They Tried to Slip a New THOR Trailer Past Us!

But we miss nothing!

Okay, this movie looks like it's going to be epic.


  1. yes! awesome! yes! awesome! (repeat until may)

  2. I didn’t plan on seeing this movie but that trailer changed my mind.

  3. That was an awesome trailer. I am so excited for this movie.

  4. Definately more excited after seeing that.

  5. Looks GREAT! Was already excited, but even more so now. 

  6. F’ AWESOME.  My girl Kat Dennings doing her thing…..gotta admit, not loving homeboy’s delivery of the accent, though.  #ahwell

  7. WAY WAY WAY more excited now!

    Hopefully it’s also available in 2D

  8. This makes the movie look approximately 10000000x more amazing. 

  9. Gotta say, that’s the most impressive trailer yet. Liking Hemsworth more in this trailer. I think this is gonna be a fun cosmic epic.

  10. Yes! I hope they don’t make too much fun of his Asgardian ways. This trailer already gets old in that regard. A little is fine though. I loved when he smashed the cup. Awesome. “Another!”

  11. The smartest thing about this trailer? Emphasizing Thor’s fish-out-of-water quality. Acknowledging the goofiness of the character gives them license to go over the top with his bombastic personality. We’re laughing with them instead of at them. And when he has those hero moments, they’re transcendent and legitimately cool. 

  12. What was that sociologist saying several months ago about modern superheroes no longer being good role models and nothing more than hyped up action heroes with no grounding in more transcendent values?

    With Thor attempting to thwart Loki’s plans of genocide here, I’d say this film definitely puts that argument to rest.

    Couldn’t wait to see this before … definitely can’t wait to see it now!

  13. I’d think we’d have seen a bit more of the Warriors three.

  14. the scene in the cafe, brilliant. oh my various gods, this is going to be great

  15. Thor speak = awesome.

  16. I say thee, YAY!

    Also, I totally agree with Roi about the cafe/diner scene.  “Bring me another!” (smashes cup on the ground)

  17. 🙁 Looks like the video was taken down…

  18. @MutantSentry  Nope still up, but here’s a link directly to Yahoo if that helps:

  19. Heh.   Thor got tazed.  This looks cool.

  20. Mother of god…. the scale of this film–it screams epic. This looks highly likely to be the most epic-in-scale superhero film yet 

  21. It’s good to know that Thor will be a slight D-bag. That totally turned me around on this movie.

  22. I might just have to wait till I’m at home to watch this then…

  23. “I think I just went from six to midnight”

  24. Odin getting in on the action? HELLS YEA!! LOKI also looks like a great job of casting!

  25. I’m so jazzed to see Kirby-inspired Asgard complete with funky headgear and, most importantly, the Destroyer!  I am super excited for this movie.

  26. officially more excited for this than any other comic movie this year.

  27. Thor enjoyed the coffee, ladies.  Now back to your place, right?

  28. That’s some good hammer throwin’.

  29. Great! I just hope there’s a non-3D option for those of us who can’t see it. I’m not going to pay to see a movie where I have to wear special glasses just to make it look 2D. 

  30. I am MUCH more excited after seeing this! Amazing what a good trailer can do.

    Didja see in the background when Thor walks out to meet the Destroyer? Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg – the Warrios Three!

  31. see now this….THIS looks -as Alex Alex Albrecht, from the Totally rad Show would say – AH-MAY-ZIIIING! Can not wait!!!!!!!!

  32. Never a Thor fan, but REALLY excited about this movie.

    And this trailer has got me wanting to read a Thor book. And yes I have bought a couple Thor: The Mighty Avenger issues… Hmmm.

  33. Soooo sick of 3D movies.

  34. When he threw down the coffee cup I nearly lost it. Amazing. This is going to be the best summer ever.

  35. Wow.

  36. I am literally hyperventilating

  37. There seems to be a lot of recent Thor stuff thrown into this (intentional or not). Having it take place in the midwest is what JMS brought to the table. The relationship with Jane and Thor seems to be taken from ‘Thor the Mighty Avenger’, plus the Destroyer stuff could be from Gillen’s run too. Obviously this was written before any of those comics came out, but it’s interesting to see parallels.

