Weekly Sketch Up – 03.29.2013


Plastic Man by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Iron Man by Mahmud Asrar


IG-88 by Gabriel Hardman


Loki by Matteo Scalera


Apocalypse Now by Sean Murphy


G.I. Joe Pee-wee Herman by Dennis Culver


G.I. Joe Sloth and Chunk by Dennis Culver


  1. Asrar and Scalera continue to be my favorite Weekly Sketch-Up regulars. Just consistently beautiful work. I sure wish they’d hop onto a book I have interest in reading.

    And a Hardman IG-88 never hurts.

    • Asrar’s been doing Supergirl, which is the only Super-book I’m reading. It’s been consistent – always a solid 3/5, occasionaly a 4/5. To be honest, Asrar’s the main reason I pick the book up.

  2. Sloth and Chunk is awesome.

  3. Lots of great sketches this week. Loving Scalera as usual. And as for Murphy’s Apocalypse Now – just amazing.

  4. Didn’t think I want to see a G.I. Joe version of Pee-Wee Herman….UNTIL NOW!

    Also, that Plastic Man sketch makes me wonder: Where the hell is Plastic Man in the New 52? Come on DC!

  5. Scalera and Asrar are so bada$$.

  6. Does Scalera do interiors? Have I missed him on some indy book?

    • He did a book through BOOM! called “Valen The Outcast”- The short pitch was “undead Conan tries to find the Necromancer to restore his life”. Really fun book, especially if you’re into sword and sorcery stuff.

      Then he did a run on Secret Avengers with Remender that wrapped up a few months back. Not sure what he’s up to now, though.

  7. I’m kind of in love with that Plastic Man sketch. Really great personality.