Ultimate Spider-Man Gets a Haircut!

Moments ago, on Twitter, Ultimate Spider-Man artist David Lafuente posted the following:


accompanied by a link to the pencils for the cover to what looks like Ultimate Spider-Man #11, after loading the image, I cheered at what seems to be the end to a long running joke about how Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Peter Parker has a girl's haircut.  Well, after 10 years it looks as if Peter's finally gotten it cut hight and tight. 

Thank you Mr. Lafuente.  Thank you.


  1. YES! I know it’s petty but that haircut has been driving me crazy since Lafuente started on the book. I can relax now and rest peacefully. I wonder if this is how Superman fans felt when they got rid of that mullet that Supes had briefly.


  2. OMG! this totally made my day (how sad is that?)

  3. I saw this cover in the solicits a few days ago and clicked over the Ultimate Spiderman cover twice. Something was…not wrong…but different…somehow. I checked to make sure it was still LaFuente, shrugged and went about the rest of my day. Now, finally, I know what felt "off" with the cover.

  4. It’s still a little weird, but better. And Triple-J is back to hating Spider-man!

  5. Wait… is that Jonah? Isn’t he supposed to be really old and NOT able to, y’know, lift an office chair by the base with one hand? As for the haircut… I didn’t really mind it, my only concern is that his hair looks too much like Johnny Storm’s right now (in my opinion)

  6. Jonah’s not that old. I’d put Ultimate Jonah at around 50, 51. I’d guess he could still lift one of those cheap office chairs over his head in a fit of rage.

  7. Man look at those skinny ass arms of jonah. There is no way he could left that chair by its base. With one hand? C’mon son

  8. On other sites they have the colored version of this for advance solicts. I didn’t even notice Parker had his hair cut. All I kept thinking was:

    "This image is drawn so poorly I don’t even know where to begin." But it is still cool to see that the long running joke is finally over. Kinda looks like my style of hair actually…

  9. I’m actually curious about what Jonah is up to, since the Bugle was destroyed, and why he is "hating" Spider-Man. I suspect that’s not what’s actually happening, since he has such an eye-opening experience in the Ultimatum event. 

  10. 🙂

  11. I’m more impressed that Jameson is beating up Spider-Man with an office chair. Meh, apples and oranges.

  12. At last. It’s silly but I will enjoy this so much mroe now. (Comment of the week?)

  13. I love that this is news.  Ultimate Spider-Man is rocking it right now, with or without the hairdo from hell.

  14. About dang time.


  15. Great news! I actually wrote in comments like a week ago that Brian Michael Bendis twitted that he wrote the scene where Peter got a haircut

  16. Now he looks like flash thompson. I think the hair worked fine with lafuente’s style (and never really minded the hair to begin with). I don’t about this…

  17. I hope its just on the cover. Also that cover looks like violent sodomy

  18. I’m so relieved.   The hair has been driving me crazy! 

  19. preferred the old hair. 

  20. AFK, going to get a box of crayons so i can draw his hair back in…..

  21. Why is Johnny Storm being attacked by Omni-Man? :-p Glad the hair will be cut, it was silly. Still, I’m liking USM more than I have in years so the hair wasn’t an actual issue.

  22. Yay haircut! Now if MJ could stop looking like Gert and Iceman like Bobby Hill we’d be all set.

  23. for a second there, I thought spidey was fighting ultimate ras al ghul. You switch the shirt & tie for a cape and a longer moustache and you’ve got Batman TAS Ras

  24. I am fairly confident that, even in a fit of rage, I could not wield an office chair like that with one hand, and I work out. Sometimes.

  25. I like the cut, but Peter needs to spike it up.  It’s too flatt now.

    I said he needed a haircut as soon as Immonen started drawing it.  The best hair wasw by Bagely.

  26. this is good news.

  27. But it’s so much fun to hear all of the hippie jokes…

  28. I am totally in Meh-City about this. He looked fine with it if you ask me. It’s Lafuente’s art that’s the problem. With Bagley drawing it, he looked great. With Immonem, not so much. I’m with KickAss on this one. If they had just adjusted his hair after Bagley left the book, there wouldn’t be an article about this.

  29. Shoulda given him a ‘faux-hawk’ HA!

  30. 2 comments above, looks like I got another person with me!  That’s 2 or 3 this week!  On my way to best comment of the year!  🙂

  31. i’m a little behind on USM but i’m pretty sure that JJJ doesn’t know who spider-man is so this is either a bad cover or, its Ice-Man going commando in another man’s fatigues.

     amazingly well drawn chair tho. 

  32. I think right after this scene Patrick Duffy is going to walk out of the shower.

    And I’m upset now because Ultimate Pete and I will no longer share the same hairstyle. Unless….


  33. I’ll trace over every new illustration to give spidey his REAL hairstyle!

  34. Finally!

  35. Does Ultimate Jameson have super-strength? Pete looks pretty battle-ravaged for having faced an aging newspaper editor with rage issues. My guess is JJ’s already hit him with the phone, picture frames, coffee cup, stapler, and keyboard from his desk. I can understand Pete not wanting to go full-spider on his boss, but enough’s enough. One swift elbow from this position oughtta knock Jameson into the next room. The look on Pete’s face does scream "I draw the line at deskchair!", so maybe he is about to throwdown.