    I’m psyched for the film that’s for sure. 

  38. Has somebody seen my jaw, it seems to have dropped.. , nay, flown off. WOW.

  39. Total nerdgasm.

  40. I hate that I have to slog through a bunch of “oh look, he’s not from ’round here. hyuk hyuk.” and Natalie Portman romance to get to the epic Asgardian action, but that action is starting to convince me that this could be really entertaining. I’m crossing my fingers.

  41. Whoa! That changed my mind on this big time. The first few trailers didn’t do much for me. But this was radical. Leaves Green Lantern as the only superhero film of the Summer that I’m not overly excited for. Cap, Thor, X-Men all look sweet. Woo hoo. This is gonna be fun.

  42. Paul said:

    “The smartest thing about this trailer? Emphasizing Thor’s fish-out-of-water quality. Acknowledging the goofiness of the character gives them license to go over the top with his bombastic personality. We’re laughing with them instead of at them. And when he has those hero moments, they’re transcendent and legitimately cool.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Makes a HUGE difference. The humor element helps a lot. Thor being tasered by Portman & him smashing his glass on the floor in the restaurant were great. Does a great job of setting the tone as fun and goofy. As you said, it allows them to go over the top with the more Thor-ish elements. Otherwise, it would all just come off a bit cheesey. Good call.

  43. I need to read me some Thor! NOW!

  44. This drink.  I like it.  ANOTHER

    ^Best line 

  45. The bit with the coffee cup just made me spit mine out everywhere, thanks!

  46. Let’s hope that the next Green Lantern trailer is that much better than the first, eh?

  47. Green Lantern is looking like the runt of the litter.

  48. thou shalt not taser me brother

  49. “Thor see your Facebook status say ‘In Relationship’. This no relationship.”

    I cannot wait to see this movie now! The first trailer really didn’t really hook me, but this one totally did. 

  50. @convoy83  You win.


  52. I’m not seeing anything impressive about this movie. The more I see the worse it looks. It won’t but I really hope these movies start to bomb.

  53. So this trailer sold me on this movie.  Incredibly epic looking.  It’s going to be great.  I don’t think this is exclusively 3D though…

    Also, with the recent discussion of Thor’s..*ahem*…manliness, shouldn’t he be used to getting tased?

  54. I liked the first trailer, but i love this one. Some more meat to it. 


  56. @convoy83  Friggin Brilliant.

    I have typed and deleted this post half a dozen times. That is how much my mind is blown by this trailer.

  57. Incredible.  Even more excited about this now.

  58. WOW!  I don’t read Thor, never have, and probably never will.

    That said, WOW…I can’t WAIT to see this! 

  59. This looks better than I ever imagined it would, I’m getting more and more excited for this!


  61. Yay! This is an amazing summer! If someone out there feels the need to whine and complain, they need some of my great tasting flavored juice called: “Punched-in-the-Berries”! Yea, me and my daugther came up wit that, deal w it!

  62. OH! MY! THOR!

    Live action Destroyer is a dream that i didn’t even know I had!

  63. I’m kinda curious how this plays with non comic fans, cause lets face it, those are the ones who make a movie successful or not. The back and forth between Asgard and then America thing could be a bit confusing. I dunno. Its like a Lord of the rings vibe, but then also a small town America vibe. Kind of a strange movie if you’re not super into Thor. 

  64. @wallythegreenmonster  I see what you are saying, but I disagree.  I think that the public could easily link what happened to Thor (getting thrown out of Asgard) to the idea of a fallen angel walking the earth, a notion that they have experience with.  Now, I have no idea if that is how it will happen, but it would not be a stretch.

  65. This Film Is Gunna Kick All Kinds Of Ass!

  66. I’ve never read Thor in any comic, but this trailer looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in so many ways. 

    Marvel: 2 (Thor & Cap)
    DC: 0 (Green Lantern)

    So far…

  67. Awesome!