The War of the Green Lanterns Teaser Image Doesn’t Give Us A Lot To Work With

Over on their blog, DC released a promo image for the upcoming "The War of the Green Lanterns" storyline.

Not a lot of information to work with bu it does look VERY DRAMATIC. Maybe the one glowing eye thing is a clue?

I'm on the fence about this one. I dropped Green Lantern two months ago but I am… intrigued.


  1. It’s Apocalypse Now.  That story, with Green Lanterns instead of soldieres, would actually be kind of interesting.

  2. I think it means there’s going to be Green Lanterns in it.

  3. With the billiard ball in the backgroung are they trying to give us a cue?

  4. Mind control of a lot of the Green Lanterns by the lost Guardian.

  5. That would be background, not sure what a backgroung is!

  6. Who is Comb-over Gollum? Do I know him?

    If I read the book for a year and a half and still don’t know what I’m looking at, does that reflect badly on me or them?

  7. the copyright symbol on the bottom means that the “War” really means that the green lantern corps will be suing all the colored lantern corps in galactic IP court over various copyright and trademark infringement violations…

  8. I’m using this as a jumping off point.  I enjoyed blackest night, but have mostly been buying this book out of habit for the last 9 months or so.  If this ends up being an enjoyable event, I’ll pick it up in trades.

  9. lots of lanterns fighting.


    for three years running.

    done done done done. 

  10. I think its going to be the Alpha Launterns lead by Cyborg Superman vs the regular Green Launtern Corp.

  11. @Jimski  I think that is supposed to be Krona.

  12. I’m with Mike. I just can’t muster up any more care for the Lantern saga. 

  13. Green Lantern Death Star!  If you squint the Lanterns flying in front of it look like Tie Fighters and X-Wings.

  14. Look at Mogo, smugly cocked at an angle. He knows what’s going on…

  15. @harwellpkg  Like!

  16. @mrlogical  – Me too. I’ve been buying this since 2006 and while it’s still decent it’s just not grabbing anymore. Case in point, last week’s issue is still laying unread on my nightstand and I’m not feeling an overwhelming desire to read it. Time to pull the plug.

  17. yechh

  18. Its a variant cover

    Looking forward to this. I think people tend to write John’s off to soon. 

  19. constant war for constant soldiers. 

    @vod89  —really? i’ve seen Johns get lots of praise….i don’t think we’re in the revolt on Johns era yet. 

  20. @vod89  What are you smoking?  Johns generally gets nothing but praise.

    From what I gather there will be Green Lanterns, Mogo, and a Guardian in the saga.  Glad that I left after Blackest Night.

  21. @MisterJ I’ll rephrase then. John’s gets a double standard because he’s the most successful writer in comics.

    Unless he puts out a book at the level of Blackest Night or Sinestro Corps where the payoff of his huge story is there, the people reviewing him tend to really put him under a microscope, and ignore that he’s still putting out great material.

    I love Ifanboy but they’ve been really dismissive of his current GL arch, which I don’t think reflects the hard work and amazing comeback Johns gave Green Lantern. And by Conner and Josh jumping off Green Lantern, they are definitely writing John’s off.

    Also, Its a variant cover 

  22. oook, I’m a few issues behind. when was it revealed that Hal Jordan was an alternate son of Scott and Jean?

  23. @vod89  why does this being a variant cover invalidate anyone’s points?

  24. @Jimski  I’m betting that’s Krona, and he wants his precious!

  25. Sinestro = Gollum

  26. @harwellpkg  That’s no billiard ball, it’s Mogo.

  27. The guardian is Scar and this has been being built towards all along. Somewhere in Blackest Night they talk about the events are leading upto a war. They were reading it in some big book.

  28. I’m glad I am not the only one getting tired of this Lantern stuff. I just want to see regular stories again and I’m sick of this multicolor lantern nonsense. Just get me back to a time where Hal would actually do other things instead of being the only savior for the planet every 5 seconds.

    This image does give me an idea though: Maybe Krona ends up being the new (and only) Guardian when it’s over?…..Might be cool….No TNC! Stay focused! 

  29. @ABirdseysView  Well arguably a variant cover’s job is really only to be an art piece not tell us anything about the story in the way the main cover is supposed to. So complaining that we’ve got no clue what’s happening in a story based on that alone seems a bit foolish since the main cover is supposed to let us know what’s what.

