The Best of the Week in Panels – 06.30.2010

From the absurd to the sublime, I present to thee – panels!


Action Comics #890

Action Comics #890

Art by Pete Woods & Brad Anderson

Here's the thing about Lois Lane. It is impossible to say no to her when she's looking for a quote. And don't even try that "deep background" nonsense…

— Conor Kilpatrick



The Amazing Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special

The Amazing Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1

Art by Jacob Chabot & Emily Warren

Memo to J. Jonah Jackal: when you treat your employees like shit this is what happens when you get kidnapped by The Swinester Six.

— Conor Kilpatrick



Green Lantern #55

Art by Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Randy Mayor & Gabe Eltrab

What I like is that Carol isn't funny, and Sinestro calls her on it.  Far too often, you've got this superheroes flying around, thinking they're some kind of comedian, just because they can pull off garish tights with their washboard abs and adventurous spirit.  Someone had to say something, and even though it was quiet, and passive aggressive, and from the mouth of a mass murderer, we all need to thank Sinestro for bringing it up.

— Josh Flanagan



Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman #600

Art by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

Um… no one let Wonder Woman anywhere near the internet.

— Conor Kilpatrick



Captain America #607

Captain America #607

Art by Mitch Breitweiser, Butch Guice, Dean White & Elizabeth Dismang

I was delighted when Bucky decided to conduct a low-profile investigation in his street clothes, only to whip out his Cap card three seconds after walking in the door. "In this heat, why walk around in chain mail all afternoon when this convincing laminate signed 'Iron Man' will get the job done? Happy birthday, stoolie; I got you my secret identity."

— Jim Mrockowski


  1. Not only is his ID signed by "Iron Man" (can’t be legal), but Steve Rogers, which I believe is supposed to be a secret?  And there’s his driver’s license.  I mean, the point of the issue was that Bucky was bad with his identity, and look at him here.  Plus he’s dressed like the end of Goodfellas.

    All that said, long live Breitweiser.

  2. @ josh

    Steve’s identity is public. 

    Anyway, missed opportunity. What did Lobo see in that mirror?

  3. I used to have one of those Avengers ID cards…

  4. @ Boren: When it shatters you can see little images of space hoochies in the shards.

  5. Love the tentacle panel; who says comics are for kids.

  6. "Has anyone seen Carol Ferris?"

     "Yeah, she’s in her place. Sinestro put her there."

  7. Okay, just so I’m clear: Is Bucky’s "Avengers Prioriy Identicard" signed by "Iron Man," "Steve Rogers," and "Barack Obama"? I’m pretty sure the bottom one says "United States President" under the signature. Can’t make out what’s under Iron Man’s or Steve’s though. I really hope Iron Man’s says "Iron Man." Or "Tony Stark" would be good, too. And I really like how that card doesn’t have his name – either "Captain America" or "Bucky Barnes" anywhere on it. Just a headshot of Cap. If you can’t tell it’s him on the street, that picture won’t help much. That could be anyone You’d think Iron Man would spring for at least two cards for everyone and they’d give Bucky at least one high security clearance identicard with his civilian identity on it.

  8. That panel of Cop Bucky is awesome. I want everyone to have a cop badge/ID.

  9. @lmiller31: Great point about the ID not having Bucky’s name on it anywhere. IT COULD BE ANYONE UNDER THAT MASK!

  10. Does a superhero id card actually GIVE you the authority to question people?

  11. @MikeFarley: I think that in the case of the Avengers, yes. They are a part of US government law enforcement.

  12. Poems and ballads could be written for my love of Robo-Lois with machine gun arms.

    And what I liked about that GL thing isn’t so much that Sinestro’s calling her out on not being funny, but more that we did see who Sinestro’s love was when he was in those crystals, and I believe it was Aben Sur’s sister. 

  13. I felt like the tentacle joke was in bad taste. Didn’t really do anything for me. I did like the GL Panel though. Mad me want to start pulling that book again. 

  14. At least Steve didn’t pull out his library card

  15. That GL panel keeps getting funnier

  16. @lmiller: initially, I thought, “Is he just using Steve’s card?”

  17. I’d like to submit a write in – Green Lantern #55, the very next page, third panel, Lobo whispering to Carol. If you bought the issue and have good eyes, you know what I mean. That cracked me up!

  18. Lobo’s not seeing a mirror, Sinestro was apparently in a sapphire at one time and he saw a mirror cause he loves himself so much, is that the right take on that?   

    and that panel of Captain America is why I’m dropping most of the Avengers books, I like the Avengers to be government free. Also dropping Action comics now too 🙁  

  19. @LostArtist: Correct.

  20. "Excuse you are how old?"  Love Breitweister, but have been reading through the Death of Cap again, I miss Steve Epting so much.

  21. @finbarbat I can’t make it out, what does it say?

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Unreadable squiggle whisper" 

  23. *imagines all of the things that might have fallen out of Cap-Bucky’s pocket as he pulled his ID out…

  24. I wonder if Bucky has a picture of Black Widow in his wallet.

  25. OMG Sinestro is the man!

  26. Alright, upon further review, I’m pretty sure Iron Man’s line says "Chairman" and Steve Rogers’ says "National Security Council Director." Although "council" is more of an educated guess than anything else. If that’s the case, I love how Obama’s title had to be more descriptive than Iron Man’s. Barack Obama is the "UNITED STATES President." Iron Man is just the "Chairman." The chairman of what? It doesn’t really matter… It’s signed by goddamned Iron Man…. That Avengers ID card gets better every time I look at it. (I also think I’m going to just start referring to Iron Man as "The Chairman" from now on.)

  27. Damn my LCS didn’t have anymore copies of WW #600 and that looks funny. I loved Captain America, Breitweiser draws the best Cap whether it be Bucky or Steve.

    @DarkKnightJared: Correct Sinestro was all about Abin Sur’s sister.

  28. I think, that panel from Wade Wilson’s War #2, with DP in a Michael Jackson mask should have been on here… But that’s just me..

  29. Ok I change my mind. I want WW 600 now. *goes to add to pullbox at LCS*

  30. My panel of the week is from Unknown Soldier. It’s an African child holding an AK, the gun being the main character of the issue. It’s a page long panel on the left hand side with a stark white backdrop accompanied the gun’s narrative: "And that has been my lot for some time now. Passed from one tiny grasp to the next. Barking for Kony and his children."

    This and many panels from this whole series give me chills.