The Justice League International Returns in JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST

Justice League: Generation LostDC announced today that the famed Justice League International would be returning to comics in a new bi-weekly 26-issue series beginning this summer called Justice League: Generation Lost.

The book will be co-written by Keith Giffen and Judd Winick, which for long time Justice League International fans is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. Long time Justice League International co-writer J.M. DeMatteis is not on this book due to his writing commitments with Giffen over on Booster Gold. I'm a big fan of Judd Winick's work so this isn't necessarily bad news it just throws me off when I don't see DeMatteis' name attached to a new Justice League International book.

Another name that you are not going to see attached is artist Kevin Maguire. While no artist has been named yet — aside from Tony Harris who will be providing all the covers (see the art to the left) — it's a pretty safe bet that the notoriously slow Maguire won't be drawing a book that comes out twice a month. That and after his stint on the Metal Men co-feature ended and rumors began to pop up about a new Justice League International book Maguire denied any involvement with it. So we will have to play the wait-and-see game with the artist. I think that it's essential that they have an artist with a clean style who can really make the characters act, because Justice League International stories tend to be mostly dialogue and facial expression.

As for characters appearing in the book, the team line-up being thrown around the most often consists of Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, and Rocket Red. But it's a near certainty that more characters will pop up along the way over the 26 issue series.

I am, obviously, really looking forward to this series. The Justice League International is one of all time favorite things about comics and their various books that went through the 80s and 90s probably edge out G.I. Joe as my all-time favorite comics.


  1. So this is going to be a flashback series? Because Booster’s lack of 80s collar is throwing me off…

  2. Well this sounds good on paper. Granted I’ve only read the first two trades of the series so I’m not like, an uber fan. But what I’ve read of the series I love all of it; and I hear it only gets better down the road.

    My only problem is: Judd Winick. He’s a huge wild card and his influence could totally make or break this idea. For me, his track work lately has been very medicore to plain bad. So we’ll see how it works.

  3. Tony Moore, It looks like Tony Harris to me. Can’t wait to see this.

  4. Good catch.

  5. Really excited for this. I like Winnick more than others, so I’m happy there. Here’s Hoping Guy makes an appearance.  

    @conor I think you meant Tony Harris and not Tony Moore. 😉 

  6. This makes me very happy

  7. Looks like I’m jumping off of JLA and picking this up. Depending on the artist, this sounds like an upgrade to me. Too bad about DeMatteis and Maguire though.

  8. Loved JLI back in the day, but Judd Winick makes this dead to me.

  9. Its a shame Maguire isn’t a part of this, though if his lateness is gonna drag the fast pace that this title should be coming out down, perhaps its best he’s not a part of this. As for another artist…how about Mark Bagely? I think he can do good faces and keep on a good schedule. Though the fact that he’s working on the main JL title may be too much…

  10. While JLI was one of my all-time faves, I am concerned that you can’t go home again. I didn’t think that the last two mini-series, that brought back Giffen, Dematteis, and even Maguire, were that good. They seemed lost in nostalgia.

    That said, I’m actually glad Winick is involved here, as it tells me their not just going for nostalgia but that it has the chance to be something new.

    I love Ted Kord in this dynamic. Not sure how i feel about them bringing him back, though (as the blacked-out portion appears to indicate). But then, whatever. I’ll just be happy if they can tell a good, fun modern story that forges its own identity rather than trying to recreate what went before.

    Also very interested in the announcement of Giffen and DeMatteis teaming on Booster Gold with Chris Batista. Might just have to check that one out, too.  



  11. why does booster look so weird in that picture

  12. @Roi It’s been pointed out elsewhere but people are certain the visual model Harris used for Booster in that picture is from a 80s movie poster with Michael Keaton including the Hairline.

  13. It’s totally Michael Keaton.

  14. why would you ever use michael keaton as booster? what? booster always looks like an older zack morris to me

  15. he looks like the creeper

  16. Well I loved this back in the day so I can’t wait.  The only thing is that the last two reunion series from a few years back were great but they included the whole creative team, whereas here we have just the one original creator.  Still, I’ll be there.  Booster Gold sounds very promising too, and Chris Batista, who’s on pencils there isn’t bad at the ol’ facial expressions from what I recall.

  17. Actually, forget the fact that I mentioned that Bagley should do the art. Know know who would be perfect? Pablo Raimondi, the artist on the Madrox mini-series and a few issues of X-Factor. He does absolutely wonderful facial expresions, and what the hell has he been doing lately? Cmon DC, give the man some work!

