The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.21.2010

Panels: they're not just for conventions anymore.


Skottie of OZ

The Marvelous Land of Oz #8

by Eric Shanower & Skottie Young

The problem with including Skottie Young in a roundup of the best panels is picking one and leaving all the others out. The Oz series has steered clear of a lot of the flashy double-page splashes that often end up in a rundown like this, but every page of it is bursting with good old-fashioned expressive cartooning. Young makes 110-year-old characters his own (that's the Tin Man over Glinda's shoulder) and can evoke a full range of "acting" in his stars' faces with a few simple lines.



Amazing Spider-Man #638

by Joe Quesada & Paolo Rivera

The current Spidey storyline revisits a book from 1987, sometimes going so far as to reuse the pages from that book. As I saw petty crook Electro shouting, "Come! There is havoc to wreak!" I thought, "Boy, I hope these old-school pages don't end up pulling me out of the story." Then I turned to one of the new pages, where a criminal in the back of a squad car curses by shouting, "ROT!" I guess what I'm saying is that they get points for consistency.


Avengers #3

by Brian Michael Bendis & John Romita Jr.

Meanwhile, outside Avengers Tower, the forces of darkness face off against two heroes that fly, two heroes that stick to walls, and whatever Wolverine is doing. Did he just see a loose web and, you know, go for it, or did he specifically ask Spider-Man for that? And if so, did he have to explain his plan? "It's somethin' I've been workin' on since Colossus and I stopped teamin' up, bub. I call it the 'Paddleball Special.'"


  1. Paddleball Special made me chuckle aloud and also I think illustrates why Wolverine should be a street level character (literally).

  2. Agreed. Paddleball Special made my day, possibly my week.

  3. Wow. I don’t know if it’s fully Romita Jr. to blame or Klaus Jansen or both but….

    Seriously might be some of the worst I’ve ever seen done by those two.

  4. Seems like JRJ phoned in the Avengers artwork (look very rushed and sloppy).  I doubt Marvel would consider any upcoming artist which had that panel in his/her portfolio.  Hard to swallow when you know that with Romita’s immense talent he is capable of MUCH better.

  5. Seems like JRJR is putting his effort into Kick Ass 2 instead.

  6. You guys are crazy.  That image makes me realize that it’s time for me to get caught back up after my post Siege Avengers hiatus. 

  7. That web is the only thing holding Wolverine back.

  8. I think I dig REM’s explanation the most. No Prize for you, sir.

  9. I’m shocked the Noh-Varr, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman panel isn’t on here.

    @REM You win the Internet for that one. 

  10. You guys do realize that this Avengers panel is probably not a two page spread, right?

  11. @PraxJarvin: it was very, very close.

  12. Did Jimski get to pick the panels with everyone else at SDCC?  These is an absurd grouping of panels, seemingly chosen simply to be ironic canon fodder.  Even the "Oz" panel, taken out of context of the story, is fairly ridiculous.

    That said, I love all three panels.  And I love that we’re this far down in the comments and nobody’s mentioned that whoever those guys are threatening the Avengers… they suck.  (And "I was just going to say that" is a great Spidey quip.)

  13. one of my favorite panels was also from Amazing this week. The looks Harry and Flash got when MJ started to yell at them were hysterical.

  14. Wow. I echo the masses. That 3rd panel nearly made me barf. It does sort of scream out “I don’t care enough about this panel to really try to draw it well”. Completely mailed in panel.

  15. I like how Spidey must’ve whipped up that suspensor webbing contraption for Wolverine, and then apparently decided he had to get way over on the other side of the building before the fight started.

  16. romita phoned this issue in for sure. but the sight gags are pretty hilarious

  17. There are nine characters, four of them on horses.  It is awful hard to mail that in and have any of the characters be recognizable on a third of a page.  Why did everyone seem to turn on Romita all of a sudden?

  18. I loved that JRJ panel.  I thought the panel with Thor crashing into a girls room across the street was better though,  JRJ draws destruction better than anyone else.

  19. I nominate New Ultimates #3 with full blown PREGNANT HELA!! Frank Cho is just doing marvelous work and that panel scared the bejezus out of me!

  20. Paddleball special! Fantastic!