The Quintessential Comic Book Geek Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again… the time of year when Santa Claus realizes the geeks SHALL inherit the earth and stuffs everyone's stockings full of nerdy goodness. Even though Santa may be your significant other (or your parents) creepin' in the recesses of the night to deposit presents under the tree (or in the corner, by the coffee table), we're still greeted with wrapping paper ripping delight around this season.  

But what if YOU'RE Santa? You need to come carrying giant velvet bags full of brightly wrapped gifts in order to be socially acceptable… and make that special geek in your life happy. Perhaps, though, you are not that well versed in shopping for the geeky types. Or you are, but don't have the mad internet perusal skills that I am equipped with. Not to fear, ifanboy has you entirely covered.

For Her:


Gotham City Ring

Get it here.

In the true nature of Batman, this ring is a fashion accesory AND a weapon. It's perfect for leaving Gotham City indents in baddy's faces… and it looks fantastic, too. The price is a little steep, but it's the price one pays for super chic superhero fashion.



Robin Plushie

Get it here.



Trust me, there are very few female comic book dorks in this world who haven't wanted to cuddle Robin at one point or another. Now she can go to bed with him every night, tucked happily underneath her chin as she dreams of underwear on the outside.




SDCC Polly Pockets

Get it here



I think it's safe to assume that most women were at least aware of Polly Pockets when we were younger, even if we did not own them. At SDCC this year, this was one of my favourite purchases. Could they be any more adorable??




Batman Plaid Dress

Get it here



This dress is custom made, delightfully nerdy, and deliciously fashionable. I want one for myself!




Ramona Flowers Bag

Get it here



Ramona Flowers has taken the world of hot comic book girls by storm with her fiery attitude and unforgettable fashion sense. Though this isn't officially licensed (it doesn't exist!) this seller on etsy has a wonderful plethora of Ramona Flowers' bags.




Comic Book Exclamation Necklace

Get it here



What better way to punctuate one's life then by wearing comic book expressions?




Tokidoki "Hulk Cheer" Shirt

Get it here



We always knew Hulk was secretly a cheerleader. It explains his aggressiveness perfectly.

Tokidoki has an absolutely sickeningly cute line of Marvel shirts. Click through the link to throw up rainbows and unicorns (and buy one while you're cleaning yourself up)




Comic Book Leggings

Get it here



For the less assuming comic book geek, here are some super chic comic book strip leggings.




Comic Book Shoes

Get it here



Last week I told you how to make your own comic book shoes… but if you're too lazy for that, indulge in these delicious little numbers.


For Him:




Various Comic Book inspired Cufflinks

Spider-man // Flash // Iron-Man // Green Lantern // Batman

Prices vary


When I was perusing the internet for content to write this article, I was struck with just how many fantastic cufflinks men are offered… and how unfair it is that women don't have the same sort of geeky variety in jewelry. I collected some of the best looking in the links above.




Comic Book Wallet

Get it here



Keep your comic book money in the folds of this wallet… protected by a sexy vintage comic book lady. What more could a man ask for?




Tony Stark Motorcycle Suit

Get it here


Let's face it: What man HASN'T wanted to be Tony Stark at one time or another in their life? Now one can tastefully channel such urges with this insane replica of Tony Stark's movie Motorcycle Suit… but it's not cosplay folks, oh no. It is fully functional. Awe-some.




Family Guy Batman and Robin T-shirt

Get it here



The image is pretty self explanatory, methinks.




Captain America Headphones

Get it here



There's nothing like listening to your ifanboy podcasts through a muscled beefcake of an American hero.




Batman Watch

Get it here



It delights me that in recent history, comic book fashion accesories have gone from "incredibly dorky" to "good looking and classy". This demure Batman watch is a perfect example of this.




Superman Automobile Set

Get it here



"Pimp my ride"… comic book style.


Now go spend money. DO IT NOW.


Molly McIsaac got a cramp in her neck from writing this article. YOU'RE WELCOME. When she's not complaining, she enjoys comic books (duh), and unicorns. You can follow her on the twitterverse.


  1. Must! Own! Batman! Watch!

  2. Those cufflinks are sweet!

  3. I want those Flash cufflinks. Those are awesome.

  4. Cufflinks!  Watch!  Superman seat covers!  Eyes exploding due to awesomeness!

  5. Headphones. Gotta have those pimping headphones.

  6. Where’s the R2D2 bathing suit?

  7. Oh my god! I need that Batman watch. I got one from fossil years ago but the battery drained and they can’t replace it. Wow, that is so cool. Would someone please tell my wife!

  8. I know a girl who love those shoes. Sadly for her she isn’t my girl and $300 is more than I will spend on her.

  9. I got that wallet as a gift last year and love it still

  10. I’m pissed that I already got Josh his Christmas gift. That Tony Stark motorcycle suit is PERFECT for him.

  11. I tried so hard to find GL cufflinks for my wedding, and they didn’t exist at the time.  Certainly not for $20.

    Now that I’m already married though, I have zero use for them. Also, that shirt I got married in doesn’t fit me anymore, because you get fat after you get married.

  12. Family Guy Batman and Robin T-shirt Mush have!

  13. I don’t know if this is cool, but I figure if it isn’t the worst that could happen is it gets deleted.

    I make and sell wallets made from comic book pages for $3 on Etsy.

  14. I love the Gotham ring! The necklace and those shoes are pretty fantastic as well.

  15. @micahmyers  Those are damn sweet! Is that shelving material like laminate? I need a STURDY one! I might just get the X-men one

  16. @Jesse1125 Thank you. They are really sturdy. I used the same one for 9 months, and there was only a little wear on the fold. The only reason I switched it out was because I wanted a new one.

  17. Headphones! Headphones!… Nice.