VIDEO: This Scene from CONAN THE BARBARIAN Is Harmless, Good-Natured Fun For All Ages

Remember that time at camp? When you had to put an egg in your mouth and run an obstacle course through the woods? And whoever came back with the egg still intact was deemed worthy in the gaze of Crom? Well, whatever. 

There is absolutely nothing objectionable in the following clip from the opening scenes of Conan the Barbarian. Assuming you are a barbarian. If not, your results may vary. We finally get a look at Ron Perlman in his role as Corin, father of Conan. As for the titular hero, he hasn't aged into the form of Jason Momoa quite yet. But that doesn't mean he isn't ready for some wintry melee combat. 

Alright. Quit being such a puss and just click play. 


This all goes down on August 19th, a mere 24 hours before my birthday! 


  1. oh my….

  2. I guess it’s ok to break the egg if you also BREAK SOME SKULLS!!! Damn, this looks bad ass!

  3. Holy crap! My interest in this movie just quadrupled!

  4. giddy

  5. This Conan movie looks as though it will be worth the wait. I am so there.

  6. WOW!!! Yep, gonna see that opening night!!

  7. SOLD!

  8. Ditto all the above comments.

  9. I love how this shows how exceptional Conan is, even for a Cimmerian.  Bad. Ass.

  10. That was fucking awesome!

  11. it’s so damn refreshing to see an action sequence that’s shot in a way that you can actually tell what the Hell is going on. bravo!

  12. This certainly looks better than some of the stuff we’ve seen so far. 🙂

  13. I’m a long time Conan fan, but I had no interest in seeing the remake prior to seeing that clip. I’ll definitely give it a shot now.

  14. Awesome

  15. Well, well, well, that just grabbed my interest.  

  16. Whoa.  That was badass.  I think if I sneezed, I would have broken my egg. 

  17. I love when they show an entire scene as a preview instead of just a collection of clips. It gives a much better indication of what the movie is going to be like.

  18. I like the cut of that kid’s jib.

  19. an hour and thirty minutes of exploding squibs and pigs guts? sweet.

    CGI can suck it!

  20. hot damn that looks frakkin AWESOME!

  21. As bad ass as that clip is, I’m curious how they will explain Conan’s people being conquered and wiped out when a mere kid raised in their society can fight four or five adult warriors at the same time and kill them all.

  22. I want a whole movie of the Adventures of Lil’Conan

  23. kennyg – judging from the reactions of his father and the rest of the village, Conan is not the typical kid.  Aside from that, any tribe can be bested by force of numbers, better tactics or treachery and all of these can be good plot elements.

  24. @Tad  You’re probably right. I’m sure my perception is colored by the original Conan movie, in which he was just a typical kid. He didn’t start out as exceptional, but his experiences made him exceptional. He was made into an excellent fighter.

  25. I just wish someone on the set had told the actor’s they’re pronouncing his name wrong.  it’s really irritating. 

  26. I thought the last teaser made the movie look like crap, this though looks excellent.

    I watched it twice and the cuts are done to more dramatically show the butchery rather then obfuscate the action to make it seem more fast paced. I really enjoyed the action, I really liked the Bourne Series of movies but everyone has been doing those quick cuts and slightly off camera angles on a wobbly camera for action scenes and I hate them alot. I want to see the action as clearly as possible. 

  27. I’ll see it.  It looks like a fun, dumb movie.  Still, I didn’t realize that Cimmerians had to pledge. 

    Also, that is how you pronounce the name “Conan” (like “Conan O’Brien”) and I kind of see where they’re coming from, but it does sound weird.

  28. @Crucio  I agree 100%. I hate when they do those super fast cuts. I like to see real choreography that actually looks like something, not some lightning fast editing to try to fool you into thinking you saw something exciting.

  29. This looks egg-cellent!