The Next Guardian of the Globe from Image…wait a minute…

Yes, this is just getting ridiculous, and it looks like Image Comics knows it.  Either way, they got me to laugh…again.



Is this considered parody? At this point, I don't know.  Who cares!?!


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  2. Dog Fart.  Teehee.

  3. I am absolutley loving this stuff…LOVING IT.

  4. I like the "Dog Farts" badge

  5. I think a little pee just came out from laughing too much.

    Then I got sad cause now we know this will probably not happen. It would be the best comic that ever existed.

  6. bring on the hate….

  7. So Tim Hunter from the "Books of Magic" is going to be in the Guardians?

  8. I don’t find this funny.  I dont’ hate it either.  I just wonder how they would feel if I took a character that looks JUST LIKE one of theirs and changed it a tiny bit and used it to advertise my shitty project.

    If I had a bit of art talent I think I would do that and bring it to every comic con that they are at just to see how they’d take it. 

  9. haha, well I guess the only way you could top Obama was with something that’s almost illegal. Good stuff.

  10. I would hate to be a person who doesn’t enjoy this. You must lead a very dull life.


  12. ah…whats going on!?


    Naw, just funnin’. This is pretty funny.

    Like I said with Obama yesterday. I liked how it went from plausible starting with Invicible to totally absurd by the end of the week.

  14. Hehe, i didn’t laugh til I saw dog farts. Otherwise its the nicest HP fanart I’ve ever seen (not meaning to imply I’m connoisseur of such things. . . !)


  16. I’m bummed this likely means no Guardians of the Globe book, I was actually interested in it.  I guess we’ll see when the solicits come out in a couple months.

  17. With this team of Guardians of the Globe, I doubt anyone/thing will wanna miss with Earth.

  18. With this team of Guardians, I doubt anyone/thing will wanna mess with Earth.

  19. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYes. but I was hoping for Severus Snape.

  20. @Rchapoteau – I bet they would find it funny

  21. Slightly illegal indeed.

    I am a bit upset that this team isn’t gonna happen. Then again I guess that’s why ‘Image United’ is around right now as it is.

  22. I would buy this book. And all of its variant covers.

  23. So I guess this book isn’t happening… Now I’m sad :`(

  24. Gen 13 is under Wildstorm which is a part of DC, they aren’t in the Image universe anymore.

  25. You know, this book still COULD happen. It obviously won’t have Harry Potter, Obama, or even Rick from Walking Dead in it, and prob not Spawn. But I could see the initial Invincible teaser as an actual teaser for an Invicible universe ‘Guardians of the Globe’ book. A book with the actual characters who are in the Guardians of the Globe in Invincible. Robot, Monster Girl, Bulletproof, etc. After all there is an ‘August 2010’ attached to this for some reason. Not expecting the book based off how silly the teaser campaign ended up being. But you kever know.

  26. Anyone know whose marketing brainchild this is? It’s great.

  27. Hahahahaha!  I still hope a Guardians of the Globe book comes out though, with the current memebers.

  28. Kirkman’s going to have a interview with CBR today @ 1pm PST to talk about this

  29. Make that 12pm PST

  30. If we had a Guardians of the Globe book, the line-up I’d wanna see would be Invincible, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, Atom Eve, Robot, Maxx, SuperPatriot, Madman, and Freefall from Gen 13 for some comedy relief. Maybe Astonishing Wolf-Man?

  31. Wait, Gen13 was WildStorm, so scratch Freefall. Need some more female flavor. Any suggestions?

  32. Apparently Comic Book Recourses is going to be posting an interview with Kirkman about these…. ‘interesting’ ads come 12:00pm PST. I have to imagine we are getting some sort of book out of all this, though it could just be the next Invincible storyline. And hey while you’re at CBR check out their interview with J. Michael Straczynski about Samaritan X, his upcoming creator-owned OGN set IN the DC universe following the goings on of a Gotham hospital specifically dedicated to helping those with powers. It’s probably cheating to mention it here but it has not been mentioned anywhwere on iFanboy so… *shrugs* I just think it sounds really intriguing.

  33. This would have been funnier and stood less chance of earning Image a cease and desist letter if they had done it with a black silhouette.

  34. hilarious… but i swear if Edward or some twiglight star comes in.. i’m out

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, it’s Friday. I assume this is the last of them. 

  36. meh. I think the joke is only as good as the punchline is and Harry Potter seems too easy. I was hoping for something completely unexpected.

  37. I was hoping for God!

  38. Tommy taylor.    Vertigo should sue.

  39. HA!!!!




    I want to see one with Ryan Reynolds on the ad….He’s in everything.

  40. This is so fake! It just not true!

    Everyone knows Harry is right-handed!!

  41. It would be pretty funny if they actually got the rights to use him.

  42. Pretty fun. I’m glad we live in a world where Harry Potter’s inclusion in line up is more implausible than the sitting US President’s. Fantastic.

    @rchapoteau Considering that IMAGE was founded on characters that were slight revisions of major properties the creators had worked on before, I imagine they wouldn’t mind much. (Spawn=Batman + Spider-Man, Savage Dragon=Hulk, etc., etc.) 

  43. I was hoping for Mogo! Ah well, he’s probably busy.

  44. LOL Dogfarts!

  45. yo im so in right now its not even funny

  46. Tim Hunter?

  47. <——was obviously joking in the above post. 

  48. Hilarious!  Bravo to Image for this insanity.

  49. This was a fun one to cap off the week.

  50. does this image make anybody else want a harry potter comic book?

  51. @jashcroft1014 i just want the Harry Potter books on Kindle