  30. @vod89  So we don’t like one of his books that means we are writing Johns’ off? How does that make aniota of sense considering we still love The Flash and Brightest Day? We are allowed to not enjoy something without it being an indictment of the writer. I didn’t give Green Lantern a chance? I bought it at least six months past the time I stopped enjoying it simply because I was giving it a chance to turn around.

    The “all or nothing” mentality among some comic fans is really quite maddening.

  31. Yea, looks like Krona will be taking over the Green Lantern Corps in one way or another.

    Looks like a lot of you are tired of Green Lantern, which is fine because you’ve got to make your own end on this ongoing stories.  I’ve been reading since Sinestro Corp and still dig it.  Looking forward to this.

  32. I’m with everyone else. SO tired of the different colored Lantern corps war. Was fun 2 years ago or however long it started. But enough is enough. And like everyone else has said, it’s not that it’s bad or anything. Just the same thing over and over.

    @vod89 – Sorry, but I have to say it. You sound like a Joss Whedon fanboy. Just because someone is talented, doesn’t mean everything they crap out is golden. Absolutism in fandom is slipperly slope. Especially when you’re not able to understand why the rest of the world doesn’t agree exactly with you. The fact that so many people around here are in agreement on GL, should really say something to you, dude.

  33. Forgot to mention one other thing. In addition to Blackest Night basically not ending. The other thing that burnt me out over GL is the fact that DC felt the need to create two carbon copy books on top of it. I’m sure fans will champion certain books over others, saying one is actually good. But the fact remains, be it Hall, Guy, or Kyle. It’s nothing but battling different colored lanterns. UGH.

  34. @vod89: I’m STILL buying/reading Green Lantern even though I haven’t really enjoyed it since Blackest Night (since whatever the arc right before Blackest Night, actually, if you want to count only the Green Lantern title and not the BN title). I couldn’t tell you anything that’s happened since BN, and I honestly have no idea how many issues have come out since then. It bores me, my reactions of it range from “meh” to “what was that?” to “awful,” and I still get it every single month simply because of my respect for Geoff Johns’ work and his run on the character up to that point. But that still doesn’t mean this hasn’t been the worst arc – or two, or however many it’s been – since “Rebirth.” I don’t see how you could argue that it’s been anywhere close to on par with anything we’ve previously seen in this series.

  35. The floating head looks like the creeky old gay man from the bar in Magnolia. 

    that character would make an awesome green lantern by the way

  36. Go Krona Go!

  37. Green Lantern continues to be one of my favs along with GL Corps ( Emerald Warriors not so much..)  Not sure why the ifanboys have turned on this each his own.  Looking forward to this big time.

  38. I stopped after Blackest Night when I switched to trades, but GL is pretty low priority anymore. How many more stories do we need of hundreds of characters battling with multi-colored rays? We should start a pool on how many rookie GLs will die per issue during this yet another war.

  39. @tazz – two of the iFanboys (Josh and Conor) have dropped the book, and Conor’s post-picture comment seems to indicate he’s at least interested in checking the event out.  Ron is still reading it.  As for why: some people are just tired of the rainbow lantern storyline.  Admittedly, Johns is conscious of it; Hal’s dialogue with the JLA at the end of the last issue is evidence of that.  But when you look at the whole of the time that Hal’s been back, we had three story arcs (including Rebirth), then Sinestro Corp War.  Since War (which started in 2006 or 2007), it’s been all rainbow lanterns all the time.  Ending War with the Black Lantern, going into Secret Origin with the prophecy of Blackest Night and the beginnings of the Red Lanterns, then Rage of the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, and Blackest Night.  That’s 4 or 5 years of more or less the same thing.  As a storyteller, Johns has lost nothing in that time; a lot of readers would just like to see him start telling a different story.

    As for the image, great late 70’s – early 80’s sci-fi feel.  I can definitely see a “Star Wars” vibe in it, but it borders on busy (the shadowy GL symbol in the background’s a bit much).  Is this going to be a GL Civil War with some siding with the Guardians and others with Krona?  That might be interesting, but I’ll trade-wait it.  

