Watchmen DVD Available For Pre-Order

Although they don’t hit stores until July 21 (the day before San Diego Comic-Con!), the full slate of Watchmen DVDs are now available for pre-order!

Amazon has created a nifty page that collects everything Watchmen related that’s out, or coming out, together.  I’ve already pre-ordered the director’s cut version, which I am excited for. It’s got almost 30 minutes of extra footage!

We might do a special edition podcast on the director’s cut version if there is enough in there that is different from the theatrical cut.

I mean, if it’s just the pirate parts then a whole new podcast on the movie might be unlikely.  We shall see.

Either way, even if it’s just the pirate parts, I’m really looking forward to this DVD releaseI quite enjoyed the movie and I can’t wait to see it again!


  1. Loved it.  can’t wait!

  2. I really like the artwork for the packaging. Can’t wait to pick this up!

    and I know it’s childish, but the phrase "pirate parts" makes me giggle 🙂

  3. I still don’t know how I feel about the movie but I will still pick this up. Hopefully, the directors cut will be splendid.



    I don’t know though, watching it opening night, I felt like Snyder nailed all the little stuff. I think what he missed was the general focus of the story. It was too action packed in comparison to the book and what not. I don’t know. I mean it wasn’t bad, hell it was pretty good but I don’t know. Again, I probably need to watch this again.

  4. I’ve got high hopes for the extended cut. Do you guys think it will mostly be the Black Freighter stuff, or actual deleted scenes?

  5. Is this coming out in VHS?

  6. @connor – From everything I’ve read on other websites, it doesn’t look like the Director’s Cut is going to have the Black Freighter stuff. That’s going to be on the Ultimate Edition (or whatever they’re gonna call it), which will come out closer to Christmas.

  7. @RyanHoyt: That’s very exciting! Maybe the Ultimate Edition is the one we’ll do another podcst on.

  8. FINALLY. When I decided to wait until the dvd people thought I was crazy. But I showed them. I showed them all! – bah I needs me more of a life. -_-

  9. I definitely had mixed feelings about the film, but I think I might wait until that proposed "Ultimate Edition" that includes everything together in one cut. I’m hoping they have a version that’s got the director’s cut plus the Black Freighther stuff plus the Hollis Mason stuff. That would be pretty amazing to watch. Hell, I don’t know if that will even WORK as a film, but… I have to say it would certainly be a unique enough experience to be worth owning.

  10. That’s what the later version will be, from what I understand in Q4.

    Is there not a theatrical cut DVD anywhere?  I haven’t seen it.

  11. Actually, I guess it’s that there’s not a Blu-Ray theatrical cut.

  12. Hrmm to get the Director’s Cut or wait for this "Ultimate" Edition. Well, after being screwed in the past by Lord of the Rings, Serenity, and Sin City I think I’ll just wait this one out. I don’t really need to see this again that badly anyhow, I can wait.

  13. Well if the ‘Ultimate’ edition has the Pirate and Hollis Mason stuff mixed in….then I’ll wait for that. But it is weird to see a DVD release for it.

    Maybe we should have the tag line: ‘A DVD we never thought would be released!’

  14. Hurm…

  15. Ultimate Watchman by Bendis and Millar…no wait…

    but that is the DVD version I will be getting as well.

  16. This deserves a news article? Warner Bros should be paying you guys.

  17. @flapjaxx: Yes and yes.

  18. @SirCox – I don’t think he had enough time in the movie. We had to have the beginning because it’s set-up, and we had to have the end because we need resolution. All the walking-talking rorschach hurm etc. parts will obviously be cut.

    I just want the beginning part with the Bob Dylan song and all that slow-mo. 

  19. Director’s Cut? That must mean 10 extra minutes of sex!!

  20. Director’s Cut: Now with more blue phallus.

    All kidding aside, not sure I’ll be picking this up. Was underwhelmed by the film. I very much had the sense of "I could go read this at home." Maybe I’ll check it out again with this "Ultimate" edition? Though I did enjoy some of the things they added: The opening montage with "Times They are a Changin’" and the squidless ending.

    Yeah, i’ll wait this out. 

  21. @TNC: Hallaluyah, that’s something I can get down with.

  22. Honey, do you want the director’s cut, the uncensored, or the theatrical release? And when you’re sick of that, you can use LP, EP, single, album, radio play, wallmart version etc.

  23. @chlop: I have a VHS player and a radioshack cassette player.  Whichever format comes with Doctor Manhattan, I’ll take two please.

  24. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I waited out the Lord of the Rings films when I heard they were releasing longer cuts in the future, so I think I can do it again with Watchmen.

