TRAILER: Get Your First Look at ‘Teen Titans Go!’

Teen Titans Go_Promo

This past weekend we saw the end of the Cartoon Network’s two current, and much loved, DC cartoons–Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The time to mourn, however, will be short as Cartoon Network prepares its replacement shows. Yesterday, we got our first extended look at Teen Titans Go!.

From the promo it looks like it could be a lot of demented fun. If you’re going to do a new show featuring most of the same characters from the show you just canceled, you might as well go in a while different tonal direction. Teen Titans Go! will join Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block in April 2013.


And what of the Cartoon Network’s other new DC cartoon, Beware the Batman? We’re still waiting on a new promo for that, so in the meantime we’ll just have to re-watch this one that was released last year:

I hope they call him “The Batman” on the show…


  1. More like “Teen Titans No!”

  2. I can’t wait for people to start spouting “Young Justice was canceled for this!”.

    • Yeah. I’ll be the first to say it! YOUNG JUSTICE WAS CANCELLED FOR THIS SHIT?!?

    • It wasn’t.

    • I think these two shows are going to be unjustly hated simply because they happen to be the two shows replacing YJ and Green Lantern. I understand people are angry but if that anger its to be directed anywhere, it’s at Cartoon Network, not at the creative teams of these two shows who, themselves, are only trying to produce as entertaining programs as the creative teams of Young Justice and Green Lantern did.

    • @Mister, it would be theyre fault if they’re shows don’t live up to the standard set by YJ and GL.

    • maybe not, but using SNL as an analouge: Teen Titans Go is the Joe Piscipoe to YJ’s Bill Murray.

    • @IthoSapien, I don’t agree. Even if the new shows don’t turn out great, the fault would still be Cartoon Network’s. I’ll give these new shows their fair shake and if I don’t like them, I’ll move on. Any ill will I hold towards them will based on their own merits.

  3. The TT show looks awful. I realize they didn’t specifically cancel YJ to put this on, but I would rather watch reruns of the old Teen Titans show than this. Hopefully the Batman show will be good! I already miss YJ!

    • So far they both look bad. With every new batman show they get worse. Dont get me wrong im sure these shows will appeal very well to kids, but as for teens and up, i dont think their will be many viewers. Based on what iv heard on beware the batman (and this was when the show was first announced before the green lantern and YJ cancellations) it isn’t looking good. The main criticism: we have a pig and a toad as the main two villains as appose to the wonderful wealth of other villains available? And as for teen titans, i enjoyed the original show and as i said on another post was sad to see it go back in the day, but got over it. This one wont even compare to the original. Guess im gonna have to throw myself back into Batman Beyond Unlimited and buy the YJ comics when they comes out in trade…

  4. I disliked the first Teen Titans T.V. series mostly because I was spoiled by growing up watching all the Bruce Timm animated shows. Everything from Batman to Static Shock,and even the Zeta Project (anyone remember that one?). Teen Titans felt like it was trying to hard to be very Anime like. The Japanese version of the intro for every other episode didn’t help (and I was a big Puffy Ami Yumi fan at the time). The Teen Titans series actually made me dislike some of the characters before I even began to read comics. This new version seems like a dumb down rehash of the old in my honest opinion.

    • I actually really like the Teen Titans cartoon, I admit I only know Robin,Kid Flash, and Speedy beforehand tho. It was a fun, funny cartoon. It was different from all the other superhero cartoons I’d seen before. That said I also enjoyed all the shows you listed as well hugely. I remember the “Zeta Project” but I was always annoyed because it never seemed like he learned anything about why he didn’t want to kill anymore, I know now that would kill the length of the show but still. The last preview i saw saturday kinda killed my optimism for this new TT cartoon tho.

  5. Looks like a good time. Won’t have the depth of the original TT ‘toon (and yes, it actually had quite a bit), but “demented fun” seems an appropriate response.

    Also, much as I’ll miss YJ and GL, I really couldn’t care less that they’re being replaced by Go! If the young people enjoy it (remember them?), then more power to ’em!

  6. I will not be watching this with a passion. Every week.

  7. Man that looks like some cheap animation. I’m no animation snob but geez, it looks like flash.

  8. It doesn’t look like something my husband and I will enjoy watching with our son as much as we did YJ. They definitely seem to be targeting kids and not necessarily their parents. That said, the trailer cracks my 7 year-old up, so I think the show is on track for its target demographic.

  9. This… this is not good.

  10. Not everything is for me. Not everything is for me. Not everything is for me.

    Okay I feel better! I’ll pass, and miss YJ, but hope this finds a robust fanbase in it’s traget demographic, sells a shitload of toys and lunchboxes, and brings little boys and girls into the Comixology app on their iTouches. If DC gets enough scratch from that, then maybe they’ll greenlight a direct to DVD YJ epilogue for me. 🙂

  11. Its sad to see YJ go. But I liked the old teen titans go show it had some merit in my opinion, this new version seem a little more juvenile than the last and the animation seems lacking from its predecessor. We just have to wait and see, and who knows (I’m hoping) DC might even put out a movie or two based on YJ. One can dream can’t they.

  12. Sorry folks, but that Titans show looks great. It reminds me of Powerpuff Girls, which was a great show! I’m ready for it.

  13. I think this is meant for the Superhero Squad crowd. And thats fine.

  14. My daughter (6 years old) was a huge fan of the Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures series, and when I showed her this trailer, she loved it. I know that people are already hating this show because it isn’t Young Justice, but it’s really hard to find good superhero content for kids these days. The industry really has been co-opted by adults. I’m excited to give this new show a try.

  15. Why couldn’t they just bring back the old Teen Titans? I really hate the animation

  16. Anyone have any idea when batman is coming out?