This Week in Baseball: Joe Quesada & Matt Fraction?

Now that the baseball season is over and we’ve entered into the post season, everyone’s thoughts and opinions about which team will win are being heard. turned to Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada for some insight into what teams various characters of the Marvel Universe would root for, and to be honest some of his answers surprised me.  Let’s break down his answers, and my reactions to them, shall we?

Who is the biggest Yankees fan?
Quesada: Wolverine, because Wolverine is so old, he probably got to see Babe Ruth play, thus making him a Yankees fan.

My reaction: No way Wolverine is a Yankees fan.  Wolverine wouldn’t be rooting for a team like the Yankees purely because they’ve never been scrappy or the underdog, like Wolverine.  And are we forgetting he’s Canadian?  Wolverine was broken hearted when the Expos moved to Washington D.C. and became the Nationals.  He is now resigned to rooting eternally for his Toronto Blue Jays.

Quesada: Ben Grimm, The Thing is probably a big Yankees Fan

My reaction: I agree with this one, I could see Grimm as a Yankees fan.

Who is the biggest Phillies fan?
Quesada: Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, because he’s a fair weather fan.

My reaction: Silly Quesada, there are no Phillies fans in the Marvel Universe.

St. Louis Cardinals fan in the Marvel U.?
Quesada: The Great Lake Avengers.  Because they’re in the mid-west.

My reaction: Really? The Great Lake Avengers? Come on, they’re obviously Minnesota Twins fans.  For some reason when I thought St. Louis Cardinals fan, I thought of Nick Fury.  Don’t ask me why, but I could see Fury rooting for the Cardinals.

Quesada interrupts the line of questioning to point out that Spider-Man is the ultimate Mets fan, which I whole heartedly agree with and have in common with both Spider-Man and Quesada.  Born and raised in Queens, Peter Parker probably spent as much time, if not more than, I did as a kid at Shea Stadium.  Hell, he got married to Mary Jane at Shea Stadium! At least before Quesada, uhm, I mean Mephisto ruined it…

L.A. Dodgers or Anaheim Angels fan?
Quesada: Tony Stark

My reaction: I can go with this one, although I’m not sure that Tony would actually own a team as Quesada says, but I could see Stark rolling into the Dodgers game in the 4th inning. also spoke to Matt Fraction (who they list as a comic book artist – heh) about being a Cubs fan and raising his child as a Cubs fan.  There is no discussion of comics.

Thanks to Gabe for the heads up about this


  1. Come on Ron.  The GLA are clearly Cubbie fans.  They are both lovable losers near the great lakes.

    Chicago Cubs-over 100 years of futility and still runnin’!!

  2. Whose an Astros fan!! Which Marvel character is from Texas?

  3. Movie-Tony is a Dodgers fan, but comics-Tony is a Yankees guy all the way.

    Cyclops likes the Cardinals, this is a fact that I made up.

    And Kitty Pryde is devoted to the Cubs.  This *is* comic-book canon.

  4. @TimmyWood-As a fellow Astros fan I want to know the answer to this as well!

    Check out this link:  Though I think since Texas Twister is from Amarillo he would be a Rangers fan 

  5. See the GLA to me are Brewer or Twin fans since they are based in Wisconsin according to Wikipedia.  Dr. Kathrine Reynolds or Anita Blake are from St Louis, but I understand he was going for more known characters in the Marvel Universe.

  6. @AlanRob Ugh, the Rangers…

  7. @TimmyWood   I found It! This is also from Marvel’s site

    "Disillusioned at the law’s inability to protect society from the lawless, Houston Police Officer Bart Gallows resigned from the force and became America’s self-appointed top law-enforcement official: Americop."

    This is absolutely the Marvel U’s top ‘Stros fan.  I guarantee his first stop to making the Country a better place was St. Louis to screw with a few Cardinals  🙂

    Check out the whole page

  8. Oh my God, the Expos don’t exist anymore??

    (huge sports fan.)

  9. Seeing the Houston fan figure out theirs, as a Chicagoan I wanted to figure out our two teams Marvel fans. 

    Cubs: Hank McCoy(Beast) grew up in Dundee, IL a northwest suburb of Chicago.  Plus, he is blue so it works out. 

    White Sox:  Marc Spector(Moon Knight) born and raised Chicagoan dressed in all white really doesn’t get any easier then that. 

  10. I used to hate the Expos. Now I hate the Rockies. Goddamned high-altitude playing sons-of-bitches! BURN IN HELL, THE LOT OF YA!


