Weekly Sketch Up – 03.16.2012

Alan Moore by Charles Glaubitz


Wonder Woman by Hanie Mohd


Wolverman and Luthortooth by Dan McDaid


Silver Surfer by Francesco Francavilla


Silver Age JLA by Elena Casagrande


Indiana Jones by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Doctor Doom by Gabriel Hardman


Batman by Rafael Grampa


Moebius by Andy Kuhn


  1. Some great sketches this week. I love the Francavilla, Hardman and Grampa sketches. I wish Grampa did more interiors here in the states as he is great.

  2. Love love love Mohd’s Wonder Woman piece, amazingly elegant and Francavilla’s Silver Surfer is just heartbreaking.

  3. I am a sucker for those images of the Silver Surfer staring into the cosmos and I love that Dr. Doom by Hardman.

  4. Francavilla wins this round for sure.

  5. Luthortooth is fine, but SaberLuth would have been better.

  6. so *that’s* what moebius looks like, huh? i now like irredeemable even more.

  7. Francesco Francavilla really captures a certain sentiment with his Silver Surfer sketches, they always leave me thinking. Really like the Alan Moore sketch and the Moebius tribute as well.

  8. Shouldn’t Wolverman have a W on his chest? Anyway, love the curls in his hair. That’s a nice touch. And Casagrande’s JLA piece gets me all warm inside. I just love the Silver Age aesthetic and the coloring here is perfect.

  9. That Batman is awesome.

  10. The Silver Surfer is really good and i LOVE the Wonder Woman!

  11. So when does Rafael Grampa start drawing ALL of the comics?

  12. I love the way Elena Casagrande arranged the JLA members in a way that creates a nice flow to the colors. Pretty clever.

  13. I was about to write that Francavilla won again… then I saw Grampa’s sketch

  14. Francavilla is a magician, pure & simple. And that is the baddest-ass Doc Doom I’ve seen in ages. Another great week.

  15. Grampa for the win! Bats looks like he’s about to take down an army!

  16. I’ve seen a few Francavilla sketches of the Silver Surfer and they’re all so stunning that I’d be really excited to see him put on a Silver Surfer book. Even if he wasn’t on interiors and just doing covers, that would be one of those very rare situations where I might buy a book just for its cover.

  17. That batman costume by Grampa should be his actually costume. He looks totally badass in that.

  18. did you write that just because it was fun to say that Grampa did it?

  19. Francavilla’s Silver Surfer piece is wonderful. It’s my personal favorite of this week’s selection.

  20. Silver Surfer, hands down best of the week!

  21. “No, it wasn’t my hands. It was my … my misunderstanding.”

    Grampa’s Batman gets my vote. So intricate.

    Wolverman made me laugh, but Luthortooth is actually my favorite bit about that one.

    Francavilla needs to be put on a Surfer title ASAP. The man’s got an itch needs scratchin’.

  22. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I am soooo proud of the amazing Italian artists who are working on US comics. It’s the first time in my life I feel kinda patriotic.

  23. Might be best week yet. love the Silver Age JLA by Elena Casagrande.
    I think this is my favourite thing on the site along with the pull list function.

  24. Hickman on writing duties and Francavilla on art for a Silver Surfer ongoing? Even a mini. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  25. Is there anyway to purchase the Silver Surfer piece or buy a print? I need that. Seriously.