Weekly Sketch Up – 02.08.2013

Hulk_MikeDelMundoThe Hulk by Mike Del Mundo



Ranx by Ken Garing



Michaelangelo by Kalle Malloy



Red Sonja by Kevin Mellon



The Hulk vs. Wolverine by Dennis Menheere



The End of Batcow by Chris Burnham



Hellboy by Rodrigo Martins dos Santos



Wolverine by Chris Samnee



Fear Agent, Strange Girl, and Uncanny X-Force by Jerome Opeña


  1. Opena rules!

  2. So when are we getting that Damian Batman 2099 book? I love it. Also the Bat-Cow skull should go on the hood of the Batmobile or the Bat-pod.

  3. I wish that Opena art was a poster. I like the addition of strange girl in there too, still can’t figure out who’s on the fish thing in the background through.

    Also, I’m not a fan of Red Sonja but I like Kevin Mellon’s style, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything from him before.

  4. Why is Mikey so sad?

    • It’s the scene after he kicks some major Ninja-tail!! I Love it!!
      Like a boxer after a 12 round fight, he’s unbandaging himself and cleaning up the bloody gristle.

    • I love it too!! He’s just so sad looking. I read a quote once from someone, it was either Laird, Eastman or Jim Lawson that said that Mikey was actually capable of being the most brutal fighter out of any of them but always held back. I think he’s a very interesting character if they write him as more than a one-dimensional punch line.


  6. Alas, poor Batcow, I knew him well.

    The Hulk in spin class is great.

    Opena wins for me this week.

  7. @Josh, still thinking about your offer re: Samnee and the commission for him to draw my enemy punching my mother. I don’t have a true enemy but I think it’d be a generic douchebag probably with an unbent Yankees cap and a Penguins throwback jersey. Just don’t know if I have the cash to make it happen right now. Still, hot damn that man can draw!

  8. Batcow by Burnham for the win.

  9. Wow, I’d forgotten how much I missed seeing Wolverine just wade into a big ol’ pile of ninjas!

  10. Both the Hulk sketches are great. That Opena art made me sad for comics now departed.

  11. And Batcow was delicious…

  12. Hot damn, Opeña’s sketch just reaffirms my opinion that original pencils almost always look better than finished artwork (inked and colored). That sketch is sexier than a grilled cheese sandwich!

    I’m hungry is the thing.

  13. LOVE that Wolverine and Hulk piece. Very Tartakovsky/Samuri Jack.

  14. Poor batcow. That Hellboy is fantastic. I’m going to assume Hellboy at batcow.

  15. Oh man. What a fantastic selection of beautiful art. I can’t get that sketch of Mikey out of my head. Such a heartbreakingly sad, imploring look on his face. I look at it and see Leo, Donnie, and Raph just about to come round the corner laughing and joking. Mikey puts a smile on his face because he doesn’t want to burden his buddies with whatever it is that is troubling him. But his eyes. His eyes still betray his sadness. If you look closely enough.

  16. That Hellboy sketch is incredible. Breaking into a border like that is one of my favorite things in sketches. Kristian Donaldson did an amazing sketch for me a couple years back of Matty Roth where the top of the border is the NYC skyline and the bottom has his press pass coming out of it.

  17. These are all great but…Opena!

  18. Wow, what a wonderful collection of pieces, I love the water color abstract as hell Wolverine/Hulk, I really love that eye candy Hellboy and Jerome Opena’s Remender collection is super cool!!! I love it, from Heath in the front to the positioning of the X-Force members in the middle to Strange Girl/Bethany, her pet demon Bloato & the other winged demons flying with the giant rocket ship in the back is simply a great piece. Is that Ant-Man in there too from Remenders closing run on Secret Avengers too? How cool.

  19. This feature is awesome. Loved them all.

  20. Can’t go wrong with a Wolvie Ninja fight. Now, when do we get a Samnee Wolverine story?