Users Reviews are Contradictory

Personally, I don’t know why people bother writing reviews in the first place.  99.999% of the comics out there are crap, and the ones that aren’t are overpriced, overrated, and late, and the printing is bad.

BC1 sort of liked the story but not the art on Guardians of the Galaxy #18.  Wrong!  Crap story on a crap series, but the art was genius.  Story 4 / Art 2

Wes Craig’s style is vastly different from either Brad Walker or Paul Pelletier, two artists whose work has practically defined the tone of this book. Craig’s figures are very cramped and small, losing all sense of stature or power. I’m sure he has fans, but at least for this book I’m not one of them. I hope the situation stabilizes next issue and we can start to comprehend what’s happening. I think this is going to be a fun story, but the zigging and zagging needs to stop first.

woodmania was pleased to seem Marvel Zombies Returns #4 has come around.  Ummm… Marvel Zombies was never good, and it’s not good now.  Story 4 / Art 4

My patience was rewarded this week. Adding zombies to World War Hulk was definitely a plus and MZR #4 has the best art of the series. And we may be learning how this pesky virus got started in the first place.

I feel guilty calling this my pick of the week but the fanboy likes what the fanboy likes.

grifter78 loves the Wildstorm Universe, and Wildcats #15.  Whatever.  The only good Wildcats issue was drawn by Travis Charest, and written by Alan Moore, who is an overrated, talentless asshole.  Also, the art is in this issue was good, because the review didn’t like it.  Story 4 / Art 2

Christos Gage said at San Diego Comic Con this year that he set out to do an epic story with his final Wildcats arc and he is definitely delivering. This is turning out to be the biggest Wildstorm crossover in a long time. We’ve got Team 7 reunited and all the Wildcats together along with several of the characters from Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday. You’ve got two god-like beings in Tao and Max Faraday so the odds have been raised sky-high.

That’s all you get.  If User Reviews were better, you’d know about them, but most of you lack even the basic ability to string even simple words together.  But even if you could, it wouldn’t mean anything, because most of you have no taste.

Uhm… if you want more schlock, read these other “reviews”.


  1. You damn troll

  2. What were the most useful parts of this article?

    The link to the "reviews" page at the very end. I had no idea that particular link existed and now have a new bookmark on on the toolbar.

    I’m avoiding Lord Flanagan today. He seems to have gone over the edge and is probably in planning mode down in his volcano base. 

  3. It would be hysterical if Josh became a troll on his own site. It would be total anarchy and Conor & Ron would most likely have him commited.

  4. See, I’m not sure if this is a joke or not.

  5. And with this posting, Josh has now turned ‘heel.’  Here’s hoping that ‘babyface’ Conor can put him away during the next pay-per-view.

  6. It appears the comic book doomsday virus has spread from Alan Moore to Josh. Hopefully it won’t metastasize into full blown anti-life.

  7. Josh = Kanye West?

    I thought Alan Moore = Kanye West!

  8. Yo Flanagan, Imma let you finish…but TheNextChampion is one of the best trolls of all time.  OF ALL TIME.

    (Nothin but love for TNC) 😉

  9. I am personally offended that my review of Wednesday comics was not singled out for libeling.  Josh won’t be getting a Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza Card from me this year. 

  10. Competitive geek baiting.


  11. There should’ve been an asterisk after this, because most of this is taken from my rants.

    Other then that…..I guess this was a good thing as always from josh. 🙂

  12. Amateurs! 

  13. -The Price is too much

    -Not enough pages

    -That’s not what he would do

    -More skin and nipples

  14. @browncoat Your posts are always so delightful.

  15. @Miguel: That was great! I can just imagine Kayne coming in saying that.

    Hilarious, can’t stop laughing.

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  18. I get the sense that this is probably the most fun Josh has had writing one of these…

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    Don’t give Kanye West that much credit.

  20. @captbastrd – I hear Kanye is a Gay Fish.  He really, really likes fish sticks.

  21. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so accurate.