Top 5: Comic Book Marriages

5. Ralph & Sue Dibny

The consummate happy couple, at one time. She was rich and adventurous. He was super hero who loved the limelight. It was a match made in heaven. They are dead now.


4. Wally & Linda West

This is one of the most realistic relationships in comics. They had a rocky start with a lot of pitfalls along the way, but they wound up together and they now have a family. She was the strong willed independent woman. He was the sidekick who was all grown up and needed to be straightened out a touch. It was perfect. I haven't seen them in a while.


3.  Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson

The relationship that has had the most controversy on the list. Lovable loser Peter actually manages to bag the supermodel. Like all the examples listed here you really believed that she loved the man, not the mask. A demon made their marriage disappear.


2. Clark Kent & Lois Lane

Lois has been around almost as long as Superman. She was the original love interest in super heroics. If there was pair that was meant to get together it was these two. She knew Kryptonian martial arts, which is pretty hot.


1. Reed & Sue Richards

Top of the list because both of them are heroes. Would you want to kiss a smell scientist who hasn't shaved in days because Annihilus is lurking in the negative zone? She does that, raises the kids, and totally leads Namor along. That is next level role-playing.


  1. Hmmm….I’m getting Sue and Reed’s picture’s for Wally and Linda, and Clark and Lois.

  2. Weird…it looks fine for me.

  3. Haha, yea, its a bunch of pics of Sue and Reed makin’ out.

  4. Gentleman and ladies…I have no answer but I will let someone know the gremlins are winning.

  5. Anyone know where that Clark and Lois panel is from?

  6. @lifesend: As far as I can see at the moment, a Fantastic Four comic.

  7. I’m sure Ralph and Sue won’t be dead for long.  There should be category all its own for Green Arrow/Black Canary because it’s a train wreck.

  8. It appears to be a Chrome specific issue, they are working on it. If you want I can mail you the pictures.

  9. Man no Hank and Janet. I mean I can see why it was left out but I really love their silver age adventures.

  10. I gotta throw Bigby & Snow into the mix.

  11. What about Scott Summers and Jean Grey / Scott and Maddie Pryor?
     — Its the classic “boy meets girl, girl dies, boy meets clone of girl, marries clone, clone turns evil, girl comes back to life, boy marries girl, girl dies (repeatedly)” story

  12. @Cheezdog  Thanks, I’m going to have to pick that up, never read it before. [heading to eBay]

  13. I was alaways a huge fan of Ralph and Sue.  I could feel that they really loved each.  When Sue died (SPOILER!!!) in Identity Crisis, it was gut wrenching.  What about Ray Palmer and Jean Loring?  

  14. Really, Hawkman and Hawkgirl/Woman/Lady have been married for like 2000 years and can’t even be seperated by death. Ralph and Sue died once and haven’t come back yet. Quitters!!!

  15. Where’s number three?

  16. I love how you wrote that sue leading Namor along was akin to role playing. That is hilarious. I think hickman really does play there relationship along in an interesting way. When Sue smacks Namor down and Namor has this scowl but then says, “How magnificent she is”. I love it. 

  17. @TheLastSon21 Ray Palmer and Jean for most dysfunctional marraiges. Too much drama with affairs, divorse, psychotic murders. I’m surprised Tom didn’t mention Barry and Iris.

  18. I have always hated the Clark & Lois realtionship. I think a key component of Superman’s character as the alien from another world who never will fit in is that he can’t get the girl he wants.

    Lois and Clark, (The TV Show) handled them as a married couple well enough, but the comics have never matched it.

    And I don’t like that Lois exsists only as an extension of Clark’s character.

  19. No Barry and Iris?
    Also, too soon for Spider-Man!!!

  20. Are liberty bell and hourman married?

  21. spider-man was never married. thank you Joe Q

  22. Well done @agentM.  I also like the Clark/Lois relationship.  Superman is Clark alter ego. Noth the other way around.  He may be able to all of those amazing things, but hi still has “human” emotions.  Lois, to me, is the perfect thing to keep him GROUNDED.  See what I did there.

  23. @mikeandzod21:  Barry and Iris remind me a lot of Ralph and Sue.  That relationship feels very genuine to me.

  24. Arthur and Mera?

  25. enlighten me, who are ralph and sue dibny?

  26. @kidCharlemagne  The Elongated Man and his wife.

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Dibnys play a major role in Identity Crisis, and then again in 52. 

  28. And in Starman!

  29. And in years of Justice League comics.

  30. This is clearly a full service website.

  31. @josh  Freshen your drink?

  32. @conor  No thanks. Just the check. Also, I have a groupon.

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Warm damp towel please. 

  34. How about Buddy Baker (Animal Man) and his wife Ellen? Their marriage is portrayed as more than just romantic. It often captures the jealousy (Starfire’s friendship with Buddy) and practical (He worries about getting better health insurance for his family) aspects. He’s always impressed me because his family is often top of mind when he’s trying to save the planet from some menace.

  35. Oh, come now Tom. I may not like One More Day, but that doesn’t make Quesada a demon!

  36. I believe it’s a testament to the quality of 52 that I get teary-eyed whenever someone mentions the Dibnys.

  37. I didn’t know Reed was a scientist specializing in smells!

    Is it better to be married in the DC Universe or in the Marvel U? Hmm.