Top 5: Things That Hurt After New York Comic Con 2010

New York Comic Con 2010 was rough. By Sunday the floor was full of the walking wounded and no one was quite sure why this particular con had been so much harder, physically, than others. The carpetless Artist's Alley was certainly a major factor.


5. My Left Fourth Toe



4. My Knees



3. My Left Heel



2. My Calves



1. My Throat

Sore and hoarse.


  1. I’m with you on the calves, but your heel looked terrible. Jessie sends her pity.

  2. So THAT’S why you record your shows before leaving for the convention…

  3. It’s 9am in the morning and the first image I see is your foot.


  4. Advice from a runner….next Con you should smear vasoline over those trouble spots on your feet before you hit the floor.  You’ll come home with nay blisters.

  5. My feet were so sore Sunday – I was not expecting the level of pain from a simple weekend of nerdiness.

  6. Conor, your feet a surprisingly smooth.  Do you use a Ped-Egg or is there some family secret that you need to share with us?

  7. eh. I will be more careful to read the titles from now on.

  8. …I’m a little creeped out

  9. It’s called getting older, my friend. Just wait until you can buzz around the con floor with a Rascal® scooter.

  10. Blisters on the heels here too.

  11. I have no words…

  12. At least the blisters weren’t on your throat.

  13. …too much information.

  14. OHMYGOD! You need a nurse!!

  15. My beard hurts. 

  16. I can’t wait to go to a major comic-con and prove to myself how much better than you guys I am. I did Coachella for 5 years, wore heeled cowboy boots and Converse high-tops (plan on doing the same thing for San Diego), and came out with nary a complaint. We all know what the discomfort is for, we know what the score is.

  17. I spent Friday-Sunday walking around Zilker Park with 65,000 other people for the Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Nipped the blisters in the bud by using bandages for Days 2 and 3.  But my left ankle is still throbbing from walking and standing all that time.  I feel your pain.

  18. Great. 

  19. Y’all need better shoes and socks, yo.



  20. Luckily, the pain is all evenly divided between my brain and my soul.

  21. Hot legs…

  22. boo frickin hoo! (JK)

    I had to work that weekend while everyone had a grand ol’ time.I missed all the fun/pain!