The Cast of AMC’s WALKING DEAD is Ready for a Headshot

We've seen some shambling corpses. We've seen some lone heroes. Now it's time for the family photo. As reported on io9, AMC has released this promotional image featuring the full cast of their upcoming Walking Dead TV series.

Plenty of ammo. Plenty of desaturated hues. And throngs and throngs of decaying antagonists. That'll do.

The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, Steven Yeun as Glenn, Laurie Holden as Andrea, IronE Singleton as T-Dog, and Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale. It's set to debut on AMC this October.


  1. Hell yeah!

  2. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Andrea is clearly too tall.

    I don’t… sorry.

    Dale looks awesome.

  3. perfect

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Love that the zombie’s just at the edge of the frame. 

  5. Best Hollywood related comic book picture i’ve seen all week 😀

    Honestly though, this show is gonna kick sooooo much ass. The Walking Dead just fits so well as TV show pitch

  6. Awesome.  So stoked for this…

  7. Looking forward to watching this in October.

  8. Amanda Holden and Jeffrey DeMunn are both Frank Darabont rep players… no surprise to find them here.

  9. Awesome. I hope the kid is good, a lot will be riding on him, at least later on…

  10. I’m having trouble seeing Andrew Lincoln as Grimes, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure he’ll pull it off and then some.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever been this amped for a tv show. Love it!

  12. I am pee pants excited for this!!!

  13. Can’t wait!

  14. Is Carl wearing a Science Dog t-shirt?

  15. Good catch.


    The Season 1 finale shows the group about to be overrun but INVINCIBLE and TECH JACKET show up and save them. 


    Heh….Tech Jacket…Go getcha some.

  16. Word.

  17. Man, every promotional image they release just get’s me more excited.

  18. @androidmoser – Holy crap, he is! What else could that possible be? Good eye!

  19. Nice promo image. Although Rick holding a gun like in a scene from any Spike Lee films looks funny.

  20. I wish i had AMC.

  21. @androidmoser Nice catch!

     Looks awesome. Now I’m thinking of all the terrible, horrible things that are going to happen to these people though.

  22. @PeteJohn: Oh that can be a fun game…..

    "He loses his arm……that kid is in for a world of therapy…..that guy is definitely dead….." 

  23. squee!!

    have they announced when this starts airing?

  24. Rock! Let’s do this!

    Though I do want to have a chat with whoever made the decision to rename Tyrese and settled on T-Dog. 

  25. Oh, I was wondering who T-Dog was. I thought maybe I’d just forgotten someone.

  26. Looks promising. 

  27. Where’s Michonne? Second season maybe? She’s not in the cast list. 

  28. The comic book come to life, like it should be. VERY promising. And love the Sience Dog shirt. Nice touch.

  29. @ActualButt & @PeteJohnWilson Thanks! It doesn’t look exactly like the comic logo (seen here), but I think it has to be a reference to it.

    @Preacher LOL!

  30. Good pic 

  31. Gotta go with Josh on this. Dale looks great.

  32. Looks great

  33. My brother-in-law has a friend who is working on this and he swore it was going to be GREAT.  That’s a huge relief because I love the series and would hate to hate the show.  I just might consider getting a TV just for this.  I do think it’s a little strange if they decided to rename Tyrese T-Dog.

  34. T-Dog? I fear the Marketing dept got a hold of that one….I hate it.

  35. @k5blazer-Yeah, I wonder how that marketing meeting went?  Guy #1:  "We just don’t know if the public will by a black character named Tyrese."  Guy #2:  "Maybe if we gave him something more hip and "gangster" like "T-Money" or "T-Dog."

    I guess we should just be grateful they didn’t spell it T-Dogg or T-Dawg.

  36. So "T-Dog" is Tyrese? And he isn’t in the picture or am I just missing something? Thanks for posting this beauty. Made my day better.

     PS- Paul, maybe you should have named the characters from left to right instead of starting in the middle. I’m just considering the unfortunate people that aren’t familiar with the Walking Dead characters.


  37. Itty bitty tini tiny spoiler:

    Anyone else look at this picture and start thinking that a lot of these people are basically doing cameos?

  38. Better get used to holdin’ that gun with yer other hand, Officer Grimes. 


    Just sayin’. is all. 

  39. @Spoons: Actually most of the characters pictured make it pretty far into the series. At least by Walking Dead standards.

  40. tyreese isn’t ACTUALLY called t-dogg, is he?

     also, has anyone else noticed that andrea is played by someone in their late thirties?

     i’m guessing the first season will end with them arriving prison, maybe?

     incredibly exited to see how this one turns out!?

  41. @thepowerout: The name change hasn’t been confirmed but it seems to be the general assumption. There’s only one main character who’s name starts with a T, he’s a kickass black dude, the guy playing T-Dog is black, and T-Dog is the type of stereotypical name networks like to slap on tough black characters. So I think it’s safe to assume they changed his name.

    As for Andrea, I agree the actress is a bot older than I would’ve expected. But honestly the only important thing about Andrea’s age is that she’s younger than Dale, and that’s obviously accurate. Plus Holden’s a decent actress, and I’d rather have someone with talent play one of the female leads than some inexperienced young hottie. 

  42. The chick who plays Andrea may be a bit older. But who cares? She looks just like her. I just watched season 7 of The Shield, which she is in. And she really does look like her facially.

    And yeah. T-Dog? Ugh.

  43. This being Darabondt already had me excited. This image though….ohhhh man! Can’t wait.

  44. Yes!!!!

  45. Looks like I’ll have to get cable….crap.

  46. This looks like it’s going to be good.  Who taught the cops how to hold guns, though?  Yeesh.

  47. I predict that this will be AMCs most popular show to date.  Internationally by far.  The zombie fans will unite and latch on to this BIGTIME!!