The Thanos Imperative Comes to Marvel Cosmic

When you say the word "Thanos," my ears perk up.  When Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning say the word "Thanos," I giggle with excitement – so when the news broke on about The Thanos Imperative I did a little dance at my desk. Thanos is one of those characters that makes perfect sense to be a player in the Marvel Cosmic books, and we haven't seen him in quite a while, since the Annihilation story line a few years ago.  If anyone can do Thanos and do it right, it's going to be Abnett and Lanning.

Guardians of the Galaxy #24 and #25 will be the books that will tip off Thanos come back, and it looks as if it will span across the cosmic books from Guardians of the Galaxy to Nova.  The cosmic books of Marvel have consistently been the most fun reading for years now, and in a very quiet way.  Marvel also announced a one shot, The Thanos Imperative: Ignition, which they are billing as a great jumping on point, and trust me folks – these are books you want to jump on to, if you're not already on board.  It's worth it for Rocket Racoon and Groot alone…


Thanos Impertative from Marvel Comics


  1. YES! YES! YES!  

    I just went back and bought ALL of the Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest HC’s. I’m currently on the 2nd volume of Conqust, which I’m reading in tandum to The early Nova.  I started reading the Cosmic stuff with Secret Invasion and the Guardians ongoing. 

     This is the best stuff coming out of the Marvel 6161 universe.  I hope that with Thano’s return we will also get a reprinting of the trades from his 2004, 12 issue series. Hardcover please!

  2. *looks at picture* Thanos is a Black Lantern?

     I kid! I kid! *hides from Marvel zombies*

  3. All I know is that the Pet Avengers and Squirrel Girl both beat Thanos. He’s still cool though.

  4. Wow, Black Lantern Thanos looks pretty scary…

  5. Thanos?YES!!
    Will a reboot on Silver Surfer be far behind?

  6. I am happy


  8. YES!!! Thanos is my favorite Marvel villain. 

  9. This might just get me to read Marvel Cosmic again! 
    @jesse1125 I hope so, but the few times anyone at Marvel’s been asked the answer was "We think it’s best to let that concept sit for a few years."
  10. Thats it, I am buying Guardians of Galaxy starting now.


    The Infinity Guantlet story was the one that got me into comics as a kid. My older cousin had the issues and I borrowed them and read them over and over again. When I got back into comics again as an adult, its one of the first trades I searched out. I dig Thanos. One of my favorite villains.

  11. @zlenson I did the same thing with infinity gauntlet. I thought infinity gauntlet was the greatest thing ever when I was younger, and was into comics.

     I have been reading Guardians since issue one, and it has been a good ride, especially recently with the issues where Warlock becomes the Magus. It is about time we got some more Thanos. Keep it coming guys.

  12. I’ve been waiting for this ever since Annihilation. Thanos is my favourite comicbook character. 

  13. Happy Day!

    I just got back from my LCS.  I found Thanos #1 and #2 in the back issue bins and just because I was excited I bought a Thanos action figure too!

    Then on a whim I stopped at a discount book store. I shit you not, I found the first trade collecting 1-6 for $8. Hell Yeah!

  14. @zlenson – what issues of Guardians of the Galaxy did the Magus/Warlock story start?

  15. I’m a bit sad because warlock is dead now so my dreams of more thanos adam warlock interactions are dashed for the moment at least

  16. This is EXACTLY what these titles need! I’m deffiniately getting both.

     This said, I’ve really tried to get into this and NOVA, but it really isn’t something that survives if I need to drop a title. But I think that the infinity stuff and Thanos rock, so, I can’t wait to jump back on. I also love all the old Warlock stuff. Maybe in TP I’ll look into those.

  17. Even though this sounds really cool. I think the entirety of the Marvel U has event fatigue for me.  It might want to check to see if it has a Event Tranmitted Disease

  18. This might replace the Green Lantern titles on my pull list.


  19. AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWH SHIT. You know when Thanos’ around, the shit hits the fan. It’d be nice to have another Infinity Gauntlet miniseries/event but in its own continuity.

  20. Ron has a desk? Is he middle management?

  21. This is pretty awesome.  I broke my comic book cherry with Infinity Gauntlet #4, and ever since Thanos has held a special place for me.  A flawed villain, in the same way that so many of Marvel heroes are themselves flawed.  Who lusts for absolute power, but deep down doesn’t believe that he deserves it.  This will be exciting, I have no doubt.

  22. @marcushill73 – 


    No idea, I haven’t been reading any of the cosmic books, probably try and find out if my LCS has enough of the back issues for me to back track a bit.

  23. Thanos is back, awesome! I’d also like to some the Hearlds return, like Firelord.

  24. This is one of those moments in a film where a character’s jaw falls to the floor and says: "Oh shit…."

    Sadly the cosmic titles have been pretty medicore for me in Marvel. But I’ll definitely read this stuff in trade whenever it is released.

  25. Thanos already made his comeback in the pet avengers

  26. I get the sense that the whole event will be called the Thanos Imperative and this is just the opening one-shot.  The focus is supposed to be on Thanos and Magus and will prominently feature Silver Surfer and Quasar.

  27. Love it. More Groot, Rocket and Cosmo PLEEZE!

  28. My pull list is getting too damn BIG!

    Looks like it’s about to get even bigger, I’m going to jump to the cosmic events wagon… 


    damn you Marvel 😛

  29. He looks more like a member of X-Force than a Black Lantern.

  30. Thanos to me is and will always be a second rate Drakseid.

  31. Make that Darkseid.

  32. For budget concerns, I dropped Nova but kept reading Guardians of the Galaxy. I really enjoy team books, and I had so much fun reading it, that I couldn’t drop it. Since I made that decision, it’s been getting better and better. Even if you have no knowledge of Marvel’s cosmic characters (like myself) it’s so worth it. 

  33. Fuck yes!

  34. When I was a kid I collected Silver Surfer issues and whenever Thanos came it meant Surfer was going to get f%#@’d up. Every appearance. It’s that kind of reputation alot of villains in the Marvel U lack and why I’m excited to see him back.

  35. @Mangaman- Are you talking about those Ron Lim Silver Surfer Issues? I always thought he didn’t get half the credit he deserved, I have a nice stack of those and they are among my FAvorites!!

    @Hawkboy-2nd rate Darkseid?? Coming from a biased POV I think Thanos has accomplished more (saw his nemesis Captain MArvel Die, Did get ALL the Soul gems& kicked the MArvel U’s ass)

  36. @Hawkboy- Who the fuck cares about Darkseid????

  37. @rockingeek: Lots of people.