    I could see Tony Stark being a Dodgers fan. He lived out here during the ’88 World Series WHEN WE STOMPED THE GODLESS OAKLAND A’S LIKE THE PUKE-RIDDEN FILTH THEY ARE! *Anyone* who lived in L.A. when a near-death Kirk Gibson made that home run would be a Dodgers fan for life. 🙂

    Damn. Even I didn’t know I took baseball this seriously.


  11. GO PHILS!

  12. Forget about the Babe, Logan could   have seen the Cubs win their last World Series! But I gotta say, I don’t think Wolvie would be a fan of the Yankees (too Empirical) or the Blue Jays (too irrelevant). I’m thinking he’d follow the Mariners out of loyalty to Ichiro. 

  13. "My reaction: Silly Quesada, there are no Phillies fans in the Marvel Universe."


  14. PHILLIES!!!

    Now who would be a Phillies fan in the Marvel Universe? Let’s see…..

    Captain America? Nah, he might be a patriot but I see him as a Yankees fan.

    Wait, you know who was born in Philadelphia?

    DR. STRANGE! Ah….so I got the magical master with the porn mustache. Yeah I can deal 🙂

  15. Cap is totally a Yankees fan

     Was Dr. Strange really born in Philly? no way.  If that’s true and you can prove it, you may win a gold star

  16. Update:

    Alright so far I got these characters that could be fans of the Phillies:

    Dr. Strange, War Machine, and Betty Brant. Not the sexiest group, but definitely a good list so far. Now Ron, who would be fans of the Mets? Especially now considering they’ve tanked for two years straight? 🙂

  17. @forestjwp-NOBODY is a Brewer fan (at least until they got CC)  Me and my friends used to go up to Milwaukee to watch the Cubs play.  Cubs fans always outnumbered the Brew-crew.  Cub nation has a distinct presence up there.

    For the record-Not a Cub fan.

    Also, what the hell is a Phillie anyway??

  18. @ron: Here is proof on the Marvel website that Strange was born in Philly. BAM!!

    @MisterJ: It’s a shorter way to say ‘Philadelphians’. The team way back when (1880’s) was called the Philadelphians. But the newspapers got tired of spelling that out so they just used the term ‘Phillies’. Eventually the name stuck and they were offically called the Philadelphia Phillies in 1890. So thanks to laziness, we had a name. 🙂

  19. Hey @TNC thanks for the nod. ya jerk. 😉  I’d think Spidey would be a Mets fan.  Forest Hills is near Shea, right? 

  20. @misterJ: While Cubs fans do travel to Wrigley North (one would think bus/bar speicals in Wrigleyville would have something to do with that) I would think superheros would stick with the home team or one that has won a series in this century

    @NextChamption: Thanks I always thought it would be weird for them to named after a female horse, since you guys ph everything invovled with that team

  21. @forestjwp As a Cubs fan.. I’m pretty certain the World Series is a myth and what everyone has been watching/root for for the past 100 years has been an elaborate hoax by MLB and the TV networks.

  22. @siram: To be honest I thought this year was your year to do it, at least you can still enjoy the one of the best places to watch a game in baseball.

  23. @forestjwp yep.. we have the luxury of going to other parks. 🙂  <One more game behind a girder in Wrigley Field and I’m going to kill someone.  Sight lines? Who needs em? The park is historic. 🙂  >

  24. @jorestjwp: Yeah I gotta admit; we are kinda lazy when it comes to naming things.

    Philly Phanatic.

    Philly Phan

    Phantasic Phillies.

  25. Galactus is a Cardinals fan.

  26. @ChrisNeseman-You lie!

  27. I definitely see Logan, in an easy chair, snoozing, with a beer in his hand and the game on a summer afternoon. The team would have to be bad, so he could wake up periodically, curse at the f-ing bums, before drifting back to sleep. He would never buy team clothing, but in his cabinet would be an entire commemorative plate set from the year they last won the World Series, probably 40-60 years ago. Definitely a blue collar club… maybe the Pirates or Indians. I suspect he has not been that into baseball since the players stopped growing ridiculous sideburns. 

  28. @Neseman:  Awesome.

    @forestjwp:  Moon Knight as a White Sox guy makes perfect sense.  And remember, Barack Obama is U.S. President in the Marvel U., so there’s your biggest confirmed WS fan.

    Pirates?  If we count the New Universe, go with Ken Connell, the Star Brand.

