Top 5: Bald Superpeople With Mental Powers

As everybody knows, if you have powers coming out of your skull hair only gets in the way. At least that’s my theory. But for whatever reason, all too often we see those with powerful brains showing off their domes sans follicles. Here are a few of my favorites.

5. Angstrom Levy

While he began his tenure as a supervillian with a full head of hair, as he incorporated more of his alternate reality selves the excess brain matter seemed to expand so much as to take up most of head and shoulders. Clearly this process also pushed every single hair out the skin never to return.

4. Moondragon

The balding due to brain power is not restricted only to dudes. Moondragon keeps it sleek and sexy while on her own psychic cosmic adventures. Speaking of cosmic…

3. Martian Manhunter

I honestly don’t know if martians are mammals so maybe I shouldn’t expect any hair at all, but as a shape shifter J’onn J’onz could have hair if he wanted, yet prefers to go without as is the style amongst psychics.

2. Psimon

I don’t know Psimon’s backstory, other than being part of Wolfman and Perez’s famed New Teen Titans run, but he really went all out. Having no hair was not enough, he wanted you to actually be able to see his brain and had a window installed to do just that. It’s like one of those Ferraris with the see through hood over the engine. Totally excessive and showy, but still kind of awesome.

1. Professor X

Of course, the granddaddy of the bald psychic superpeople club; not only is he the president, he’s a member. We know Charles had hair as a younger man, but I guess enough time spent using Cerebro got the best of him. After giving Jean Grey her signature wig, he opted for the smooth skull and hasn’t looked back. At least he has a nicely shaped head.


  1. No Lex Luthor?

    • Genius I think was excluded from the ‘mental powers’ statement. I mean he is human just a very bright one. In most incarnations that is

  2. I feel like Grant Morrison should be on this list.

  3. Jeff Lemire’s S.H.A.D.E. has a whole building full of bald psychics.

  4. Mr. Haupt seems to have an anti-bald slant.

  5. i think @bionicdave should have made this list.

    • Thank you, sitara. I will make sure to find a place for you in my regime, once I have overthrown Earth with my bald/psionic powers 🙂

    • cool. let me keep the southern/southwestern states of america along with new zealand and make healthcare free to all. do that and i’ll make a better general than soundwave in the new world order.
      all hail bionicdave!