Trailer: Uncanny X-Force #1 from Remender and Opena

To say that I'm excited for the upcoming Uncanny X-Force title from Rick Remender and Jerome Opena is an understatment.  That may come as a surprise to many of you who know me for a few reasons.  Firstly, I haven't been a big fan of the X-Force as death squad concept that has been ever present over the past year or so.  I know Wolverine makes the hard choices, but a whole team dedicated to killing seems a bit much.  Add to the fact that this new team features two characters I out and out loathe in Deadpool and Fantomex, makes it a good assumption that I wouldn't be too excited. But then they went and put Remender and Opena on the book, and the whole ballgame changed for me.  Now this book is interesting as one of my favorite creative teams, the guys behind numerous arcs of Fear Agent, will be able to do the unthinkable, and actually get me to read a comic with Deadpool figuring prominently in it.

To further ignite my excitement, Marvel provided the below trailer to hype up the release of Uncanny X-Force #1, on October 6, 2010 (which is right in time for the New York Comic Con).  Uncanny X-Force #1 will cost $3.99 and by the looks of this trailer, will be worth it.


Marvel provided the following description for the trailer:

After Cyclops disbands Wolverine’s black-ops group, Logan assembles a brand new team to face a deadly new threat, courtesy of fan favorite creators Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Dean White in Uncanny X-Force #1! Now get an exclusive look at the first issue—and the team’s deadly new mission—in this all-new trailer. You can’t miss Uncanny X-Force #1, in stores October 6!


  1. For Marvel to be putting up a trailer for this, it may really be very good. Even without this anyway, I would have bought it for the team roster alone and the creative team behind it. And I’m not even an X-Men fan.

  2. I just want to know how many issues the first story arc contains… can’t say I’m ready to get sucked into the X-universe (via the inevitable drain-your-wallet crossovers). Thankfully, for the most part, X-Factor has remained an insulated, standalone book for the last few years.

    Deadpool is one of my favorite characters, but recently he has been so overused that there has been no development or direction to the character whatsoever. The main Deadpool book has been the only one I felt was worth reading (along with some of the recent minis and one-shots). Curious to see what they do with him here.

  3. This looks really good.. my fingers are crossed that it is…


    Hopefully this will shed a little light on the DP haters.  

  4. Seems pretty intriguing.

    But I still can’t figure out what Psylocke is doing there. I’d rather have Domino.

  5. looks decent, would much rather have domino and X-23 over deadpool and psylocke but what can ya do

  6. Holy shit.

  7. This looks pretty sweet, but I agree, I’d rather have Domino and/or X-23 than Deadpool.  I’m okay with Psylocke but again, I’d rather have one of the other two.

  8. I’m down with the roster change. I dropped this book right before all the crossovers so it will be nice to shake things up a bit.  I loved Remender’s and Opena’s work on Punisher for the first few issues and have hopes that this will be good. The only thing I’m really in the dark about is Fantomex. I know of him but haven’t really read any book wth him in them.

  9. MAN those trailers are sick. This one was even better than the Shadowland trailer. Any idea which studio produced/s them?

  10. …..well. i do believe i will have to give that a read.

  11. What’s that I hear?

    A Deadpool/Fantomex book Ron is wanting to read? Well I say my work is done…:) 

  12. Hmmm… Deadpool, Fantomex, Betsy Braddock as a ninja, and Angel all covered in razors.  Yeah, this is like a point-by-point rundown of the kind of stuff that got me off comics in the 90s.  So who’s drawing this?  Liefeld?  How many foil covers are there going to be?  Do I get a holographic trading card??

    Rick Remender gets a lifetime pass because of Fear Agent, but this looks like a testosterone overdose to me. 

  13. nice motion work on the trailer. I think i just may check this new series out. 

  14. Just watch trailer I will pick this up.

  15. How do people feel about Opena? I’ve never seen his work before…

  16. @WilliamKScurryJr: The preview panels are the main reason I decided to pick this up, but I’m just one person.

  17. closing line of that trailer just dropped my jaw… i had no idea what this arc was going to focus on

  18. Never seen Opena’s work? We talk about him every chance we get. The guy is stupid good.

  19. Judging from his blog sketches, he would be perfect for Creepy …

  20. I’m sold on this. I’ve only seen what he did on Moon Knight, good stuff.

  21. Everything but the last line of that sounded so horrendously cheesy. I’ll still pick it up and try it out though.

  22. Opena/Remender are awesome on Fear Agent, but unfortunately this is one of those cases for me where my dis-interest in the characters/title itself out-way my avid interest in the artist/writer.  I almost feel bad for not following the creators on this title, but I literally know nothing about any of the ‘X’-books.

    Does anyone know if this might be new-reader friendly?  The trailer doesn’t make it seem so.

  23. Awesome.  I’ve loved a lot of Remender’s Marvel work, and this looks like its going to be fun.

  24. Uhhh this looks BADA$$!

  25. Why do all "I am tough" voiceovers sound like someone really constipated. 🙂

  26. They should totally release this as a motion comic! I might start picking up X-Force , sounds like an interesting storyline.

  27. I want a Uncanny X-Force view-master. But in all seriousness this looks great!