Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 to be Reprinted

The first volume of the Walking Dead Compendium is useful for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, it gives you the first 48 (!) issues of Walking Dead in one volume for $59.99.  Check the trades if you don't think that's a fine deal.  For another thing, if, God forbid, the zombie apocalypse does hit, you could probably fend some of the brain-eaters off using only this tome.  Find a friend with the Bone One Volume Edition, and you just might make it out alive.

When the Compendium first came out, we marveled at what a good deal it was, and how much good comics were inside, and then POOF! It was gone from shelves, snapped up real fast.  We tried to put it in our Holiday Gift show last year, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere, just a few months after it came out.  But now Image is reprinting it, and you need to get on that if you missed it the first time.  Look for it in stores on September 1, just about a month before the AMC series debuts, strangely enough.  And if you've avoided spoilers for this long, you're gonna be in for some fine comic booking.


  1. It’s like buying bulk Ketchup: uncomfortable to hold but it gets the job done.

  2. I got mine and it is worth every penny…. I made it through 1/2 of it before I slowed down….. It is heavy, but it is also awesome!!!

  3. Definitely a hell of a bargain.  The hardcovers covering the same issues would run you twice as much.

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve read these stories in trade format thanks to my local library, but owning them would be nice as well. I would just need to find room on my shelf. Maybe I can just squeeze this one next to BONE.

    There’s always room for trades. Until, suddenly, there’s not. 

  5. Glad to hear it! I got mine in the great Barnes-and-Noble-debacle-following-the-Amazon-Omnibus-debacle, but I want to get another copy for a friend.

  6. Is this softcover?  Either way its a great deal but something like this is a bit large for my tastes.  A bit of a pain in the ass to transport and read.

  7. wow. that sounds like a deal. I think i might be tempted…

  8. Awesome my LCS had one copy and someone beat me to it last time. I’ll definitely get it on the next go round.

  9. I got a great deal on this a while back and bought it from my comic shop for only $40. It was by far my best comics related purchase ever. Definitly reccomended for anyone who hasn’t read the series yet.

  10. I just looked up the Walking Dead Compendium on Amazon.com and found it already listed and discounted from $59.99 to $37.79.  It looks like the first printing edition.  28 new copies are available.  FYI.

  11. Good ol’ iSteve!

  12. I prefer the HC’s personally, but it is cool they are still putting this out

  13. I got this last year to read on the plane ride for ny honeymoon, and read the damn thing for like the whole ride, plus with my lcs discount I paid like 45 bucks, less than 1 per issue!

  14. My local Barnes and Noble still has the first printing of this. You did give me an idea though josh:

    A fighting tournament with only two weapons available. One gets the Complete Bone Collection and the other gets the Walking Dead Compendium.

  15. and right after I bought the paperback compendium because I thought they wouldn’t reprint the hc.  fuck my life:(

  16. this will be the third edition.

    Borders and B&N still have 1st editions.  The big book stores often have much that LCS don’t have.  Parker and Asterios were at the big two when they were sold out at LCS.

    I really hope we’ll see more and more collected editions like this (and Invincible Iron Man) that are cheaper than the sum of the floppies.

  17. why would I pay full price when I could wait for a later edition on instock or amazon?

  18. I got this sonofabitch for $30 on Amazon when it first came out and it was awesome! Now, though, I’ve decided that I’m waiting for volume 2, ’cause I’m weird and I have too many other stories to read.


  19. For anybody that already has this, does it stay together? My biggest fear on this is that I would give it to someone and it would just fall apart. 48 issues is a lot of pages for glue to hold together, I’ve had smaller books fall apart on me. 

  20. @nate its a hard cover, so I’m assuming it would stay intact for many readings.

  21. The first two printings were not hardcovers, so I assume the third is not.  It holds together well.  They have been pretty good about this type of stuff.  Image/Kirkman release a volume 1 Invincible omnibus a few years ago then discontinued it due to it falling apart easily.  Then they released it again with improved binding that holds up well.

    I’m just trying to be helpful. Amazon (and In Stock Trades) always have better prices.  But if it sold out from Amazon and In Stock Trades, then check the major bookstores.

    If you can order early enough from Previews from In Stocks sister company, DCBS, then sometimes you can get up to 50% discount.

  22. Thank you!

  23. @unclebob Upon re-reading my responding post, i came across dickish. That wasn’t my intent.  My bad:(

  24. This is the one good thing that came from the Icelandic Volcano are travel debacle. My LCS, had no new comics one week so offered 20% off all trades and I had my eye on it for some time I jumped right in and got it for £9 off which is like $15 result!