The Best of the Week in Twitter – 06/30/2010

We don't know how to love anymore!!!!

Bryan Lee O'Malley (@radiomaru) If you spend months or years lapping up the steady stream of internet leaks, how the fuck can you enjoy the movie when it finally comes out?

I'm worried about Tony.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) a raccoon, or maybe possum, ripped into 2 new bags of insecticide lawn treatment on the porch. HOPE YOU GOT A BIG MOUTHFUL, YOU RAT BASTARD!

And purple isn't even that tough of a color.

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) My kids earned their purple belts tonight. They can officially kick my ass.

Then there's his rubberized plastic, airbrushed torso.

Jason Aaron (@jasonaaron) Sylvester Stallone looks like he's wearing a Sylvester Stallone mask that was left on his car dashboard in the sun.

Seriously, someone might want to go check on him.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) message to all: beware my hateful stare-daggers.

I spent a lot of time wondering if a studio would do that, and I fear the answer.

Rob Guillory (@Rob_guillory) Even better, I would watch Robert Downey Jr as both Malcolm X & Dr. King in the SAME movie. He can pull it off. I'd watch that.

I relate. So much.

B. Clay Moore (@bclaymoore) I don't know shit about this thing I just agreed to do.

Oh man, that was exactly the name of our new regular feature!

Kevin Mellon (@kmellon) I'm working on developing a new idea for a comic. It's called "BOOBS." It's not very high-concept, but I'm told it has legs up to here.

I spent a lot of time wondering if a studio would do that, and I fear the answer.

Nathan Cosby (@NateCosboom) I know very little, but I know this: Someone in Hollywood right now is writing a pitch for a Golden Girls remake.

No joke here. All true.

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) SCALPED isn't just good. It's all-your-other-comics-should-be-ashamed-to-call-themselves-comics good.

And now he's pissed off the left. Handed.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) Sorry that my comments about left-handed people offended some many of you. don't blame me, you filthy aberrations. blame your cruel god.

It is trying to kill us after all. Us or it!

Frank Tieri (@FrankTieri) Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Mr Burns tried to block out the sun? Maybe he was on to something there…

All comic books?

Rob Liefeld (@robertliefeld) All comic books need more action, more big set pieces, less talking. Period.

Seriously though, where are their goddamned parents?!

Matt Sturges (@matt_sturges) I found the new episode of iCarly the girls wanted to watch on YouTube. The question: Who the f*** is putting iCarly episodes on YouTube?

NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Well, actually, alright.

Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) It's no use. I've got to go buy some shorts. Sorry, everyone.

Now we've got to worry about Eric as well as Tony.

Eric Canete (@EricCanete) New on my to-do list: buy castle, surround w/ giant golden eggs & huge nose sculpture lit w/ tealights. That'll secure my legacy for sure.

I am so turned on right now.

Rick Remender (@Remender) Jerome Opeña and I have a table at the NY Con this year. Jerome says he'll do sketches, but only of Wham's Andrew Ridgeley as The Punisher.

And it was bad motion comics, if that isn't too redundant.

Brian Hurtt (@brihurtt) I saw the opening 5 min of Jonah Hex. Couldn't take any more. Motion comic credit sequence? I hope someone got fired.


Nelson Blake II (@nelsonblake2) Drawing comics professionally for 5 years and I JUST figured out how to use that triangle ruler thingy.

Wow, I thought the Wham thing got me hot, but this…

Mike Norton (@themikenorton) It's funny that the "kid's book" I draw has more face punching per issue than any other I've done. A lot less giant monster sex though.

3 guesses who he's talking about.

Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) Dear big-name comics egomaniac: just ONCE can you talk about your genius in an interview without crapping on the work of your predecessors?


  1. I’ve been skimming these for a while, but this one made me laugh out loud.  Great work guys 😀

  2. I really don’t know who Waid is talking about?

  3. I really enjoy these too.  They cement my theory that having a twitter account is bad for the holder, but great for everyone else.

  4. I’m guessing Bendis?

  5. can’t figure out who waid’s talkin’ about. but i’m not that familiar with what creators do outside of comics. well, besided alan moore being…uh…alan moore.

  6. I’m assuming that Josh thinks that Waid is talking about JMS. 

  7. For a second, I thought it was JoeyQ Waid was talking about – there’s no love lost between those two – but it’s more likely JMS. 

  8. @ ohcaroline – You are correct.

  9. and the winner is…MARK WAID by a landslide.

  10. JMS makes the most sense. He’s taking over two high profile characters, both who are going to be doing something completely different then what they went through before his run began. then there was Waid’s remark about Supes walking across America. and don’t forget that JMS took over from Waid on Fantastic Four, i didn’t read that run cause i was poor, so don’t know if he made any of those life altering chages that he is prone to do.

  11. @ WeaklyRoll

    JMS did basically undo most of the work Waid put into Latveria and Doctor Doom. There was an entire arc about the F4 trying to unbuild Doom’s dictatorship in his absence, and then he just basically took over again in a page or two later.

  12. I have no idea who Mark Waid is talking about, besides JMS, could it be anyone else?

  13. I loved Frank Tieri on twitter, I don’t read much of his comics but he is so entertaining.

    Plus Sturges made me laugh but I also have the same opinion. Who seriously has the time to upload shows like that onto youtube? 

  14. Who isn’t Waid talking about?

  15. It’s pretty obvious that it is JMS. JMS has gone on record as saying that all Superman post-Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow is garbage (I’m paraphrasing a bit). So yeah, that’s shitting on quite a few people. And with the WW changes, he’s crapping on a lot of people. And his Marvel work was not exactly kind to other writers. Props to Gillen for salvaging the Thor run.