  25. ugghh, i doubt i’ll ever watch this movie again, or even anything by zack snyder

  26. cool I’m on board.

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m probably just gonna get this one on blu ray for casual,repeat viewings. I’ll rent the ultimate edition for the experience.  

  28. I’m not going to buy it.

  29. I’ll wait for the Ultimate.

  30. Has anyone watched the ‘Black Freighter’ and the ‘Under the Hood’ documentary yet? I have yet to see it and I am annoyed I havent.

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ve seen them. Black Freighter is well produced, but it’s a little thin on its own. Under the Hood was great. 

  32. @TNC

    They’re nothing special. I thought Under the Hood was pretty good but it lacked direction (it becomes an unrealistic cameo fest while having a single commercial every once in a while). Tales is why self-narrating protagonists are frowned upon in film (why I disagree with but yeah Tales is grating).

  33. I thought the blu ray came with the video game? 

  34. I really enjoyed UNDER THE HOOD. It was really fun, and a clever way to integrate the prose elements from the book. THE BLACK FREIGHTER had an error on my disk, so it wouldn’t play – which I thought was quite funny.

  35. I agree: on their own, the Under the Hood and Black Freighter pieces are interesting but not great. Then again, they really wouldn’t be all that great if you pulled them from the graphic novel and presented them on their own. That’s why I’m curious to see the "All-put-together" version. I’m curious to see if cutting them together in a FILM can actually capture some of the resonance created by the way the threads were intertwined in the comics. It’s not worth me buying them to have them as extras. I want to see how they all work together. Or if they do not.

  36. @conor: Are you just giving us an excute to not watch the Black Freighter? 🙂

    I am just curious on how they will blend together too. Cause on their own they could be quite good….but it could look pretty sloppy if they just slap it together into the film. I wonder where in the film could you put these things in there? Like what is an appropiate time to show some of the Hollis documentary?

  37. Can’t wait to rent this! With netflix, I have stopped buying dvd’s and have saved a fortune.

  38. @TNC – If Snyder is really staying true to the book, the Mason bits would be at the end of each "chapter." As Paul mentions, the Freighter stuff is a bit thin on its own, but could it be woven into the main narrative? Overlapping V.O./dialogue as they transition? If they can make it work, I’ll be impressed. At this point, I’m just curious.

  39. I want to see Black Freighter and Hollis Mason, and I’d even be interested in seeing how they accomplish interspersing such obvious backup material without ruining the flow know…the film. Still, when all is said and done, Ultimate is gonna have to have some amazing behind the scenes stuff (ala Sin City) or I’ll just opt for the Director’s Cut.

  40. So when is this "Ultimate" Cut going to be released? It’s going to get difficult to wait for it after the Director’s Cut is out.

  41. Aww… it’s going to be pretty hard to not buy one of these, but I must stay strong and wait for that ultimate version.  I’ve been hoping they’d do some big set with four hour cut (or however long it is), the theatrical cut, the Black Frieghter/Mason stuff separate, the motion comic and all the bonus features in an Owl Ship display.  Looks like they have the Owl Ship for the Bluray version already, but I’m going to try to hold out until Christmas, either way.

  42. Not to transform into my mother or anything, but how many times do you really see yourself popping this in and watching it, really? $30 worth of times?

  43. That was typed by a man who’s got a whole of cash invested in unwatched DVDs lying around.

    I know, because it sounds familiar.

    Also, there’s no way I don’t buy this.  I have about 500 DVDs, maybe more.  I slowed WAY down, and I now have the following Blu-Ray discs: Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wall-E, Zodiac (gift), Band of Brothers.

    Nope, Watchmen’s gotta go in there. I dont even want it to, but I bought the prequels, and I’m buying this.

  44. @josh: I liked Zodiac….but does it really need to be blu-ray? Does Jake Gyllenhaal need to be in better resolution?

  45. @TNC: David Fincher’s beautiful directing certainly warrants it.

  46. @conor: Oh it’s a nice looking film….but something I would warrent to buy a new machine just to see it a bit better looking on the screen. When I think Blu-Ray I think of Pixar films or action….not Zodiac or Gran Torino.

    But I digress..

  47. EDIT: Sorry ment to say ‘wouldnt warrant’

  48. I guess we’re different.

  49. @BettyWhite – you want a bootleg.


  50. I still haven’t seen this & still hate the idea of our "holy grail of comics" being made into a movie. I hate the idea of most people thinking that Watchmen is nothing more than a crap or OK or even good movie. We all know it’s NOT that.

