cons list ever did.


  22. Anybody ever get a sketch from Samnee or Young at a con?  Never gotten sketchs from anyone but would love one from one of them and both are going to HeroesCon.  Just wondering what that would cost me and how hard to get signed up for one.

  23. @GloriousGodfrey  He’s Marvel exclusive, and I don’t think they’re letting him go any time soon.

    @Jediaxle  It ain’t as cheap as it used to be. Just watch their blogs and twitter feeds before a show, and see if there’s anything you can do ahead of time. I’m not sure if either of them are taking commissions at this time. There’s nothing in Chris’ etsy store at the moment.

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Jediaxle  Skottie puts those daily sketches up in a sort of lottery system. You email if you’re interested, he picks a name at random and you have the opportunity to buy the piece. 

    Dig around on any artist’s site and you can usually find their commission rates either in a special section or, as Josh said, in a blog post prior to a convention. At last year’s NYCC I walked away with a ton of original art. Some of it was commissioned in advance of the show. They’d tweeted that they were accepting commission requests and I jumped on it (this list includes Tom Fowler and Declan Shalvey). Other sketches were requested at the show itself in the opening hours of day one (Yildiray Cinar, Mahmud Asrar). Some artists like Doc Shaner will put out the call for mail order commissions. I ordered a Captain Haddock portrait this way, paypalled for it, and received it by mail. I actually own a few of Doc’s prints, but we’ve never actually met in person. So there are a lot of ways to go about it and every artist works differently. All you have to do is investigate or ask.  

  25. All of those are awesome, but I gotta give it up to Phil Noto, one of my new favorite artists.

  26. X-23 has always been a bit out of step with the world.

  27. Thanks Paul and Josh for the info. Have to say randomly how much I love this site.

  28. Wow, the Elektra and X-23 ones are just pure motion and emotion respectively, nice!!

  29. @bean6344  LOL nice one. I was actually holding a vinyl re-release of that album in my hands TODAY. Cute the “Twilight Zone” music…

  30. I meant “cue” and dammit we need a post editor.

    And the WW is awesome and I want her.