TRAILER: ‘The Batmobile’ Documentary

The DC Entertainment booth at San Diego Comic-Con is a busy place, and it includes a giant video screen that rolls all sorts of video throughout the day encompassing all of the different media that DC has to offer. The one piece of video that caught iFanboy’s eye, every single time it ran, was the trailer for The Batmobile, the feature length documentary on the most famous car in fiction.



The Batmobile had a special airing on The CW Network last night and will hit Blu-ray and digital download in December in conjunction with The Dark Knight Rises.


  1. I’m not the biggest Batman fan but seeing all the Batmobiles brings a smile to my face.

  2. Why didn’t iFanboy inform us of this special airing before it aired? I’m very disappointed. I’m also being facetious, of course. I’ll definitely pick this up when it’s released. Might pick up that Batmobile: The Complete History book, too, in the meantime. Gotta read some reviews of that first, though.

  3. Ooh, this looks great! I love this sort of stuff, hoping it’s on the DKR blu-ray, not a separate release.

    Been watching a bunch of special features from the other 7 movies (and some of the animated stuff) these past couple of weeks – there’s a whole wealth of interesting stuff. What’s interesting is WB seem to understand that people aren’t just interested in the movies specifically, but the entire Bat-mythos, and so there are entire documentaries based on “The Psychology of Batman” or “The Villains of Batman” or whatever. I love it.

  4. I love that website that shows every single batmobile in history.

  5. (Because Batmobiles are really cool.)

  6. Great advertising CW. Seems you missed your target demographic.

  7. Yeah, I would have loved to watch this too. Didn’t even hear about it.

  8. I happen to see this on Monday night on accident. It was very interesting and helped amp the excitement level of the movie.

  9. This was on Monday night in Philly and I caught it. They showed just a half hour from the full-length, which they are saying will be on the DKR Blu-Ray.

    Really well done, with interviews with everyone from Adam West to Chris Nolan. And they talked more about the comics and animated series Batmobiles than I would have expected. This has me super excited to watch the whole thing. As in, even if DKR is crap, I will buy it just to watch this.

  10. Seeing all the Batmobiles in procession at the end was the best. I also like that they break these out frequently for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Can’t wait for the full length in the fall!

  11. Also if any one is interested in 66 Batmobile (Of course you are) you can see it everyday if you live in LA. It’s usually parked in George Barris’ Kustom shop in Toluca Lake.

    The entire shop is loaded floor to ceiling with figures and models and things plus other awesome custom cars his shop has produced over the years. He was just sitting in there and I had a good chat with him. SUPER COOL.

  12. It’s not the car we deserve, but its the car we need right now.

  13. Can’t wait to check this out.

    I had the privilege of catching the Tumbler Tour when it came to Philly. Seeing the Tumbler and the Pod up close really gives you an appreciation for the design that went into these things. It’s pretty unbelievable that the models Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley built in Nolan’s garage were so identical to the final product. I can remember seeing photos of the Tumbler when Begins was being promoted, and realizing that we really were in for something special.

  14. I was able to watch part of this – it was on TV in a restaurant we were eating at, and my wife got perturbed that I kept drifting off to Batmobile-land while she was trying to talk to me. I thought chicks dig the car?

    I can’t wait to watch this whole feature, as the Batmobile is my favorite car of all time. I’d say the ’66 one is at the top of the list, and if I am ever wealthy I plan on buying a replica to drive around town!

  15. Wait, did they have the actual cars on display at SDCC? Now I am really sorry I couldn’t go!

  16. You know you’re a geek when you get shivers watching the trailer of a documentary! 0_o

  17. I dont know if this still rings true. But when i was in high school, the original 60’s Batmobile was owned by someone from my home town in NJ. For a while you could see it at Six Flags Great Adventure.