Weekly Sketch Up – 04.06.2012

American Psycho by Cameron Stewart

Transformers the Movie by Tony Fleecs

Dark Phoenix by Brion Salazar

Mr. Lao by Jeff Parker

Nintendo by Christopher Mitten

Rocket Raccoon by Tom Fowler

Vision by Robert Atkins


  1. I loved that 80’s Transformers movie as a kid. The theme song was all hair metaled out and awesome, plus Weird Al battle music. Michael Bay shoulda been taking notes.

  2. All excellent, but the Salazar & Atkins are outstanding. Nice one, Josh.

  3. The best set yet I personally believe.

  4. Nintendo!!!! brings back awesome memories of those friday night gaming marathons!!

  5. In regards to the Transformers sketch:

    Is there a rule in the universe that the more something cute is, the more depressing it is to look at?

  6. Rocket Raccoon, I really miss Gaurdians Of the Galaxy

  7. Transformers the Movie by Tony Fleecs, Awesome!!! That picture is better then all the Bay movies put together!
    Also Leonard Nimoy and Orson Wells were voice actors in the 1980’s Transformers Movie. EPIC!

    • Yeah, you had a pretty great “guest” voice cast with some who actually stuck around a while.

      Micro Machines Guy as Blurr (and he even does it in current incarnations!), Robert Stack as Ultra Magnus, Eric Idle as Wreck-Gar, Ernest f’in Borgnine as Kup, Judd Nelson as Hot Rod, Casey Casem as Cliffjumper. It was a smorgasbord of the 80s on the Autobot’s side.

    • And Orson Wells’ character is Unicron who transforms into a PLANET!

    • Transformers :The Movie actually made me cry when Optimus dies and passes the matrix to Ultra Magnus (a character I’d love to see in the new IDW stuff, sure they’ve used him but I haven’t read any of it)……also that drawing is awesome, reminds me of Skottie Young but still so damn nostalgic and modern kid robot/anime at the same time. Or does Hot Rod get it like in this picture? Man, yeah he does because he becomes like Hot Rod supreme or something but Ultra Magnus fits in there somewhere. I bought and still have the VHS of it probably 15 years after it came out. I have one 19″ Panasonic with a built in VHS player I’ve kept for the sole purpose of a garage or basement TV to throw the old tapes in. its hard to get rid of a good movie collection.

  8. Based on the Vision’s gesture I can’t help hearing him say, “Witch Please!”

    Then he meets up with Machine Man and the original Human Torch at the robot bar and gets all weepy.

  9. I just re-watched Transformers: The Movie. So much better than the Bay films….

    • Had more heart for sure. I liked the 1st Bay one though. Just picked up All Hail Megatron complete deluxe edition, haven’t read it yet but love how good the art is on these robots.