    Seattle?  Denver?  Cleveland?  …. Yeah, I got nothin’.

  29. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!…….I feel so special.  


    Thanks Ron, and yeah, no way jose is Wolvy a Yankee fan.   

  30. So if Wolverine is a Yankee’s fan…..then Cyclops must be a Red Sox’s fan!

    Makes sense on why they hate each other so much!

  31. Ultimate Sox fan: Charles Xavier. Pompus and stuck up like the rest of them. Go Phils!

  32. It seems all influential comic creators hail from Cleveland, so surely one of them made mention of the woeful Tribe in one of their creations. Although, it don’t see Brian K. Vaughn or Bendis paying attention to baseball. Superman was created by Cleveland guys, so maybe when he isn’t cheering for the Metropolis Whoevers, he pulls for the Indians.

  33. @TheNextChampion gold star on the Dr. Strange find – nice work.  And as per a recent issue of X-Men, Cyclops is a Mets fan, natch.

  34. The Pride are clearly Dodgers fans

  35. @ron: Wheee!

    *places gold star on fridge*

    Now it makes more sense if Cyclops was a Mets fan. It totally expresses his rage and outright douchy behavior.

    ‘Honey what’s wrong?’-Emma

    ‘Nothing, get off my back!! Logan go get the rest of X-Force!! Mets lost to the Phils 6-4 this week and I feel like the need to kill someone!’-Cyclops

  36. Y’all, Wolverine does not care about baseball.  He’s a hockey and Canadian rules football man, strictly.  He gloated a little when the Jays won the series back in the 90s but that’s it.

    And no way Cap’s a Yankee fan.  He would have liked the Brooklyn Dodgers as a kid; when he was unfrozen and they no loner existed, he’d either adopt the L.A. Dodgers (but he’s SO not a West Coast guy) or the Mets.

  37. @TNC Go Phils! Go Dr. Strange – with one caveat. I think that Dr. Strange lived most of his pre-magic life in the 1940’s. At that time, the Phils were pretty bad, and the A’s were still in town. A lot of Philadelphians of that vintage were A’s fans. By the time Stephen got back to America, he moved to lower Manhattan, probably in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s. He may have missed the Phillies Whiz Kids of 1950 and started following the nascent Mets (who were terrible, but collected a lot of washed up fan faves) or the intensely successful Yankees. This almost happened to my uncle of that vintage, but he was saved by Jim Bunning’s perfect game in 1964 (on the day my parents got married!).

    However, I prefer to think that the Eye of Agamotto and deep meditation brought Dr. Strange beyond such human frailties as fluctuating loyalties. Instead Stephen saw that in time, the Phillies would re-emerge as a great franchise for those willing to keep the faith.

  38. No way is Ben Grim a Yankees fan!  Ben Grimm would be a Mets Fan.  He would have been a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, who hated the Yankees.  When the Dodgers moved to LA he would have been brokenhearted and lost his faith in baseball until a new national league team (i.e. the Amazins a.k.a. Mets) came to Flushing.  And then lost his faith again because of the poor play of said team in the latter half of the 2000’s.

  39. @andrew to be very nitpicky… Superman was created by a Cleveland guy and a Canadian from Toronto who later moved to Cleveland.


    @Bizdaddy I completely agree with your view on Ben Grimm being a Dodgers fan…

  40. Ben Grimm was born on the Lower East Side — he is most definitely a Yankees fan.

    Especailly since, with the sliding scale of Marvel history, he wasn’t alive when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn.

  41. Oh I forgot that the A’s used to be in Philadelphia…

    Still, I find that War Machine and Dr. Strange are huge Philly fans. If you want someone to kick ass; go for War Machine and not Iron Man. If you love magic shows, then go ask Dr. Strange for a party favor.

  42. I can give you sliding timeline as a reason for Ben Grim not being a Dodgers fan so I’ll give you that Ultimate Ben Grim may not be a Dodger fan.

    but if you take that out of the picture, I fnd it a lot easier to see Ben Grim loving "dem Brooklyn Bums" or the "Bronx Bombers".  The Thing and the the whole Yancy street gang are the proverbial underdogs.  They would be more inclined to support a struggling but scrappy team, instead of the clean cut elite team.  Besides the trip from the lower East to Flatbush would have been a shorter than going up to the Boogie Down Bronx anyway.

     If you want a Yankee fan I’d have to go with Tony Stark, provided he would even care about baseball, or maybe Hank Pym, in a "I wish I could be as good as they are" kind of way.