  51. The directors cuts do not include the Tales of the Black Frieghter cartoon, that will be on the ultimate with the motion comic and under the hood. There is not a blu ray version of the theatrical cut, but both the blu ray and the dvd  directors cut will have the theatrical version as the digital download. This is great since i do like to have the original theatrical cuts in addition to the special/extended/directors cuts.

    the owlship replica amazon exclusive is sweet, but too rich for my blood. i wonder what other retailer exclusives there are. 

  52. I’ll obviously buy it, and the only way to go is Director’s Cut. Considering I bought the Black Freighter DVD (yeah, I was the one), maybe I’ll down a few beers and make my own cut.

  53. I’m looking forward to being able to watch this alone on my couch, instead of the way I experienced it in the theater, where my girlfriend was traumatized by the level of violence and particularly the violence against women, and so I was desperately trying to figure out what was going to happen in the next scene and whether I should tell her to cover her eyes or not.  Not exactly a great way to enjoy yourself at the movies.

  54. @josh < WallE = pure joy

    Yup gettin mine reserved!!   any chance for a commentary track by Alan Moore?

  55. No, no chance of that at all.

  56. Meh, waitin’ for the Ultimate Edition before watching it the first time.

  57. @TNC Anyone who’s serious about replicating the theatre experience at home knows that EVERYTHING looks better on Blu-Ray. Oh, and Zodiac looks spectacular – I suspect you’ve forgotten just how many shots of San Francisco at night there were! I have over 60 Blu-Rays and over 1000 DVDs, and I find it really hard to go back to watching DVDs since the experience seems less profound. I know, I’m an idiot.

    So, Watchmen then… I’ll probably buy it (although the Director’s Cut isn’t available in the UK, I may have to import it) but I didn’t really enjoy it. Sounds daft? Probably is, but I’m interested in the film as a curiosity. For me its an example of what can go wrong when you try to adapt from one medium to another and add a layer of your own politics to it. In fact I have SO many problems politically with the Watchmen movie I don’t even know where to begin. 

    I do want to see it again though, and since nowhere here seems to rent Blu-Rays (and ever since I worked in a video-store I’m weirdly against rentals anyway) I’m going to have to shell out for it.

    My life is a never ending stream of contradictions. 

  58. Anybody who has a Blu-Ray player knows it’s worth it for almost every movie. If not for purchase, at least for rent. I never intended to be a high def snob, but I just don’t want to buy regular DVD’s anymore. 

    Those who say that Blu isn’t worth it, doesn’t have one and they’re trying to convince themselves they don’t need it. Good luck with that.  

    @theronster, try Netflix for blu ray, it’s totally worth it to rent those movies you want to check out in high def but don’t want to plunk down the money. Now, if only I could remember where I heard about that free trial… 

  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Nate – Amen to that.  

  60. No Netflix in the UK as far as I know.

  61. @Josh, but they have so much cool music and everyone talks neat. Fair trade. 

  62. o.0 YES!!

  63. @nate You’re welcome to the cool music. The vast majority of bands I’m into are American anyway! I’ve never understood American’s fascination with UK bands that I’ve always thought of as third-rate copies of US ones.

    As for everyone talking neat, I’m from Belfast – it doesn’t apply!

    Josh is right, no Netflix here. There is an equivalent called Lovefilm, but they’re more expensive.

  64. loved the book and the movie, cant WAIT for teh dvd release….until then ill just keep reading the book while listening to the soundtrack haha…check out this cool preview for the soundtrack:



  65. A fan trailer: it contains spoilers to the movie and comicbook

  66. So, watched the Director’s Cut last night.

    Aside from Hollis’ death scene, a short exchange between Kovacs and Berni the news-man and Nite-Owl pummelling a knot-top when he hears about Hollis, I don’t think there was much to report.

    In typical Hollywood fashion, they couldn’t just let Hollis go out like the old man he is – oh no, he puts up the fight of his life, even though the movie seems to be saying at the same time that he’s senile, since he imagines that he’s being attacked by his old foes. Laughable.

    Maybe there was a scene with Laurie as well after the Doc splits for Mars, but I don’t think it’s in the book, so it didn’t stick.

    The rest of the 25 mins seems to be small extensions to shots (when Rorshach cleavers the guy in the head it goes on for ages).

    I gave it a shot, but I still can’t watch the thing without tutting and huffing my way through it.

    I’ve moaned this before, but I still think it’s true – how come it takes $150 Million to not achieve what 2 blokes called Alan and Dave managed with ink and paper? 

    The answer lies somewhere in your belief in the medium of comics.