Video from the set of THOR!

If you can stomach watching a few minutes of Entertainment Tonight, they've actually got some pretty cool behind the scenes footage and interviews from the set of Marvel Film's upcoming Thor!



The more I seem from this film the more excited I get. Anthony Hopkins looks great as Odin!


  1. No flash on iPhone, can’t see it. Glad thou. Will see it in my laptop later. Yay moljnir… Or whatev!

  2. This clip does NOT get me excited about things.  Looks like an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger in many ways…

  3. oh man so awesome!! Lighting strikes next year! I’ll be there for sure. He looks like Thor should, well if he was under cover. Yes it’s hammer time! and you’re right Odin looks great!

  4. Wow that interview with Portman and Hemsworth did not look good at all. But the movie is probably going to be fine.

  5. It looks alright but way to early to tell. Natalie Portman is very cute though.

  6. I take back anything I might’ve said about Hemsworth surprising me by actually looking like he could pull this off.  Clearly that first picture was just a fluke.

  7. Looks like they are having a lot of fun on the set, which bodes well in my mind. Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth seem to have pretty good chemistry. I would have liked to get a better look at Chris as Thor but so far looks good. Excitement is a-stirrin’. And yes, Sir Anthony looks awesome!

  8. Bad interview, but that says nothing about the film.

  9. Well, that interview with Hensworth and Portman was a whole load of nothing. But the clips are another matter. Hopkins did look great.

  10. What they need to do is cast a wrestler. That always works. Yup… nothin wrong with that.*


  11. Kinda cool. Hopkins looks awesome, and that shot of Heimdall looked promising. Not much to chew on besides that, but it’s a long way from theaters, and it’s Entertainment Tonight. I remain optimistic about this one though.

  12. Two stars couldn’t have any less chemistry based on that interview.  The interviewer asked them to talk about the chemistry and there was a pause.  Then Portman starts off her reply with "Ah…ya…chemistry…"  Not a good sign. 

  13. The interview was bad, and i would have liked to see more asgard stuff, but who am i kidding, that’s not going to happen on ET, that would be like giving steak to a rat. I love thor and it will be great, it might be a great disapointment but it will be great none the less. 

  14. I don’t think they showed us any Thor, You get a better look at Donald Blake though.  Its hard to get a feel on the movie from a few shots of running, but i deffiantly like this guys look as Thor.

  15. A former, and not very good, Sportscenter anchor that can’t conduct an interview was all I really saw there.  Hopkins does look great and Natalie’s small frame will really help make Thor look incredibly bad ass.

  16. Wow, a lot of whining in this thread! It makes my heart cry a little. Loved the little feature, can’t wait for the flick, and I’m going to look up Natalie Portman rapping right now!

  17. that girl looks amazingly beatiful, oochi momma

  18. Someone please post this on YouTube or something, I’ve been trying to get the video to play for ten minutes.

  19. Its on yotube here

  20. man, i haven’t seen any E.T. since i was about 12 and home from school. What a horrible, horrible show.

    anyway, Chris is looking huge. he seems like he really suits the role now. 

    I commented on this before but what is up with the terrible hair of the actor’s from these marvel movie. Robert Downy Jr looked liek a drag-queen out of drag in Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson had a bad wig and now Thor looks like a pornographer.

    Natalie Portman remains one of the most insanely beautiful on the planet. I once saw her at a restaurant in sydney when she was filming the star wars movie. Incredible

  21. The guy playing Thor is a perfect pick.  He looks like he’ll fill the role well.  I’m pretty excited for this film because all of the production seems to be going in the right direction.

  22. Go to 3:57 in. Is that Idris Elba as Heimdall?

    It looks superbadass 

  23. It used to be if I wanted to be anywhere near my wife at about 4pm I’d be forced to be in the same vicinity as Entertainment Tonight.  I learned from this experience a highly complex equation which calculates the actuall goodness of something as filtered through the garbage that is Hollywood gossip news magazine shows.  Thor is going to be fantastic.  Natalie and Chris have great chemestry if they were able to hold it together that well while being interviewed by one of ET’s soup brained correspondents.  Also, Branagh can really direct. The guy makes a 5 hour version of Hamlet more accessible than the Twilight films.  FOR ASGARD!

  24. I put this on mute the whole time because Entertainment Tonight is bad…..VERY BAD.

    The clips however were making me squeel with delight. The sets (they showed) looks good and the costumes (they showed) looked spot on. Hopkins is going to kick some ass! Although the idea of Donald Blake looking exactly the same as Thor is a bit weird. I know for casting reasons it makes sense to have the same actor do both…..But it’s still a bit weird that a doctor looks like a professional wrestler.

  25. Couldn’t bear to sit through the interview. The costumes and sets, though, look great.

  26. Ran into an old friend last night who acutally was working on the film in the California unit. Told me some pretty interesting and exciting things about this. I can’t wait!

  27. Also… Natalie Portman. Drool.

  28. Anthony Hopkins looks awesome!

  29. Wait…so is Helmsworth Donald Blake too? Because…that’s not a very good disguise/alterego. Unless they’re doing an Ultimates Thor for earth-side, which would be fine with me.

  30. Running! There’s going to be running in this movie! YES!

  31. Is that Mjolnir in my pocket or am I just happy to see Natalie Portman?

  32. For someone who get’s alot of clamor from fans who state’s she’s an intellect she sure doesn’t know how to respond in an interview.

    I just don’t get the appeal about her, even her wiki page seems to cater to her. Meh, maybe I’ll never understand it. Could just be a judeo-christian-american thing.

  33. She’s also pretty and was in Star Wars, V for Vendetta and now Thor, so it could be a geek thing.

  34. Needs more hair!

  35. high hopes. I just want them to take the time with these fils and not just rush movies out with subpar stories.

  36. @OttoBott: yeah. She’s kinda been good to us. She shaved her head for us in V. And now, when she said Thor in "starring in Thor!", I don’t know. It got a little hot.

  37. Natalie  looks just fine, as always. Yes, I still have a crush on her, longest running one! Interviewer is acting way too interested and just sucks! Hemsworth really bulked up for this! Sheesh! He does look like a wrestler! I’ll be seeing it fo sho, no matter what cynics/ nerds say. Its a movie for crying out loud! And Micheal Bay is nowhere near it! Im in!