User Reviews are through the looking glass, here, people!

They want you to think you've got the whole story, but there are a lot more comics and reviews out there than you're going to hear about on The Man's podcasts. I have here just a small sampling of the truths that They don't think you can adequately handle.



Next Issue Project #2 is supposed to be a faithful retro recreation, but Noto says these Golden Agers know more than they're letting on. What are they hiding? Story: 4 Art: 4

There are five stories included, the first three (the Golden Age Daredevil, Silver Streak and Kelly the Cop) are all colored by Erik Larsen of Savage Dragon fame, and Daredevil was entirely his project. These three stories certainly have the look of the era perfected, right down to the pages being tanned to look as though the paper is 60 years old. The colors bleed outside their lines and look quickly-drawn. However, the feel is a bit off. Daredevil ends with a decapitation that wouldn't likely be shown in the original book. The first Silver Streak splash page has an intended "blur" effect that wouldn't have been possible in the 1930s-1940s, and Kelly the Cop is a story literally told "in-between panels" showing the miserable private life of a happy-go-lucky strip character. It's the type of storytelling that you wouldn't see until the 1980's.

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Lantern4life sees right through Incorruptible #1. The Plutonian is just the tip of the iceberg, man! Story: 2 Art: 2

Did anyone jump for joy when Riddler became a private detective?  That's pretty much what Mark Waid is playing with in this new BOOM title.  Sadly, for me at least, a villain turning into a hero is never good.  Venom, Riddler, Magneto, hell all of Dark Reign it never turns out well.  Maybe, Mark Waid can pull it off giving the extreme circumstances of the BOOM-verse…..?  Irredeemable-verse….?  Also, this spinoff provides the same shortcoming Irreedemable has.  This book has no back bone, no heart and soul.  Besides the Plutonian, almost all characters have little to no character development and what is there is pepper through the violence and explosion like small shrapnel.

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ColdWarKid sent us a coded transmission about Superman Batman #67. What kind of mind game is he playing at? It's all right there, sheeple! You just have to know how to look at it! Story: 3 Art: 3

Me am not very sad about this comic. Me do not like Frankenstein. Me sat quietly when reading the pages of worst-enemies Bizarro and Solomon Grundy. Artwork did not match story at all. Bizarro is simple character with simple motivations. Me felt nothing for him when people show him love and friendship or when Bizarro realized Grundy was his best friend who did not what to hurt his enemies. Big Smiles.


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Grifter78 reveals that Authority: The Lost Year #4 is a riddle wrapped in an enigma disguised as an episode of The Twilight Zone that was playing while you slept and crept into your dreams. Story: 4 Art: 3

Even though they are definitely good stories, this is partially the reason I left The Authority to begin with.  Not only did they become too powerful once upon a time, but the level of arrogance really got to me.  If nothing else, this reminds me why I loved Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning’s run on The Authority: World’s End because it seems to have taught them better (but we’ll see if that sticks now that DnA have completed their run). When we got the reveal at the end of last issue, I was afraid that they’d wrap it up too quickly.  But when I saw how they did it in this issue, I can see why Giffen didn’t want to drag the story on longer than this. It really didn’t need to be longer.

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Get to reading the rest of the user reviews and– actually, no. Don't just read them. WRITE THEM. Only by speaking truth to power are we going to stop the fat cats from dominating the comic review-writing proletariat. POWER TO THE COMIC BOOK REVIEWING PEOPLE!



  1. I’ve seen some things man and some stuff!


    ……Wouldn’t recommend it! 

  2. Me am think Coldwarkid is idiot with no talent or forseeable ability to write. He is very unfunny and doesn’t deserve an award of some kind.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think Bizzarro would say Forseeable.

  3. Wow, thanks for the call-out, Jim.

  4. Getting kinda mean on the ColdWarKid, guys. Getting kinda mean.

  5. Thanks Jimski for picking my review.