  18. Great. Now I got Michael Keaton stuck in my head.

    But him playing The Creeper?…..Not a bad idea.

  19. So I assume with this also being a 26 issue bi-weekly, that it will alternate weeks with Brightest Day.  I’ve never read anything JL, but I’ve been meaning to.  This and that Rise and Fall Thing that leads into Green Arrow (by JT Krul, who I seem to be the only fanboy of) might do the trick for me this year,

  20. I loved the original JLI(even though I have yet to read the entire run) so I’ll definitely check this out. However, I am a bit skeptical with the creative team but hell, no way this can be as bad as the current JLA. Hopefully this series can become THE Justice League book

  21. Hoping to get some J’onn J’onnz out of this.

  22. I think I’m gonna give this one a miss.

    The line up seem to be trying to draw in fans from JLI, but I’d rather see them do something new.
    Also kind of annoyed that they’re following Blackest Night with Brightest Day, seems like a similar ploy to ride the excitement from a previous series rather than something new.
    Come to think of it, the Legacies series is also an attempt to retell old stories and play on people’s nostalgia.
    Hey wait a minute, I know that the Earth One have to start someone where, but they’ll be releasing Bats and Supe’s origins again.

    Thats 4 projects that try and play on people’s nostalgia. 🙁

    At least theres Return of Bruce Wayne (im counting it as something new, even if it is the return of an old character and exploring old comic settings)

  23. Is it bimonthly or biweekly?

  24. @PraxJarvin: I’m really hoping Guy makes a few appearances… 

  25. @incredibledave – the counterpoint to your argument that re-telling origin stories is nostalgia is Ultimate Spider-man. That re-told Spidey’s origin, and that series has been far from nostalgic. So, it’s all in how Earth One is executed, in that example.

    And if you take this book at face value, it’s just a team book with a collection of characters that were once a team, were once, friends, and now look to become something again. It doesn’t HAVE to be nostalgic. We’ll see.

    Also, the sad fact is: DC HAS given us new characters and new series in the past few years, and they most often flop. That says as much about the readers as it does the publishers.

  26. @daccampo: Sweet, someone wants to talk about my comment 😀

    Im excited about Earth One, but there is the whole ‘another origin story’ aspect of it.

    I disagree about your assessment of Generation Lost, old cast + old writer means market this as JLI 2, and making it radically different to JLI wouldnt make a whole lot of sense.

    Also something new =/= new characters. I would argue that Blackest Night would count as something new.

  27. @ Slockhart –I’m enjoying JT Krul’s work in DC as well, so that makes two of us.

     I’m excited about this and Brightest Day.  If only Ralph Dibney could be resurrected as part of Blackest Night and somehow be in this as well


  28. this is the greatest news ever

  29. @incredibledave – Re: JLI – well, if you’re talking about marketing, yes. I’m not. I’m talking about the writers’ execution.You’re right that this is intended to have an appeal to folks who remember the JLI. But as I said, that ends up being a necessary evil to sell books because if they just do a NEW book, it tends to flop (Blue Beetle, Shadowpact, Manhunter, etc.)

    But that doesn’t mean that Giffen and Winick need to wallow in nostalgia as they write it. We’ll have to see.

  30. Just on micheal keaton for a second. i caught this awesome movie from the 80s on late night TV a while ago called "Night Shift"… Micheal Keaton was one of the funniest people alive.

  31. Excited and yet hesitant at the same time. I love JLI and have some of those old issues somewhere. It’s a lot of fun. I also really enjoyed the first mini series (the second was alright) I’ll give it a shot definitly.

  32. I never read the original series (although its on my list to check out…), but this could be fun.  I hope it’s new reader friendly.

  33. Did I miss something regarding Ted Kord?

  34. @edward Night Shift is awesome. it still holds up which is amazing

  35. Winick is enough reason for me to read anything!

  36. I never read the JLI, that is a big hole in my comic book lore, I’ll have to try and find a collection. I may or may not read this. If Guy is in it I’m on board. If not then we’ll see. I hope it’s really good.

  37. This sounds awesome!!! Lets hope they artist can do a somewhat good Maguire impression. Maybe Chris Batista?

  38. @Roi: yup. totally. i came home late one night and put the TV on. For the first 15 minutes i was just sat there with my mouth open; perplexed by the movie then i realised how funny it was.

    Turns out Ron Howard directed it