The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.29.2010

As bricks are to Millenium Falcon Lego sets, panels are to comics.  But sometimes one brick is special.  Wait, that metaphor doesn't work at all.  For one thing, the bricks are all the same, and aren't worth anything when not part of the whole.  Either way: great panels, right?!

Jack of Fables #46

By Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Tony Akins, & Andrew Pepoy

Drawing on the fun of the regular "Babe the Blue Ox" strips in each issue, Jack of Fables switched it up this month, and included several one page strips of "Jack Dragon and Gary" as a different way to tell their story and revisit the thread of a be-dragoned Jack started so long ago.  Akins switched up the style completely, and went with a gag style.  It was fantastic, and Jack's dialog is always funny, but the sincerity of this line made me chortle.  I also love that he never seems to move.

— Josh Flanagan



Wonder Woman #601

By J. Michael Straczynski, Don Kramer, Michael Babinski, Alex Sinclair & Travis Lanham

In the alternate time line that Wonder Woman currently finds herself trapped in, Paradise Island has been over run by soldiers of shadowy origins and her mother Hippolyta has been captured and interrogated with the Lasso of Truth. Rather than give up her daughter's location she flings herself into a nearby fire. Chilling.

— Conor Kilpatrick


7 Psychopaths #3

By Fabien Vehlmann, Sean Phillips & Hubert

There's nothing worse than walking into a room full of Hitlers.

— Conor Kilpatrick


It's a two-for-one Action Comics special!

Action Comics #891

By Paul Cornell, Pete Woods, Cafu, Bit, Brad Anderson & Rob Leigh

Paul Cornell offers another master class in Lex Luthor Psychology.

— Paul Montgomery

Action Comics #891

By Paul Cornell, Pete Woods, Cafu, Bit, Brad Anderson & Rob Leigh

If you thought the Return of Bruce Wayne #4 was the only wacky old west tale you were getting this week you were wrong! What you have here in a psychic caterpillar holding a gun again the head of a tarted up Lois Lane robot, and Lex Luthor knew all along. Bless you, Paul Cornell, and keep it coming!

— Ryan Haupt



Punisher Max #9

By Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon, Matt Hollingsworth & Cory Petit

Not so much one panel as a series of brilliantly excuted silent panels between Bullseye, who is trying to understand his target before killing him, and The Punisher. Steve Dillon's creepy faced Bullseye shines here.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. That Punisher page was amazing. I immediately re-read it a couple times before I even finished the book.

  2. I’m glad someone loved that Punisher moment as much as I did. Little touches like that make me really appreciate just how insane Aaron is making this Bullseye.

    Those two images from Action Comics though……really makes me pissed I’m trade waiting on this. What on earth is going on in that? 

  3. I absolutely loved those panels in Action Comics. Glad I gave the book a shot. POTW for me.

  4. Bulleye’s next note:


    "Do you like garroting? Check yes or no"

  5. Steve Dillon is a modern master of "acting."

  6. I didn’t think anything would have been better than the panel in Green Lantern #56 where Larfleeze and his constructs were playing tug of war with the lantern, while tugging on bits of Hector Hammond’s huge face. But after seeing Lex ripping his shirt off and the room full of Hitlers, I was sorely mistaken.


    Seriously, those shocked Hitlers have me on the floor laughing and crying. Part of me wants to start buying this series to know the mystery behind this, but another part thinks that this is brilliant out of context.

  7. Of all the panels the punisher one actually made me want to buy the book.  I just might.

  8. I LOVE Bullseye’s expression when he’s holdin up that first note.

  9. Good god, I decided I wasn’t interested in Action Comics until Supes is the main character again but after only 2 issues I feel like theres a wild party going on that I missed out on.

  10. just noticed that Bullseye and the Punisher are twins, but the punisher is much older, sounds like a hard birthing. . .  

  11. That scene in wonder Woman was amazing, I’m not one that usually buys art, I’d buy that. Don Kramer is just bring it on that book. 

    Action comics was great this week, those two panels especially (Also really enjoyed the Lex Luthor kicking Mind scene)  

  12. That Hypolita panel really stirred me. It’s still with me from yesterday…

  13. Nice choices (especially the selection by Josh)

  14. Looking back at the issue, Dillon did a great job with the faces in this. For the last couple of issues he hasn’t done the ‘file footage’ of faces or just using the same old one every single background character.

    Basically it was that sequences of panels that made me realize it was my pick this week. I pray Aaron doesn’t kill Bullseye. Maybe take him out of the picture for awhile, but I would love to see more of him in the future.

  15. It hurts me right here that Larfleeze writing to Santa didn’t make the cut.

  16. That Punisher one is so goofy! hahaha

  17. Bullseye looks so innocent in those panels, it’s great.

  18. Yeah, the Punisher one made me laugh out loud.  I guess I’m going to have to consider picking that book up.

  19. Those Jack of Fables panels were fantastic.  I like the variety in that book.

  20. That panel sold me on Aarons Punisher. I am going to have to pick it up now. Forgot how much I loved Dillion art.

  21. Aaron’s Punisher has been great since it started!

  22. Lex thinks better when he’s topless.  Who doesn’t, really?

  23. Room full of stunned Hitlers might be the best panel of the YEAR.

  24. @SunnyvaleTrash  Aaron has done a great job. I almost dropped the book when Ennis left it, but I love the MAX Punisher books so much I decided to stick around. Glad I did. I can’t believe more people don’t pull this book, it’s great. The Kingpin arc was incredible.