Top 5: Marvel Characters Who Look Alike For No Reason


5. Mister Fantastic and Nick Fury

It could just be the hair, or these could be "Before" and "After" pictures.




4. Colossus and Mister Sinister

“Чорт возми, tovarisch! Comrade is totally bitink my style, yo.”




3. Aunt May and Madame Web

Maybe it's because they're both old ladies in Amazing Spider-Man, but did anyone else see Madame Web on a comic book cover the first time and think, "Oh, Christ, Peter, what did you do to her now?"




2. Howard and Donald

The lawyers have asked everybody not to talk about it. Violates the terms of the settlement.





1. Every bestial mutant in the world

“Wolfsbane is Feral, isn’t she?… No, no; I’m pretty sure those are both the same character.”

Are enhanced animal senses stored in antennae-hair? What animal has that hair?


  1. Oh, there’s a reason…

  2. You guys forgot to put Thornn in the bestial mutant area…She was a Morlock and Feral’s sister or something….so confusing when we had X-factor and X-force with two female werewolves…what?? huh??  One other obvious thing to note: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are basically the same guy out of uniform.  Artists have done wonderfully distinguishing them in recent years, but it was always one of those things that irked me.  I guess when you are the first 2 heroes, you end up as the same white guy in his 30’s.

  3. Stan Lee and a plethora of characters.

  4. @marshak75-SO happy someone else noticed about the whole Clark and Bruce thing too.

  5. @marshak75 – You’re wrong.  CLEARLY, Clark Kent wears glasses.  That’s how we know he’s not Superman.  (When is DC going to get around to revealing who IS, anyway?)

  6. BTW, I saw the title of this post come up in my RSS feed sans byline and I correctly guessed, "Jimski".

  7. I’m shocked that Starfox and Quicksilver didn’t make it. But it’s not like these don’t deserve their spots.

  8. I swear that I thought the same thing about Aunt May and Madame Web when I first saw them when I was a kid.  I remember going home and getting my comics out and looking for when I missed this transformation

  9. I always wondered if Beast didn’t have the fur, would he and logan still have the same hair cut. This is before i found out that beast had no fur at one point.

    Any DC characters who look alike? and don’t say The Flases or Green Lanterns.

  10. I always had a theory that Madame Web was some alternate universe Aunt May and she used a fake name to not freak out Spider-Man

  11. What about D-Man and the original yellow costumed Daredevil.

  12. I always thought Matt Murdock and Scott Summers looked a lot alike out of uniform. It’s probably the glasses.

  13. This list is fantastic. Can we get a DC counterpart someday?

  14. Clint Barton and Steve Rogers have similar features, too similar to not be a bigger deal

  15. My favorite Wolverine lookalike is The Owl.  Because those animals they are based on have so much in common?

  16. Hank Pym, Steve Rogers, and Clint Barton all look exactly the same haha.

  17. I always thought Madam Web and Aunt May were suppose to look alike for a reason. Especially for the animated series since we rarely saw her in future episodes.

  18. "Hank Pym, Steve Rogers, and Clint Barton all look exactly the same haha."

    As does Donald Blake. 

  19. , “Oh, Christ, Peter, what did you do to her now……. Bwa ha ha

  20. @SirCox So are you saying all Blonds look alike to you?

  21. @player1- and then Johnny Storm comes over to hang out…

  22. oh! and how could I forget the Invisible Woman and Thor

  23. an owl has hair like wolverine. 

  24. *The Owl has hair like Wolverine.

  25. @Queenrikki


    No not really. Over time, they started to devlelop their own unique physical traits but in the early Avengers issues Pym, Rogers, and Barton looked very similar out of costume. Same stature, physique, etc.

  26. I think the Daredevil villain the Owl should have been included in the number 1 spot. The first time I saw him I thought he was Wolverine, he even has claws(which are fake but you get what I mean).

  27. Demoliton Man and Wolverine. 

  28. D-Man, as was described in an issue of The Pulse, is original Daredevil with a Wolverine mask.

  29. Blonds only look alike when John Byrne is drawing them.

  30. Colossus says"Use da strong hold hair gel!"

    Mister Sinister says "Use the Sinister slickness hair gel!"

  31. While we are on the subject, why does Sandman have Osborn hair?

    Also, I have a theory that Deadpool is just Ambush Bug in an alternate deathstroke costume, but about a billion times less funny.  

  32. I have never wanted to revise a list more than I did after reading the comments this week.

  33. Somehwere in the Earth X books, not sure which part of the trilogy, I think they said Colossus became Mr. Sinister.  It never really made sense though, aside from them looking similar.  Plus it’s not a 616 canon book anyway so it doesn’t matter.

  34. LMFAO! This was great. Just superb. Made my day.