The Best of the Week in Panels – 12.22.2010

Get me! I'm givin' out panels!

Teen Titans: Cold Case

By Mark Sable, Sean Murphy, Brad Anderson, & Rob Leigh

Just keep in mind when you're opening gifts this holiday season that you might not like that pair of socks from your aunt but it could be worse. So much worse.


Morning Glories #5

By Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma, Alex Sollazzo, & Johnny Lowe

A couple of people got kicked in the nads this week, but this was the most visceral. And the dude most deserving.


DC Universe: Legacies #8

By Len Wein, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Mike Atiyeh, & Rob Leigh

All of you who came into comics in the 2000s… be thankful. So very thankful. You missed the whole Mullet Superman debacle.


X-Men #6

By Victor Gischler, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Marte Garcia, & Clayton Cowles

He's right. It would be kinda boring.


Zatanna #8

By Paul Dini, Cliff Chiang, John Kalisz, & Pat Brosseau

Happens to the best of us, Bobo.


Superior #3

By Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Jason Paz, Jeff Huet, Sunny Cho, Javier Tartaglia, & Clayton Cowles

Superior bringing the space station safely down in Times Square was the most impressive panel I saw this week. Look at that depth and detail. It goes ALL the way back. Truly a "wow" moment.


Batman: Streets of Gotham #18

By Paul Dini, , Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, John Kalisz, & Steve Wands

Among the hundreds of Gotham denizens under the sway of Bedbug and engaging in mass sleep looting, Batman notices the Penguin and does what any of us would: he snaps a quick pic. Man, I LOVE new happier Bruce.


  1. You know that pic’s going up on Batman’s Facebook.

  2. That Streets of Gotham sequence is filled with win.

  3. Too many good choices.

  4. That panel makes me sad that I didn’t wait out Streets of Gotham, but the ever changing solicits/content scared me away. But that’s the Batman I want to read.

  5. I love 90’s comics, quit disparaging my memories!!!  damn you iFanboy 😛   seriously though, quit hating on the 90s so hard.  the pages and page layouts were dynamic and interesting, and they were $1.50-$195 or something, easy to buy and discard if needed. I hate how in the back of some Marvel books, like the new Heros for Hire, when they do a History of. . . section, they spend paragraphs on some decades but almost completely glance over the 90s if they include it at all. the 90s is where I started comics, I dropped out in the beginning 2000s more or less and now I’m back, and thinking of dropping out again because of the 6 issue story arc decompressed crap. in the 90s you had to READ a comic book, today you get to glance through them and you know almost everything without reading anything. or even if you do read them, you still don’t know anything cause it’s either referencing something from the 70s or earlier or hasn’t happened yet or happened in issue one and you are supposed to remember everything. seriously, comics need recompressed a bit again. stan and jack coulda told the Avengers time travel story in 1 issue, maybe 2, anyway that’s enough, rant over. . ..

    for now 😉  

  6. Mullet Superman looks too much like David HAsselhoff!!
    I Love that Morning Glories panel for the sheer GREATNESS of the pink splatter behind the guy!!

  7. mediums change, if films were still shot like they were in 1910, they wouldnt be very good would they?
    And the 90’s did have their fair share of gold, but it was a time when people were buying comics because they thought in a few years they’d pay for their kids college with them.  My grandmother probably has a death of superman comic laying around.
    With creatior owned comics doing better and better, the big two are trusting more in their writers, and in my opinion, its working.  As far as being less wordy, the 90s was just as less wordy as the 60’s and 70s’s before them.  I mean i remember getting a captain american omnibus and reading my first silver age comic and thinking, “Why is steve explaining what he is doing, i can see that in the art.”  If i read an avengers story now and BuckyCap explained how he was going to throw his shield in a big thought bubble, id want to vomit.  Plus, lets be honest, the art now adays is better than ever, (in most cases). 
    In short, the 90s did a lot for comics in certain ways, character design was not one of them.
    …but that’s just me

  8. I would gladly go back to 90s Superman if I could. Post-Crisis to the late 90s were a great time to be a Superman fan.

  9. Holy shit. Look at that page from Superior! And Yu was able to do that on time!? For once I gotta give props to a Millar comic; that page is gold! Best thing I’ve thing all week.

    Even though it wasn’t the best comic I read this week, Batman INC #2 had a funny panel. Just seeing Lord Death Man, gleefully mind you, driving through apartments and killing everyone in sight was just morbidly funny. Vintage Morrison. 

  10. I got into comics in the 90’s…looking back I’m surprised I was able to stick with it. It’s amazing how much you learn over the years although I did manage to really get into one of teh best publishers of ALL time: EC Comics.

    Also…I really, really, REALLY hate the new look for Dracula. He’s no longer regal. He’s another X-Men character. Lame.

  11. I happen to have a few mullet Superman issues. I also had an action figure. Maybe that’s why I never had an affinity for the character.

  12. mullet superman was at least different, as was the electric blue/red thing, and these changes lasted for years, yell about how the Death of Superman was a gimic all you want,but we didnt’ see superman for a year or so after that and then he was different.  I just don’t see how the 90s got turned into a joke while golden age and silver age comics and their characters are revered. . . also, as a side point, if you want to get kids back into comics, quit making them wait 6 issues for the end of a freaking story, and as much as I love well done emotional art, as a kid that would have turned me off immediately, especially as a teenager, quit drawing stories out for no reason besides the trades.  6 issue story arcs used to be special. . .  now they are about supes getting a haircut. . . . 

  13. I back that mullet.

  14. Some top panels there, nice one Conor.

    I agree, mullet aside, the Nineties offered some excellent Superman stories. The mystery of the four would-be Supermen was gold, with all four being so well-conceived that they regularly reappear today.

  15. Mullet superman looks kinda interesting. Just keep him in that outfit, it wouldn’t work with the regular suit.

  16. I too back the mullet!

  17. I loved the last panel of superior