Three Bucks? It’s the Annual Top Shelf $3 Sale!

It’s happened before, and now it has returned. Con season is closing and Top Shelf has to clear out the inventory. Thus, they have a big sale, and you can check out some of that stuff you’ve been meaning to check out… when you get around to it.

What is there to tantalize and delight you? Here’s the full run down of books for $1, $3, $5, $8, and other amounts of money, massively discounted.

We’ve got the From Hell and Alec: The Years Have Pants in hardcover for $25 each, which is a damned fine deal, as they are both giant books.

The Complete Essex County, where it all started for rising star Jeff Lemire, is there for $20.

The Surrogates Volumes 1 and 2 are each $3 per trade.

The King, one of my favorite graphic novels, is a mere $3.

Tony Consiglio’s mostly unknown but fun book 110 Per¢, about a group of older ladies who are boy band fans… that’s $3.

There’s plenty of Alan Moore as well, if you’re still down with that, which you should buy, no matter what the dude says.

Load up.


  1. You’re not going to get a better deal for a comic than Essex Count HC for 25 bucks!! seriously, everyone needs to buy this book!!

  2. I bought the Surrogates hardcover in the last three dollar sale. It’s a really great deal.

  3. Lots and lots of awesome stuff here. I would definitely recommend “The Surrogates.” The artist, Brett Weldele, did one of the stories in my book, and his art, and dedication to the craft, are inspiring.

  4. wow, alan moore for $3. what more can i ask for

  5. Thanks for the heads-up! Just went on and bought From Hell, Blankets, Essex County, Surrogates and Alec:The years have pants.

  6. Man, if Canadian shipping wasn’t $34.95 this would be a fantastic deal.


  7. My highest recommendations also go out to Infinite Kung-Fu. For one, it’s 424 pages for 18 bucks. For two, it’s an awesome retro-style martial arts movie that is super fun and hilarious quite often. Very, very cool book.

  8. JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I really love this sale. In years past, I’ve picked up most of what Josh has already mentioned and it’s all solid. This year, I went on a bit of a whim with my order of books like Veeps and Three Fingers. All I had to go on were reviews and the cheap prices.

    But seriously, pick up 110 Per¢. I really like that book.

  9. PistolWhip and Superspy vol 2 for me.

  10. Just picked up The Kind, 110 Per¢, and Moving Pictures. Anyone know if Moving Pictures is any good?

  11. They really get you on the shipping!

  12. Now these are the type of comics that new potential comic readers (not into the superhero thing) might actually want to investigate. It might make a ton of sense for Top Shelf to invest in a digital strategy.

  13. ok i loaded up on stuff, i figured if im going to try stuff i’ve never heard of, go big or go home (while it’s cheap)
    I picked some stuff thats been sitting in my amazon cart (Moving pictures, 120 days of Simon, Surrogates, From Hell), but i am also getting A LOT of stuff i’ve never even heard of. Anyone got some input on the following:
    -The King
    -Less than Heroes
    -The Barefoot Serpent
    -Hutch Owen
    -I’m going to be small
    -the troll king
    -Black ghost apple factory
    -Top Shelf #9

    Any fans/non-fans of this stuff?

  14. Would have bought some if the shipping was reasonable. 34.95 to ship to Canada is robbery.

  15. Hmmm, can anyone find on the page where the shipping rates are listed? I would consider getting the Alec book, if I knew how much I was still saving after shipping . . .