The Best of the Week in Panels – 04/14/10

Panels. Snapshots from a story. The building blocks. Take one out and it can send the whole thing down in a Jenga avalanche. We'll risk it anyway. Here are some of our favorite slivers of story from this very week.


Brightest Day #0

Brightest Day #0

And the winner of The Panel That Made Conor Laugh Out Loud The Hardest This Week is this gem from Brightest Day. I blame Tom Katers. On his Tom vs. The JLA show he was always quick to point out how often the Justice League would mire itself in corporate bureaucracy and red tape. I bet they even have an HR person whose penchant for paperwork rivals our very own Carol. When Ray Palmer mentioned that the newly resurrected Ronnie Raymond had not come into the JLA offices to fill out paperwork (there's probably a "So You've Just returned From The Dead" form) I just about lost it. — Conor Kilpatrick



Ultimate Enemy #3

Ultimate Enemy #3

After a really great scene with Iceman in Aunt May's kitchen, the cavalry come calling, and this is just a big fun splash page, and a slight variation of Ben's famous catch phrase.  When I look for an action splash page, this is the kind of thing I like. Also, notice the placement of the sound effect across the middle of the page. — Josh Flanagan



Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers: Unleashed #2

On some days it seems crystal clear that Asgard is reached the same way as Sesame Street. Okay, so this isn't a single panel, but instead a four panel sequence. Rules and expectations were made to be broken. In theory, Frog Thor is such a ridiculous idea that it's astonishing he ever made it to print and then endured for years afterward. The trick is that the concept is so bizarre, it actually goes around a full revolution and becomes terrific again. The things I love about Thor are the same things I dig in regard to his amphibian counterpart and his introduction here. Total, overblown gravitas. As this issue shows, it's not easy being green. But when you've got your dreams and the god of thunder on your side, the rainbow connection is as good as found. Give it up for the underfrog! –Paul Montgomery



X-Factor Forever #2

I could be the guy with the gut poking out of his Flash t-shirt, going, "That's not how Cyclops' powers work, Louise Simonson," but you know what? Maybe part of the training at Xavier's school included what to do with your abilities once human-mutant tensions were over. In the resulting job market, maybe Cyclops would be a great clown for children's parties. Maybe next, Angel gives the kid a haircut with those wings. –Jim Mroczkowski


  1. The Thing wins, in my opinion.

  2. That first panel made me laugh too, i really want to see that form, now. D’you think you get a new birthday and reset of how old you are? Do you get to choose these things?

  3. I know Scott is really trained with his eye powers, but having the kid like right there is close is super dangerous!

  4. Yeah, that panel in Brightest Day #0 was hilarious. And you know if Batman were there, he would make Ronnie fill out the form in triplicate, then have them notarized.

  5. The Things wins.

  6. "Total, overblown gravitas" hahaha I think I have to pick up pet avengers now

  7. That’s a great panel of The Thing. It’s funny and it seems like one of those upbeat moments where the hero comes in to kick some ass. Frog Thor panel is also pretty badass as well.

    My favorite panel was towards the end of Chew #10. Not much spoilers, but the panel has Chu in a ridiculous smile with pink hearts around him. But turn the comic completely around and look at Chu’s desk. One of the memo’s from Applebee states:


    Dear Agent Chu,

    I Hate You!

    Signed, Applebee

    Come on….that’s gotta be worth something. 

  8. I loved that DKR #1 nod in Batman, but I wish it would’ve had more subtlety.

  9. I feel the need to point out that in one of the very first issue of X-Men, Stan Lee had Cyclops do the same trick. Though I believe Jean was also floating it overhead. Inappropriate uses of superpowers, indeed.

  10. … imo, seems like a lackluster week. Nothing made me laugh.

  11. It’s hilarious to imagine Scott’s powers working properly and the kid getting a faceful of cake…

  12. Great panels, all, but I was rooting for the two-panel sequence in New Mutants in which one smiley-faced robot – possed by Karma – blew the head off another smiley-faced robot. All while smiling all robot-face-ily.

  13. I took a good, hard look at that New Mutants panel before going with the one I went with. I won’t lie.

  14. Man, Carol from HR really won’t get off my ass about that W-9 form. I really gotta get that taken care of. Nobody warned me joining the iFanCorps would be like joining the JLA…