The Top 10 Comic Book Crafty Gift Ideas

The holidays are the season of giving, and while receiving a shiny new store bought toy is always fun, I am definitely one of those people who is touched even more when someone gifts me a unique hand made gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of felt with googly eyes glued to it and a heart drawn on it, if someone took any time out of their day to make me something it makes me ridiculously smiley and grateful.

From observation I have found this to be true of most people. Hand made gifts have a little bit of heart and soul in them, and they are generally more rewarding, personal, and more affordable! Thus, I have scoured the internet for this year’s list of the top ten best comic book crafts that can be one of perfect 11 year old boys gift ideas.


10. Comic Book Notebook/Moleskine


I seem to never have enough notebooks lying around, so I know I always love recieving unique notebooks and sketchbooks from friends. Bonus points if it’s handmade with love! This how to explains how to make a notebook completely from scratch – with a comic book cover. A great gift for those who travel around to cons and get sketches!


 9. Comic Book Jewelry Box


For a special lady who loves comic books, this is a quirky and unique “how to”. It actually explains how to make the jewelry box itself to, but the idea of adhering comic book panels to a pre purchased jewelry box is also an option. For bonus points throw in a green lantern ring.


 8. Comic Book Character Drawing

This isn’t a “how to”, merely a suggestion: If you have even a modicrum of artistic talent, draw a picture! Illustrate a fun scene of their favourite character or paint a portrait. Frame it in a nice frame (buy one from a Thrift Store or the Dollar Store if you’re watching your wallet), and then gift it to the intended recipient. Every piece of art I have ever recieved from someone is proudly displayed on my wall, even if it’s a scribbled stick figure.

7. Wonder Woman Barbie


I debated on whether or not to put this how to on the list, but I couldn’t resist. I’m not a big fan of dolls or Barbie, but this tutorial explains how to convert a Barbie Doll into the super role model amazonian Wonder Woman.


6. Comic Book Coasters


A perfect place for your friends and family to place their hot mugs – right on the faces of some of their favourite comic book characters! This is a very easy and quick how to, so if you’re running out of ideas of things to do, here’s a great option.


5. Comic Book Character Plushies

Tutorial – Body

Tutorial – Head

Tutorial – Hair

Plushies are surprisingly easy to make. Here’s a base tutorial for the “body”, and then you can use your creativity and imagination to turn it into basically any comic book character you can think of!


4. Captain America Shield


One of the cooler instructables I found – a Captain America shield for under 20.00 bucks! Any Cap fan would be elated to find this under their tree.


3. Geeky Screen Printing


Screen printing is the process in which one applies a graphic to fabric – that smooth feeling Flash logo on the front of your t-shirt, for instance. It’s usually achieved by a giant press that costs thousands of dollars, but screen printing at home is actually pretty easy if the design is simple. This tutorial is a great one for beginners to screen printing – slap a logo or a design on a t-shirt or a tote bag for someone for the holidays!


2. Action Figures


What could be cooler than recieving a one of a kind action figure for the holidays? This undertaking is not one for the uninspired, but this tutorial explains clearly and concisely how to make your own handmade action figures!

1. Comic Book Pendants/Necklaces/Keychains


Incredibly quick and easy, these could be used for a lot of things – charms for bracelets, necklaces, or even keychains. The possibilities are endless – I know I’m going to making a TON of these for people close to me for Christmas! (Spoilers!)


Molly McIsaac lives in a constant state of rainbows and unicorns. Her dream is to someday make out with Wolverine. You can follow her weird updates on Twitter.


  1. In the past I’ve made magnets and they go over really well. They’re super-easy to make too. You can get a sheet of magnet “paper” at your local craft store, decoupage a comic book panel or image on it and cut it out with a regular pair of scissors.

  2. the comic book moleskine looks AWESOME!

    That’s easily the no. 1 coolest idea on this list IMO

  3. The homemade plushies make me wish I had paid more attention in Home Economics.

  4. As a former action figure customizer (no time, something had to give…), there are a LOT of resources out there. Complete how-to’s, recipes, various techniques… lots of stuff. One good starting place is which has some content (look at the old artciles link too) and a lot of links to other sites with good info. This can be a really unique and cool gift!

    A friend once took a used, camo-colored Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile and re-did it with working lights and a new, accurate paint job. I have it on my desk right now and I really appreciate it.

    Also, if you want to give a sketch but have no artistic abilities, ask at your LCS if they know of any artists that will do custom sketches for a fee. Odds are good that they will know some up-and-comers or even professionals that would do a sketch for a nominal fee. You could frame it and it would be a great gift.

  5. Oh, I like the coasters idea. What else am I going to do with all those old Heroes Reborn and Spider-Man “The Other” issues laying around?

  6. I always thought making your own Dalek from Doctor Who was awesome, but a bit much for anyones gift. Here is a link if anyone cares….