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Get Some Indie In Me

Jim wants to expand beyond the big two an he needs your help!

Batgirl Meets The Punisher In, “I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This”

Uh-oh. The big guys are letting some of their best talent slip through their fingers in the name of editorial chicanery. Fluke or trend?

The Relatively Big Two; or, This Kool-Aid is Delicious

The creators who made us love comics all got screwed… but we keep on buying those comics, don’t we?

Can I Just Talk About Some Books I’ve Liked Lately?

Unless we’d all rather just keep on being upset. I guess that’s fine too.

Mike’s Winter Thoughtbox

Mike stops everything and expounds on the economy of creativity and bringing in the next generation of comic readers.

TEASER: Sacrifice from Sam Humphries & Dalton Rose

What do Aztecs and Joy Division have in common?

GUEST REVIEW: Shorthand Reviewed by James Robinson

DC Comics writer James Robinson wants you to check out this indie book

Three Bucks? It’s the Annual Top Shelf $3 Sale!

It’s time to strap on your Top Shelf feed bag, and load up on the stuff that never reboots.

What’s Wrong With You? Creator Owned Comics

Should the reader be concerned with the political/economic concerns of the ownership of a comic book? What does the moral high ground have to do with page counts?

The iFanboy Letter Column – 08.26.2011

You asked. We answer.