  40. @wallythegreenmonster  “War of the GLs” is just DC trying to get on the Court Drama band waggon and IP trials between the Lantern Corps is the most logical way to do it.

  41. @vod89 , WARNING WARNING!!!!!! You made THE #1 mistake my friend. You made your opinion which differs from that of the majority ifanbase. I’m not mad at you, I like what you said, but you learned a valuable lesson. A few more words of wisdom, don’t mention that you like ANYTHING written by JMS on here. Also, I believe some people make comments on here bc they think that’s what the staffers want to hear, rather than how said commenter really feels. Which is crazy right?!?! Bc why would someone want to run a website in which everyone agreed with them and didn’t offer any opposing ideas right?? I’m probably going to get slammed for writing this(see #1 mistake) but I just wanted to let you know that I respect you opinion for what it is……….YOURS!!!!!!!

  42. As for the Lantern-verse, this story is going to mark the first time I’ve ever bought GL Corps or GL Emerald Warriors. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 

  43. @Joshua  Nothing wrong with offering differing or minority opinions. Nothing unusual about it, either. People do it here all the time, multiple times a day.

  44. @conor  this is true, but don’t you feel people sometime just follow the “attack” or “defend” trend??

  45. Enough of this lantern fatigue talk. A good book’s a good book and the Johns/Mahnke Green Lantern is a good book. I’m in for the crossover.

  46. @Joshua  I think the real “mistake” that vod89 made was make a blanket absolute statement that just wasn’t correct. No biggie. People can make mistakes or misspeak, that’s fine. But saying that the fanboys have written Johns off just isn’t true.

    As for me, I dropped all GL related books (Brightest Day included) a few months after Blackest Night concluded. I really dug GL up through Secret Origins and really enjoyed aspects of Blackest Night, but along with many people on this site and comic fans in general I just got tired of it. I stuck with it out of love for Geoff Johns and Green Lantern longer than I wanted and it’s just gonna have to be really special to get me back on.

  47. Thank god we’re getting a war, it’s like that episode of band of brothers: lots of soldiers with lots of ammo and nothing to do leads to bad things (granted, in real life it tends to be death, in here the story just gets boring). I’ve quite liked Green Lantern this whole time (although all the side books have gotten dropped, so maybe this’ll pump some new life into it by getting rid of a lot of people

  48. War! what is it good for? some great comics hopefully

  49. It was really cool when there was just one Green Lantern. This is a character they really need to ground if they want people who see the movie to jump on (I know that doesnt actually happen but still). Maybe this will all lead to something but for now I am burned out on GL.

    @ MegaPhilip Brightest Day barely has any Green Lanterns in it at all after the first issue or two. Basically it’s just Deadman who has a white lantern ring but almost no control over it which is good fun for the whole family.

  50. Or Mogo could just eat everyone, that would be ok too.

  51. I’ll only pick this up if they promise “Nothing will ever be the same again”

  52. I’m definitely in. I’ve been a GL fan for 20-odd years and I still am enjoying the books. All the various stories in the three titles have weaved back together. It’s actually kind of cool to look back at how they all linked together. So I too will take the unpopluar position!

    >some people are just tired of the rainbow lantern storyline

    Rainbow Lanterns would be cool. Very 70’s. Maybe they could have a pride parade.

  53. So, Yoda will be involved.

  54. Like George Costanza would’ve said: Maybe it has something to do with that C at the bottom.

  55. Wow DC… War of the Green Lanterns… Before it was War of the Supermen, what next, War of the Batmen or the Amazonias, or War for the Speed Force… keep expanding your universe and into crapola.

  56. @agentM  ok how ’bout  “Corps Reborn” ?

  57. I love Green Lantern (it’s the very first title I ever really dug into), and I’m always going to.  Both Hal Jordan and/or Kyle Rayner both have been my favorite heroes for the last 25-30 years…

    That being said, the stories since the end of Blackest Night are not what they could be.   I still enjoy reading the series but its not the top of my stack…there are 4-6 comics I’ll read before I pick up the GL stuff.   

    Im sure the War of the Green Lanterns storyline will reinvigorate the storyline but hey you’re never going to please everyone.   There are people who will say there’s been too much downtime and others who say that it needs some downtime… just not going to satisfy everyone.

  58. War of the DC Wars

  59. x